Stepmom and Me Ch. 05

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We were in Princeton shopping for new lingerie. Velma, my stepmom, daddy, Barbara, daddy’s red haired girl friend, Becky, my friend, and I had just gone into the store where we were going to be assisted with our purchases.

However, Velma had pissed on the sidewalk without daddy’s permission and was subjected to five lashes with the quirt as well as having additional weights put on her nipple and cunt rings. She also had to suck Pierre’s long cock and had been fed a mouthful of his semen.

Suddenly, without any warning or knowledge she was going to be joining our party, Becky’s mother Emmy, burst into our private room.

When asked what she was was doing Emmy replied “I was asked by master daddy to join the party to shop for new lingerie.” She opened her dress to show us her black eight strap garter belt and shimmering gray stockings that surrounded her thick forest of gray hair. Emmy was a very tall lady at about six feet three inches and her stocking length had to be at least three extra long. They came all the way up to the top of her thighs and nearly to her hairy cunt lips. She shrugged out of her dress and in doing so gave us all a show of her beautiful teats with long nipples on them. She then went over to where Pierre was standing, got on her knees, and stuck his still semi erect prick in her mouth and cleaned the remaining semen off of his long cock.

Satisfied she had cleaned his cock good, Emmy got up, came over to her daughter Becky and gave her a big kiss on the mouth, sticking her tongue in Becky’s mouth as she did so. Thus Becky got a little taste of Pierre’s semen too.

“Mother. I can’t believe you are actually here at the invite of daddy Mac. Why didn’t I know about your exploits with him? How long has this been going on?” she asked.

Master daddy replied. “I asked her to come to our lingerie party when I found out you were going to be a part of the group. Little did I know that at your age you had never had a man’s cock inside of your cunt or any of the other things you had never seen or done. She needed to be made aware of the fact that you had spent a night with us doing sexual things.”

Emmy said “I need to piss. Velma, can you assist me while I go?”

Velma replied she would be happy to help, so off they went to the ladies room as the rest of us watched.

Inside the ladies room, which was quite large and had several chairs and a dressing table, Emmy and Velma kissed passionately and probed each others cunts.

“Do you want me to sit or stand as I piss?” asked Emmy.

“Why don’t you straddle the toilet so I can see your stream flowing down into the stool. Then if I want to play with it I can. I’ll eat your pussy when you finish.” said Velma.

No sooner had Emmy began pissing than Velma had to put her hand in the stream, causing it to splatter all over the toilet. When Emmy finished, Velma simply squatted down in front of her and put her face in Emmy’s hairy pussy and began sucking the drops of pee off of her pubic hair. Then she spread Emmy’s cunt lips apart and began licking and sucking her peehole and clit.

Emmy soon began to wiggle and squirm as she approached her orgasm. She pulled Velma’s face even closer until Velma was sucking Emmy’s clit completely. Emmy orgasmed and released her grip on Velma. The Velma stood up and tweaked Emmy’s long nipples and began sucking one of them.

Emmy said “I think we need to rejoin the party or they will think we are being naughty and I certainly wouldn’t want them to get that idea of us.”

They went back into the dining area where Becky again asked her mother how she had found out about daddy and his ways with women.

Emmy told her it wasn’t just daddy she was fucking. It was John too.

“You should know darling that John has an enormous prick that plays tricks with women and he is a delightful fuck. His prick gets so very fat about the time it is ready to explode and drench my cunt with so much semen I can barely stand it. When he is done fucking me I know I am going to leak all over my thighs.” Emmy told her daughter.

Daddy said “It is time for lunch and if anyone needs to pee, please do it now so we can all watch.”

No one needed to go, so we all sat down at the table including Pierre. Becky and Emmy sat on either side of daddy while I sat on Emmy’s left and Velma sat on my left. Then Pierre and Barbara occupied the remaining two seats.

None of the women were wearing bras and it was very evident that Emmy had the biggest teats and longest nipples followed closely by Barbara. Velma and Becky had the smallest teats. Everyone of the women were pierced except Emmy and she commented about the other three having bells on their nipple rings.

Lunch was served with a couple of bottles of fine wine. Becky and Emmy each had three glasses and I wondered who was going to get looped first. The chicken salad was delighful and we all ate till our plates were empty. Apple pie followed with twomore bottles of wine. Again, Emmy canlı bahis and Becky each had two more glasses while Barbara and Velma also had a couple. Pierre managed to consume a few glasses and I was beginning to wonder why he was eating with us and what his part of the program was going to be.

