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Disclaimer: All sexual activity described herein is between fictional characters over the age of 18.


Chapter 1: The O’Haras


Julie O’Hara was driving her 2001 VW Beetle back home to Sacramento from the UCLA campus at the end of her Freshman year. It was originally her step-dad Steve’s car, a gift from his parents when he had graduated from UCLA himself. Steve had passed it on to her after she got her provisional license, barely a week after turning 16, three years ago.

She loved the car immediately, despite its age, because it smelled of him, of his sweat and the cologne he wore on special occasions. She even called the car “Stevie” in her inner thoughts. Three years of her driving it had still not completely banished the scent of Steve from the car. Nor had it diminished the delicious tingle she got in her pussy whenever she sat in the same seat he had for so many years. It made her feel closer to him, even when she was hundreds of miles away. Not as close as she wanted to be, but second-hand contact was better than none. She had to resist rubbing herself during the boring drive up I-5, thinking of Steve.

Julie had a plan. She finally felt she was old enough, experienced enough, to get her step-dad into bed with her. She had seen the covert way he gazed at her slender body when he thought she wasn’t aware of him looking, especially over the past summer when she was 18 and wearing her newest skimpy bikinis around their pool. She had seen more than enough erections in his swim trunks to know he was responding to her.

Her mom Michele had reacted to being an empty nester by throwing herself deeper into her career, frequently traveling out of town, leaving Steve home alone. Before that had been night classes and remote courses during the years Julie was in high school, as her mom pursued a business degree, to increase their family’s income before Julie needed the tuition money. Michele had gotten pregnant the summer after graduating high school and plans to go to college after a year off were postponed, to get married and raise Julie.

She already sensed tensions between her parents when she had been home over Christmas break and she had gone to Cabo San Lucas with several girlfriends over Spring Break in part to avoid being in that atmosphere, in part because she wasn’t ready to make her move on Steve. She wanted to reach her 19th birthday first, which had just passed. If things had not improved between her parents since January or gotten worse, Steve ought to be easy to seduce.

Steve was the only dad Julie remembered. Whatever recollections she might have had of her “real” dad were overwhelmed by stories about him she had heard over and over, until she couldn’t tell what was real memory and what was imagination based on those stories.

Her biological father, Curt Simons, had grown up next door to Steve and his identical twin brother Peter. By their senior year in high school, Curt was dating Michele Davis, Michele’s identical twin sister Connie was dating Peter and Steve was dating a girl named Ana Maria Gomez. The six of them group-dated frequently through the summer of 1997 following graduation.

Curt and Peter enlisted in the Marines together. Michele discovered she was pregnant after they left for Basic Training in San Diego. Both sisters married their Marines after they completed Basic and moved into on-base housing at Camp Pendleton. Connie was pregnant with twin boys, Tom and Dave, by the time Julie was born.

Both men were sent to Afghanistan early in the war, and died in the same battle early in 2002. Julie wasn’t yet 4 and barely remembered their funeral.

Steve had taken the college route instead. He had broken up with Ana Maria soon after he headed to UCLA, while she went to Oregon State, and Steve graduated with honors in 2001, months before 9/11 changed his family’s future. Julie was glad Steve hadn’t shared her father’s and uncle’s fate.

Connie and Michele returned to Sacramento, widowed moms, and for a while they lived together in one small apartment, doing their best to support their kids with just high school diplomas and some help from the grandparents. They had both seen Steve again at their husbands’ funerals, but it took going to the impromptu five-year reunion of their high school class before Steve asked Michele out on a date. They married within six months, making Connie his sister-in-law over again. Julie was their flower girl. She was 5.

Steve asked Julie if he could adopt her when she was eight and she changed her name. It was one of the happiest days of her life to become Julie Simons O’Hara, in honor of both dads.

Connie also remarried a year later to an older guy named Walter Ashford. He adopted Tom and Dave and they took his name. He died of a stroke in 2009, leaving Connie with enough money between inheritance and life insurance to supplement her own income from a flower shop, to support herself and her boys.

Julie shook off her recollections and focused on her driving. It wouldn’t do to get into an accident, canlı bahis when she was this close to fulfilling her fantasies.


In their home in Sacramento, Steve and Michelle O’Hara awaited the return of their daughter. Based on her last status text when she’d stopped for gas and a potty break at the Los Banos exit, she was only another hour away. “I can’t wait to give her the news,” Michele said.

