Star Gazing

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It was last minute, after a long evening with the group, that we decided to go out and have a drink. We made up our minds on a fun little escapade up to the hills in order to see the stars. It was supposed to be just hanging out, having a drink or two, but things change.

We had a fun flirty ride up the twisting roads to the lookout. We’d been friends for awhile now, and I had always had a feeling of magnetism toward him. His personality fit with mine so well. We were strictly friends with a little underlying sexual tension built in. Both married, it was out of the questions to take things any further, especially since we were all such good friends. But when it had been suggested that we spend some time alone together I jumped at the chance. We made small talk about music, movies and tales about our own “good times”, anything to avoid the growing anticipation of our final destination. I for one didn’t know what would happen once we got there.

After a bit of off road adventuring I found myself staring at a picturesque view of the valley below and the stars above. Grabbing sweaters and the liquor we headed out to have a seat near the edge of the cliff. We laughed and talked and lay on our backs enjoying the view of the constellations. Everything was beautiful but it was quickly turning chilly. I hadn’t anticipated the temperature to be quite that low. I sat up and rubbed my arms in a weak attempt to warm up. I wasn’t about to say anything, but I didn’t really have to, he got up and walked ataşehir escort to the jeep and got an extra jacket he had in the trunk. Wrapping it around me, he sat behind me so I could lean back on him. I felt his arms wrap around me as I leaned against his hard chest. He felt so nice and warm. It was quiet for awhile, then we started small talk again, but that soon turned into sexual innuendo. I felt my adrenaline rush, wishing and imagining the naughty things we joked about coming true. I could feel his breath on my neck and my nipples hardened.

Then my wish came true. I felt his soft, slim lips touch my neck lightly. I tilted my head slightly as to silently give him the go ahead and he began kissing my neck. A surge passion swept up my spine and though my body as he kissed up to my hairline and down to my shoulders. Eagerly I turned and we shared our first kiss as my mouth found his. Our lips parted and our tongues met, he tasted sweet and warm. My lips moved around to his ear, nibbling, flicking, and suckling on his earlobe and then moving down his neck.

I then felt his hands move around my sides and up my back; he fiddled with my bra hooks to no avail. I giggled and reached back with one hand unhooking it like a showoff. He smiled looking into my eyes and slid a hand underneath my shirt caressing my skin on his way up to my breasts. We continue to kiss passionately while he cups my breasts bringing them around to my nipples pinching them, and rolling them in between kadıköy escort his fingers. I let out a soft purr of approval and my own fingers search out the feeling of his skin. My hands let themselves in underneath his shirt and his body shivered because my fingers are cold. We both let out a soft chuckle and took a moment to bask in the moment just softly kissing one another. My hands warmed up quickly from the body warmth collecting underneath his shirt.

He began reaching for my jeans, unbuttoning them slowing lowing the zipper. I followed his lead unzipping his jeans revealing his boxers and hard cock. My fingers softly swept across feeling the smooth skin of his hard penis, before wrapping my hands around it. I began to jack him off and then lay down in front of him to get my first taste. I let my tongue circle his tip before taking his head into my mouth. He leaned back letting his weight rest on his hands. I began to suck him off, slowly moving my lips down to the base of his hard cock getting it wet. He sighed when I began to rhythmically bob my head sucking him off. I let my tongue slide against his shaft with each inward thrust. I slid my hand down around his balls and began to fondle them. I felt them begin to churn and sucked harder, as he let out a loud groan and I knew he was there. All of a sudden my mouth was full of salty cum, a tried to swallow it all as best I could, but some slipped past my lips and down my chin. I released his cock and giggled as I wiped the bostancı escort bayan drops of cum off of my chin.

Next he took me by the hand and led me back to the jeep. Lowering the seat down in the back left us with a nice amount of room to play in. I laid down on my back and he pulled me to the edge of the car bed before he got down on his knees and buried his face in my wet pussy. I gasped with pleasure when I first felt his tongue run up and down my slit and then focusing on my hard clit. With nobody around for miles I wasn’t afraid to show my appreciation for this great tongue lashing. I called out in pleasure, moaning and calling out his name. My hands pulled through his hair pushing him closer begging more as he made me cum again and again.

His cock hard again, he stood up and centered himself up with me. He grabbed my hips and pushed himself into my tight pussy. I felt his hard cock move all the way inside me, his tip forging ahead filling me up. He drove his penis in and out faster and faster, and I lifted my self up to meet his every thrust. I felt myself on the edge of my next orgasm and grabbed his arms my hips slamming into him with each thrust loosing control as my orgasm hit hard and my pussy clenched hard onto his cock. He pulled out fast and cam all over my stomach.

We looked at each other and softly laughed at the mess we had made. He gave me one of the sweaters and I cleaned myself up. We got dressed and chatted a bit nonchalantly and soon after went home. It never really changed our relationship after that; actually it was like it never even happened. We’re still good friends and hang out with our spouses on a regular basis. I don’t know if it will ever happen again, but I know I’ll always remember that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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