Lunch concluded and again daddy wanted to know if anyone needed to piss. Everyone raised their hand so daddy told Pierre to take us out in back to a spot where we were not going to be visible to anyone and let us all piss. Daddy and I lifted our cocks, but before we could begin Emmy came over and pulled daddy’s foreskin back over the head of his cock and said “Now you motherfucker, I want to see you piss a stream ten feet long.”

Becky looked at me like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing her mother say. Mystified by her mothers presence at our little get together, Becky decided she needed to lay claim to my cock as I was pissing. However, having drunk so much wine with her lunch she was a bit wobbly on her feet and stumbled around a bit. Velma came and rescued her and helped her play with my cock. Becky finally got my prick skinned back and wanted to hold it while I pissed.

I began pissing a long stream with a lot of velocity behind it and was spewing it out at least ten feet in front of me. Velma kneeled down and put her mouth in front of my prick as my stream began to dwindle. She got a mouthful and swallowed it, then got another mouthful, stood up and kissed Becky, giving her a drink of my piss.

Emmy was in high heels and was stumbling around due to all the wine she had consumed too. She spread her cunt lips wide apart and began spewing a healthy stream way out in front of her. Barabara watched her in amazement and then decided she needed to piss too. Pierre took her hand and put it on his long prick and Barbara began peeling his foreskin back over the head of his cock. When she got it peeled back, she took his cock and guided it where she wanted him to piss. His stream went all over as she moved his cock around.

Velma at last finally began pissing and it just fell straight down between her legs with some of it dribbling onto her stockings. “Oh fuck.” she said. “I didn’t want to piss all over my stockings.” After about thirty seconds it stopped altogether.

Finally everyone finished and we went back inside to look at some lingerie. Emmy had to pull daddy along by his prick and Velma took Pierre’s cock and led him inside, surprising almost everyone since he had whipped her for pissing on the sidewalk.

Velma took Emmy aside and told her that there were some fabulous pieces of lingerie in gold that would look superb on her. A ten strap garter belt, cut out bra, and a gold panty. The bra would let Emmy’s teats show, especially the aerola. They would look nicer if they were rouged.

Emmy must have liked what Velma told her because she went over to look at the items. Barbara also looked at the gold lingerie because she thought it would enhance her red pubic hair.

Becky said to me “I don’t know what the fuck my mother is doing here. Do you think she is actually fucking daddy?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll bet we find out before the day is over.” I replied.

As I said that I saw Emmy slither over toward daddy and take hold of his flaccid cock. I heard her tell him she was going to give him a blow job on the way back home and would be spending the night with all of us. She then had to tweak daddy’s prick a few times and I saw him begin to get an erection. Emmy then decided to let go of his prick and headed back over to where Velma was standing. They began an animated conversation that must have been about lingerie because Emmy picked up a garter belt and pointed out some things about it to Velma.

Finally we had all picked out items we were interested in including three to four boxes of new stockings with three pair in each box. Daddy paid for it with cash, everyone took their own bag, but before we headed for the cars, daddy asked if anyone needed to piss.

Becky and Velma raised their hands and I told him I could stand to piss again, so we went back out in the courtyard and peed. Becky put on quite a show as she laid down on a picnic table, spread her cunt lips apart and let fly with a long stream of piss. Velmma just spread her legs apart and let it flow out of her and I just stood and pissed through my foreskin. Emmy thought that was cute.

Pierre was driving Emmy’s car but Velma and Becky were riding in it. Emmy rode in our car in the back seat with daddy and Barbara rode in front with me as I drove. We had no sooner left the parking space than I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Emmy turn to daddy, grab his head, and begin kissing him. I could tell she was sticking her tongue in and out of his mouth. I saw daddy take his left hand and grab one of her teats and play with it.

They broke the kiss and Emmy said “You fucking cunt fucker. I am going to ride your fucking cock on and off all night long. You’re going bahis siteleri to fill my fucking cunt full of your semen so I’ll be leaking it all day tomorrow. I’m still having periods, even at sixty, so I might even get pregnant. Wouldn’t that be something to happen to me?”