“Really? I don’t understand why you waited at all, then,” Steve said. “It’s not like you getting promoted into a job with no travel involved really affects her now that she’s in college, as much as it has helped the two of us.”

“She could tell that the travel was straining our relationship, honey,” Michele responded. “I want our reconnecting after the promotion to be the real news for her and there’s no way to demonstrate that by phone.”

She did not say that she had suspicions of Julie and Steve’s attractions to each other. Preventing Julie and Steve getting even closer this summer was her priority. Even if it meant revealing the only secret she had ever kept from the two of them. From everyone.

Steve took Michele into his arms, and kissed her. “It won’t be hard to see,” he said, beaming at his wife. “Since you took over the marketing office here in Sacramento and have been home every night, it’s like the honeymoon we never got after we married because Julie was already four and we had to keep quiet at night. You’re like a whole new woman in bed, honey. It’s going to be tough being quiet again while she’s home this summer.”

Michele chuckled. “She’s 19 now. I don’t think she’ll be traumatized if she hears her Mom scream out that she’s cumming. I like this new side of myself too and don’t intend to change that just for her.”

‘Although I might spend less time bragging about Steve’s cock,’ she thought. ‘The idea is to make sure she knows I’m keeping him happy, not encourage her to fantasize.’

“We’ve got another hour before she’s home,” Steve suggested.

Michele began unbuttoning Steve’s shirt, as Steve reached around and pulled down the zipper to Michele’s blouse, then unclasped her bra before pulling both of them off of her arms. He began nuzzling his wife’s beautiful breasts, as he opened her pants and slid his hand inside her panties, into a pussy that was already moist and puffy.

Michele hurried to get Steve’s belt and pants undone, as Steve was already kicking his shoes off. They made their way to the couch, and pulled each other’s pants and underwear down.

Michele bent over the cushions, bracing her arms on the back of the couch, wiggling her butt and expecting Steve to thrust into her from behind. Instead, he crouched below her, pulled her butt cheeks apart and pressed his face between them, sliding his tongue deep into her swollen labia, already wet with her succulent juices. Michele gasped, then said, “Oh, fuck, Steve, that’s so hot! Lick me!”

“Sweet, too,” he muttered, continuing to thrust his tongue in and out of her, lapping up the fluids of her arousal. Her clit was barely out of reach of his tongue from this angle. He inched his right hand up her leg to press his index finger against his wife’s hard clit, as his thumb drove into her wet sheath, seeking her g-spot.

“Unnngh! You’re gonna make me come!” she announced.

“Kinda the goal,” Steve said, rubbing her clit and tapping her G, before he returned his tongue to exciting her labia to either side of his fingers. It only took three more minutes before Michele was shaking over him, and he had to wrap his left arm around her thigh to keep her from falling to the floor.

Steve guided Michele’s knees onto the cushions, as her upper body fell to rest on the back of the couch, shaking and moaning a garbled mix of sound and almost words. Steve rose to his feet and put his left hand around her hip to take over stroking her clit, pulled his right hand from between her legs and pulled her back towards his cock. His aim was true and he pierced her quivering pussy, hitting bottom on the first thrust. Not giving Michele any opportunity to recover, Steve pumped in and out at his top speed, rubbing her clit with the touch he knew she loved. “Again!” was the only intelligible word out of her lips, as Steve drove her to another splendid orgasm.

Her pussy clenched down on his cock just as she reached under them and squeezed his balls, her wrist pressing against her clit at the same time. He toppled over the edge of his own pleasure, and poured his sperm into her in half a dozen bursts. “Michele! Fuck, cumming!” he grunted, before his knees turned to jelly and he had to slide to the side to keep from falling onto her.

Michele turned around and cuddled against Steve’s side, fighting off the urge to nap together. Julie was almost home.

They had just managed to get their clothes and shoes back on when they heard a car door close on their driveway. Looking out the front window, Steve saw his old Beetle, loaded up even fuller than when Julie had left in the fall and Julie heading back to open its hatchback.

Michele bahis siteleri was the first out the door, running to greet her daughter. “Hi, baby!” she called out, then hugged her daughter tight.

Julie held her mom close, then sniffed. “You smell like sex, Mom,” she accused.

