Sunday at Annie’s Ch. 03

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I had avoided Annie for days after our crazy Sunday. I was sore and I knew Annie would insist on having sex. I was sure that the more I might protest the more insistent she would be. I could never resist my Annie’s demands, and I knew that she would not be gentle.

I was angry with her as well. She had always teased Teddy, and once she realized that she could a rise out of him, in a sexual way, so long ago, she never let up. She was so bold about it too. She was not shy about who was around when she teased him. Darlene thought it was funny, but I never did. Annie said that Teddy enjoyed it and maybe he did. He always seemed embarrassed, but maybe that was because I was there. I knew that it was only a matter of time before she got into his pants, if she hadn’t already.

After that incident in her kitchen, that Sunday morning, I had to wonder what happened between them when I was not around. Teddy had spent the night with Annie’s brothers quite often and must have had a lot of time alone with her. I knew better than to ask Annie about it, she would only lie. I was sure that she had cheated on me and lied about it. I wouldn’t ask Teddy about it and possibly force him to lie, to cover for Annie.

I was angry with her, for what she was putting me through and for putting Teddy in such an awkward situation. It was quite a twisted little triangle we had found ourselves in. I was in love with Annie and Teddy. Teddy was in love with me and I knew he’d always loved Annie too. I could only hope he loved me more.

Annie told me that she loved me and I believed her. God only knows what she whispered in Teddy’s ear, and what she might have said to him when no one was around.

Teddy was so sweet to me. He slept with me that Sunday night and that canlı bahis was just what I needed. It was wonderful to touch his gorgeous body. I wanted so badly to make love to him, but not only was not I physically able that night, but I was afraid. I didn’t know what I was afraid of, but I couldn’t bring myself to let him in.

Teddy slept with me the following night, as well. He slipped between my sheets just after midnight, wearing a lose fitting pair of shorts and nothing more. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply. I have still never met anyone that kisses me as well as Teddy did. I was wearing a night shirt that buttoned up the front and satin panties.

I felt my nipples get hard as I pressed my breasts against his bare, sweaty chest. My panties got moist as I felt his hard cock pressed against my stomach.

After making out for several minutes I laid my head on his shoulder and stroked his chest, softly. Teddy slowly started to unbutton my nightshirt. Once it was unbuttoned, he placed his hand gently on my right breast. I heaved a deep sigh. He gently traced circles around my titty, starting near the edge and slowly worked toward the nipple. Once his finger reached my nipple, he took it between his finger and thumb. He gently tweaked it until I issued a tiny grunt.

“Did that hurt?” he asked.

“No, Baby,” I said, “That feels wonderful!” I pinched his nipple and asked, “Do you like that?”

“Yeah! Oh Yeah,” me moaned. I leaned down and took his little nipple in my lips and sucked hard. “Oh damn, that feels good!” he cried.

As I sucked his nipple he removed my nightshirt. We were both naked from the waist up. He rolled me on my back and took my left nipple in his lips and began to suck, softly at first and then bahis siteleri harder. After a few seconds he kissed my stomach and then he buried his face in my wet panties. I wanted him to eat me out, but instead I blurted out, “Kiss me!”

“What?” came his muffled voice from my crotch.

“Come here and kiss me!” I repeated.

Teddy reluctantly pulled away from my hot, wet panties and climbed up to kiss me. He hovered over me and slowly lowered his face down and kissed me. He gradually lowered his body, as well. I felt his bare, sweating chest just grazing my nipples. The hair tickled. I felt his cock begin to press against my wet panties and I moaned.

He reached down, as his touched the waistband of my little panties, I whispered, “Don’t”

Teddy rolled over and grunted, “Damn it, Les! Your as bad as Annie!”

“What does that mean?”

“I mean you’re as big a tease as she is, all of a sudden!”

“So, she gets you into her bed, but won’t let you fuck her?” I couldn’t believe I was talking to Teddy like that.

“No! That’s your style. Annie just shakes her ass and rubs her boobs on me and stuff, gets me all worked up and runs away!”

“Well, chase after her. She’d let you catch her.”

“She’s not the one I want!”

“I know, it’s Margot.” Margot had been Teddy’s girlfriend, off and on since before high school. She was saving herself for marriage.

“No, Les! Its you! Its always been you! I’ve always dreamed that some day, you and I would…”

“We will, Teddy. I’ve always had that dream too.”

“And you’ve always had Annie!”

“I want to make love to you. And I will. I promise.” I couldn’t believe we were saying aloud all those things that we had held inside for so long.

“When, Les? bahis şirketleri I’m leaving in a few weeks and I can’t go into the Army as a virgin!”

“Just not tonight, OK?”I didn’t know why I was so afraid.

“Damn it! he blurted out, then got up to walk away.

“Don’t go!” I pleaded. I sat up on the edge of the bed and begged, “Please, come back.”

He turned away and walked back slowly. He stood in front of me and I wrapped my arms around his legs. I pressed my cheek against him and saw the throbbing bulge in his shorts just inches from my face. I could feel his heart pounding. I could feel mine pounding as well.

I drew back and slowly pulled down his shorts. There he stood, his big hard cock just a foot from my face. I leaned forward and gently kissed the tip of it. It twitched and Teddy shivered, and took in a quick breath.

Annie and I had played with dildos and sucked them, but they were hard and cold. They smelled and tasted like rubber.

My Teddy’s cock was firm, but smooth. The head was soft and velvety to my lips, as I wrapped them around it. It smelled and tasted like Teddy’s sweat. I took just the head of it into my mouth and sucked it. Then I took in more and more of that beautiful cock of his, until it filled my entire mouth. I almost choked .I began slide back forth on it and Teddy moaned. It filled my heart with joy to give my Teddy such pleasure.

He moaned as I sucked his cock, hungrily. He ran his fingers through my hair and whispered, “I cummin’, Les.”

I pulled back in time to see the hot stream erupt from that gorgeous dick of his. It shot all over my neck. I wrapped my fingers around that thing just as he shot again. I felt it course through his member. His cum was oozing out and running down his cock. I leaned forward, licked his dick clean, took his cock into my mouth and sucked the last of it out. He was shaking all over. I too was trembling.

I pulled into bed and held him until we fell asleep.

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