Daddy simply leaned over and began sucking one of her teats with the long nipples. Emmy oooohed and aaaahed as he suckled her. About that same time Barbara leaned over with her head down in my lap and took my soft cock and stuck it in her mouth and began sucking me. I had a difficult time concentrating on my driving as my prick began to grow erect from her ministrations.

I looked in the rearview mirror to see what was going on in Emmy’s car. I couldn’t see either Becky or mommy so I presumed they were engaged in an eat out of cunts. I was getting a very good blow job from Barbara and my cock was at attention.

Emmy was all over daddy in the back seat. I thought at one point she was going to sit on his lap and fuck him, but she must have just held on to his cock and masturbated him a bit.

It only took us about thirty minutes to get back to town and another ten to arrive at our house. I parked in back and had no sooner shut off the engine than Barbara and Emmy both jumped out of the car, spread their legs and began pissing a solid stream of pee on the grass. They didn’t have to raise their dresses or skirts because none of them had put anything on before we left the store except their garter belts and stockings.

Pierre pulled in about two minutes later and both Becky and Velma got out of the car and did the same thing Emmy and Barbara did. Daddy decided he needed to piss too, so he took hold of his cock to piss, but Becky came over and peeled his foreskin back before he could begin. Then she guided his stream as he started pissing. Emmy looked at her daughter in wonderment not knowing how this creature could have gotten so sexually active so quickly.

Pierre parked Emmy’s car then joined in the pissfest. Barbara decided she wanted to feel his cock, so she went over and peeled his long hanging foreskin back and held on to him as he began pissing. Pierre hadn’t gone in quite awhile and peed for well over two minutes. Barbara aimed his pissing cock around and made sure he watered the grass good before he ran out of pee.

It seemed a bit funny to have four women and three guys all pissing at one time or another within a two minute time span.

After everyone finished Velma went over to Pierre and got on her knees and pulled his foreskin back over the head of his cock and stuck it in her mouth. She proceeded to get about half of his long cock inside and gave him a good strong sucking. Everyone was watching because this was the man who had administered the whipping to her for pissing on the sidewalk earlier in the day.

Suddenly Pierre arched his back and shot his load of semen in Velma’s mouth. There was so much it began dribbling out the corners of her mouth and down her chin onto her little teats. She continued sucking him and swallowing his semen as she did so. Velma finally finished sucking his long dick and Emmy offered her a drink of wine from a small bottle she had in her purse. Velma took a swig, swirled it around in her mouth like mouthwash, then swallowed it. Pierre’s cock continued to dribble a little bit. Becky rushed to him, squatted down, and finished sucking the remaining string of semen out of his now flaccid cock

It looked rather unique to see four women, two of whom had thick hairy bushes, and three guys each with fairly long cocks standing around in the back yard, each having just pissed and one having orgasmned.

Daddy suggested we go inside, freshen up,have drinks and cigarettes, then fix dinner of steaks, potatoes, salad, and more drinks.

But suddenly there was a tinkling sound of bells and I looked to see where it was coming from. Velma was standing, legs apart, pissing and her pee was hitting her bells causing them to tinkle. Becky quickly reached over and put her hand right under Velma’s cunt lips to smother the sound, catching her pee in her hand. When Velma finished in thirty seconds, Becky simply ran her hand through Velma’s cunt, wiping it pretty dry for her. Becky then kissed Velma full on the mouth, took her by the hand, and guided her toward the back door.

Barbara went to Pierre, took him by his cock and walked him to the house and Emmy, with her thick bush of grey cunt hair, grabbed daddy by his cock and walked him inside leaaving me to fend for myself.

Once inside everyone sat around the table while daddy and I mixed drinks of martini’s and Manhattan’s. I cautioned Emmy and Becky about not just gulping them down because they could be very potent and get a person intoxicated very quickly.

Emmy said she had never smoked a cigarette and Becky offered to help get her started.

“How in the hell would you know how Becky?” asked Emmy. “You’ve never smoked a fucking cigarette in your life. You wouldn’t know bahis şirketleri which end of it to light.”

“Oh momma, don’t be so fucking stupid and naive. Of course I’ve smoked a cigarette. I smoked about ten of them right here in this house the past two days.” Becky replied. “Just take a puff and blow the smoke out at first. Don’t try to inhale or you will cough and gag.”