“We filled up the time while we waited for you to get here,” Michele replied, grinning at Julie. “Not going to deny it.” Michele grabbed Julie’s suitcase and headed for the house.

“Hi, Julie,” Steve said, blushing at being called out so bluntly.

“Hi, Dad!” Julie said, then hugged him tight, instantly smelling her Mom’s juices on Steve’s face. “You should have washed your face, Dad. I almost don’t want to kiss you now.” She did anyway, pressing her lips to his. She surprised him by darting her tongue into his mouth, battling his tongue for a second or two. When she pulled back, she said, “Although I can understand wanting to keep tasting Mom. Yummy.” She grabbed a box from the trunk and walked away, smirking as soon as Steve couldn’t see her face.

“What the fuck?” Steve muttered under his breath, watching Julie walk away, not even conscious of how he compared Julie’s svelte legs and ass to Michele’s mature figure. He grabbed the last two boxes from the Beetle’s small trunk area and headed to the house, then came back and, without talking much, helped Julie unload the back seat and front passenger seat, that were loaded with her other possessions.


‘They just fucked in the middle of the day,’ Julie thought, as she began unpacking her things in her bedroom, while her parents finished getting dinner ready. ‘So much for Dad being too horny to resist me. When’s Mom’s next business trip?’


Michele revealed her promotion over dinner and Julie was appropriately excited for her Mom, while realizing instantly what it meant for her parents’ reinvigorated relationship and her plans. She needed to figure out a Plan B.

Steve was still puzzling over Julie’s kiss, glad that Michele had not seen it. ‘What was she thinking?’ he asked himself.

Julie resisted her impulse to be flirty during the dinner, while her mom was right there to watch. She could tell that Steve was watching her closely, anyway. ‘I got you thinking with that kiss, didn’t I, Daddy?’ she thought. ‘Serves you right for having a face full of Mom’s pussy juice.’

Having to discuss her classes, her grades and dodging her mom’s attempts to determine if she had any boyfriends at school – she had fuck buddies, of both genders, but nobody serious enough to name to her mom – did not leave Julie feeling that frisky anyway. It wasn’t the right time to make a further play for Steve.

Her parents had a small birthday cake for her, as a delayed observation of her birthday. As she blew out the candles, her wish was the same as it was the year before, for Steve to succumb to her seduction.

Tempted to dress for bed in a small T-shirt and thong panties that would have shown off her ass cheeks, she instead opted for a more demure night shirt and regular panties. Still, she came out to the living room and turned on an R-rated feature on the TV, while her parents were still taking care of the dinner dishes.

Once they were done in the kitchen, Michele and Steve cuddled on the love seat together, getting even closer during the sex scenes of the movie. Julie watched them using her peripheral vision, without being obvious that she was watching them. She felt pangs of jealousy but surprised herself for feeling as jealous of Steve for being with her mom as she was jealous of her mom being with Steve. This attraction to her mom was new for the young woman and Julie assumed it was because of playing with her roommate and a couple of other girls at school. ‘Maybe if I seduce Mom first?’ she thought.

Michele knew Julie was watching them. She could feel it, even if her daughter’s eyes were not pointed her way. She wasn’t reacting to the scarier moments of the movie enough, so her attention wasn’t fully on it. Michele wanted to give her daughter a show, without being too blatant about it. She kept her hands away from Steve’s groin, but touched him everywhere else over the course of the film. He was rock hard within minutes of sitting down.

Steve was aroused but cautious. The movie was sexy/scary, his wife was working him up without actually touching his cock. Julie, even in a chaste nightshirt, still oozed young sexuality across the room. She looked so much like Michele had when he knew her at 18, before Julie was born and her figure filled out to its current womanly curves. When he and Ana Maria had group dated with his brother Peter, Connie, Curt and Michele. It was nearly impossible not to stare at Julie while his wife caressed his body. Another man might have been calling himself a pervert, but Steve felt no such guilt. He was only looking.

His mind replayed the kiss in the driveway and wished it had been longer, that he had pushed his tongue back at her when she had probed. It wasn’t his conscience that kept him from staring at bahis şirketleri Julie, it was only his desire to keep his wife from seeing, so he could fuck her once the movie was over instead of having a fight. That mental images crept into his head of it being Julie beneath him, of driving his cock deep into her, did not bother him at all. She was, after all, just his step-daughter. The porn he had masturbated to on nights that Michele had been traveling showed that all the time and he found himself seeking it out. Michele would kill him five times over, though. He was not quite aware that his wife’s potential anger was the only barrier between him and Julie.