Emmy took a cigarette and Velma helped her light it. She did as Becky had told her to do and after a few puffs, she decided to swallow the smoke. She blew it out and decided it wasn’t so bad after all.

“How is it my fucking daughter knows all of this anyway? You’re so naive about sex and alcohol I didn’t think you knew anything.” Emmy told Becky.

“Well momma, I knew enough to let master daddy pierce my nipples and my cunt lips and I’m very proud of doing it.

Master daddy informed us that Emmy had told him on the way home from shopping that she wanted to have her nipples and cunt lips pierced too, so that was one of the reasons Pierre joined our group for the rest of the day and perhaps evening too.

“Pierre is a master piercer and he is going to be the one to pierce Emmy for us. The rest of us will all assist in one way or another when he does it.” daddy said.

Pierre and daddy began fixing dinner while Velma and Emmy went into mommy’s bedroom for something. Becky wanted to see my bedroom again so we headed up the stairs and Barbara stayed in the kitchen, presumably to play and suck daddy’s and Pierre’s cocks.

As Becky and I went to go upstairs we passed by mommy’s bedroom and heard Emmy say “Oh Velma, I can hardly wait to have that big motherfucker Pierre piercing my fucking nipples. I’m getting so hot just thinking about it I want to play with your bells and eat your fucking cunt.”

Velma replied “Then let me lie down on the bed and let’s sixty nine each other. That will occupy some time until dinner is ready. Leave your stockings and garter belt on while I eat your hairy cunt Emmy. You are going to look so good when you get pierced. I can hardly wait to see your rings and the bells that master daddy will have for you. Now get your cunt up here so I can stick my tongue in your fucking peehole and suck your big clit, you bitch.”

We heard Becky’s mother get on the bed and in ten seconds she was saying “Oh Velma that feels so fucking good. It is almost better than having daddy stick his long prick in my cunt except when he erupts and leaves me all fucking wet. Oh suck my fucking peehole. It feels so good when you do that.”

Velma must have stopped momentarily as we heard her say “Emmy get your tongue down in my snatch and suck my fucking clit. I love having it sucked and it will make me have an orgasmn in a few seconds.”

Becky took my hand and led me upstairs so we could play with each other. She kneeled down and took my prick in her mouth and got it all wet. Then she told me to lie down on the bed and as I did so, she climbed on top me me and impaled herself on my engorged cock. I fucked her deeply with my prick and she was getting very wet as she orgasmned all over my cock. Unable to hold back, I simply erupted deep inside her with three puslating shots and then several lesser dribbles simply drowning her cunt with semen.

“Oh you big motherfucker. That was so good. I just love you fucking me.” she said. “I’ve come to enjoy your fucking cock more and more since yesterday when you and master daddy took my cherry.”

“Let me get you a pair of my bikini panties.” I said. “Then you won’t be dripping or leaking my semen all over the place and down your thighs.”

I went to my dresser and took out a pair of very sheer black bikini panties and went back to where Becky was lying on my bed. She spread her bells and cunt lips open and I slipped the panties inside her hairy cunt.

I told her we should go back downstairs but needed to be quiet in case Velma and Emmy were still eating each other. We slipped down the steps and stopped at the doorway to Velma’s bedroom.

“Oh Velma you fucking whore cunt. I didn’t realize you enjoyed women as well as men. I can’t believe you just sucked my fucking cunt and sent me into orbit doing it. I have never orgasmned so much as I have just done. I am so fucking wet I feel like I just douched my cunt.” Emmy said. “I think I have juices running out of my fucking cunt and down my thighs. I know my stocking tops are soaking wet.”

“I hope I ate your pussy satisfactorily you big tall fucking cunt. I can’t wait to suck your teats too. If you are spending the night with us I am going to have to figure out a way to have you in bed with me so I can suck your nipples and cunt after you get pierced by Pierre.” Velma said. “I have an idea that daddy thinks he is going to want to give you a very good fucking like he did Becky two nights ago. She squealed with delight as he plowed her fucking cunt. Then she squealed some more when John fucked her too. Now I think we need to reappear in the kitchen so we can have drinks and dinner. Then the festivities can begin.”

Becky and I scooted for the kitchen. Daddy looked at Becky as she appeared in the doorway and asked her if she would like a martini before dinner.

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