The movie wound to a close, and Julie kissed her parents good night, blaming the seven hour drive for her desire to go to bed a little early.

Her parents stayed on the love seat, rather than head to their bedroom. As soon as Julie went down the hallway, Michele grabbed the zipper on Steve’s pants and pulled it down, then undid his belt and button. She shoved his underwear under his balls and stroked his rigid cock, smearing the precum that oozed from it. She whispered, “I owe you from this afternoon,” before lowering her head and taking him deep into her mouth.

Steve suppressed a groan, knowing that Julie could not have fallen asleep yet and could still hear them. Michele made that tough, swirling her tongue and bouncing her mouth up and down. She’d never conquered her gag reflex, so didn’t deep throat him, using her hand to encircle the portion she couldn’t get into her mouth. Steve had never found reason to complain about her blow jobs, and wouldn’t tonight.

Julie had not made it to her bedroom, either. She had stopped in the bathroom first, where she couldn’t resist giving her pussy a rub before peeing. When she stepped out of the bathroom, she glanced down the hallway and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her mom’s head rising and falling over Steve’s crotch in the flickering light of the TV. She crept along the edge of the hallway, until she was as close to the living room as she dared go, thinking herself still in the shadows, and watched her mom giving her dad head. His cock was thicker than she imagined, but just as long as she had seen in the past through his clothes.

She wanted to be in her mom’s place, taking Steve’s cock deep, even deeper than her mom was, down into her throat. Her hand was thrust into her panties, rubbing her clit, as she watched Steve’s cock go in and out of Michele’s mouth.

What she wasn’t watching were Steve’s eyes. He saw Julie creep along the darkened hallway, saw her hand raise her nightie and slip into her panties, saw how intently she was watching his cock. He said nothing, because he knew it would only result in Michele getting mad at Julie and spoiling what was happening.

Michele’s free hand undid the clasp at the top of her own slacks and her fingers were stroking her own pussy, as well. When Steve began to feel the stirrings of his own orgasm, he pulled Michele off of his cock, stood her up, yanked her pants and panties down her legs, pushed his own pants off and pulled her towards him. All while making sure Michele’s back was to the hallway, so she wouldn’t notice Julie crouching there.

Michele put her knees to either side of Steve’s legs and lowered her dripping pussy to his cock, letting him slide into her with a throaty groan. She wasn’t worried about Julie hearing, she fully wanted her daughter to hear her getting fucked. She just didn’t expect that her daughter was watching and masturbating to the display, as well.

Julie nearly gasped at the first sight of her mother’s aroused pussy as it spread itself around her dad’s meaty cock. She watched as her Mom started attacking the buttons on Steve’s shirt, as she pumped up and down. Michele then reached behind her back and undid her own blouse and shrugged it off, before undoing her bra. Grinding her pussy on his cock instead of thrusting, she pressed her tits into Steve’s bare chest, while nibbling on his right ear.

That’s the moment when Julie finally noticed Steve watching her over Michele’s shoulder. Their eyes met, and Julie instantly came, having to cover her mouth with her other hand to keep from being heard.

Not that she would have been heard over Michele’s own moans and the grunts Steve issued, not just for what his wife was doing, but for what he saw Julie doing.

Still looking at Steve, Julie withdrew her fingers from her snatch. She put on another show of licking her fingers clean, while watching Steve lick his own lips. ‘Do I have him hooked, already?’ she thought. She crept down the hallway, and slipped quietly into her bedroom.

Steve grabbed his wife’s hips and began lifting and dropping her onto his cock in time with his thrusts. Michele grabbed his shoulders for leverage, and pushed with her legs, increasing the pace of their thrusting. “Fuck me, Steve! Make me come!” she screamed. Steve grabbed her ass, flipped her onto her back on the love seat and kept on rutting into her, grabbing her ripe tits in each hand and squeezing her nipples. The images of Julie cumming, of her licking her own juices, were in his head, so he poured that lust into each thrust. “Oh my gawd!” cried Michele, as she started to spasm around him.

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