Tale of Two Twins

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Winter is my favourite time of the year. No pollen, good reasons to stay inside, and rain. I love the rain; the pitter-patter on my roof cures my insomnia. I was a typical high school senior. 18, and about 5′ 10. I wasn’t ripped, but I had abs and I was pretty strong. My grades went from C’s to A’s, but everybody thought I was the smartest guy on the block (Back in Elementary school, when I cared, I was.). Post-High school, I wanted to seek a major in psychology, and then I don’t know what. I just knew I liked psych, and was good at it. I was a human lie detector. If you twitched your lip here, or blinked there, I knew your deepest secrets. I think that was my favourite part of psychology – making people transparent. The power tasted good. However, what tasted even better, was something I was going to find out soon.

It was a Friday in late September, and my parents decided to leave for the weekend, leaving me, and my twin sister, Sam, home alone. Sam and I were pretty comfortable around each other and had seen each other naked once or twice when we were young, but nothing passed that. She was tall and so damned sexy. No matter how cold it was, she always wore short shorts, or skirts to show off her tan beauties. Her blonde hair rode her body just to the tips of her nipples. She always left the first few buttons of her shirt undone to hint that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I knew she put out for her boyfriends.

I got up for school at about 6 a.m. as I usually do. Sam had been up for a while and I heard her get in the shower a few moments after my alarm buzzed. I usually didn’t sleep in any clothes when mom and dad were away, and for as long as Sam was in the shower, I had no worries. I hopped out of bed and walked down the hallway to get something bostancı escort bayan to eat. The breeze felt good against my naked skin as I went down the stairs up to the kitchen counter. I grabbed the toaster and a bagel and started getting it all set up. Once the bagel started toasting, I figured I’d go back upstairs and finish any homework I forgot about. Right as I reached the top of the stairs, the bathroom door opened and Sam walked out – Naked. We were right in front of each other, like deer in headlights. Bam! Instantly hard. She was beautiful… and holding a vibrator. Her pussy looked recently shaved, and dealt with, and I could only imagine what was going through her mind. We stood there for the longest time, staring at each other’s body. I couldn’t get the image of fucking her out of my mind.

“That thing’s massive, Derrek.” She said, breaking the silence.

I snapped out of my dream. “Huh? What is?” I said looking around like an asshole.

“Your fucking cock! I thought Don had a huge one, but wow!”

Don was my best friend who dated Sam a couple of months ago. “Well, uhh, I’m not Don, so, uhhh, there!” Great comeback, huh?

“Can I touch it?” She said without even a beat after me finishing my sentence.

“Eh, sure.” I said hesitantly. I mean, she was fucking amazing looking, but she was my sister.

She walked over to it, and wrapped her hand around it and smiled. I was still a virgin, and was a little shell shocked. All of a sudden, she knelt down and shoved it in her mouth. Holy shit that felt good. Her saliva rubbed up and down my shaft as she licked and sucked it. I moaned as her lips tickled my throbbing head, and her tongue wrapped itself around me. Not long after she started ümraniye escort my balls squeezed and I shot off rope after rope of cum into her mouth with a yell. I wasn’t sure what to say. “Sorry?” “Thank you?” It all seemed like it was the wrong thing. So, being a male, I just sat there with my mouth agape, as she said “Thanks” and licked up some more cum, before walking over to her room. Right as she was about to open the door, she ‘dropped’ her vibrator, and bent over in such a sexy way that I nearly shot another load off right there. After she left, I just stood there. Dazed. Right as I was about to open my door back up, I could hear a soft buzzing noise muffled by much louder moans.

I continued to get ready for school, a little unsure of what to say to Sam anymore. All I knew was I wanted more. I quickly got dressed and ran back downstairs to finish my bagel because who would let such food go to waste. I hopped into my ’93 T-Bird and Sam climbed into the passenger seat. I popped it into reverse and headed towards school. I noticed Sam was wearing a yellow polo shirt with the top buttons undone and nothing underneath, along with a jean-skirt and matching yellow and white socks. We pulled into the parking lot much earlier than usual. Since we live about 10 miles from the school (via transfer) we have to leave quite early, however, today we encountered absolutely no traffic and got to school almost a half an hour earlier than usual.

“Wow. We got here fast. Where is everybody?” Sam said looking around.

“Sheesh. I don’t know. You’re right. There isn’t a soul around. This is kinda creepy.”

“I know, right? I’ve never seen the school so dead.”

Sam popped open the door and when the seatbelt pulled forward enough, escort kartal hopped out. Reaching into the back seat for her bag she leaned over reaching across the whole bench. I looked in the side mirror and got a beautiful glimps up her skirt, which had nothing underneath it.

“Derrek, come back here and look at this.”

I snapped out of my fantasy and popped my door open and leaned the seat forward.

“What? I don’t see anything.”

“No. Sit down, you can’t see it from there.”

I sat down on the bench and shut my door. So did Sam.

“I’m so fucking horny! Ugh.” She moaned slipping her skirt off. “C’mon brother!”

“What!? Right here in the parking lot?”

“Yea, C’mon fuck me!” Her wet lips sat there red and pulsing just asking to be fucked. I unzipped and pulled my pants and boxers down, unsure, again, of what I was doing. I leaned over to her and positioned myself so I could fuck her easily. Thankfully Thunderbirds had roomy backseats!

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Oooh yea! Harder! Uh!” She put her hands back on the back windshield and braced herself as I fucked her, forgetting she was my sister. “Ohh! Uhhhhh!” The car rocked gently as I thrust my hips forward.

It was a bit much for me to handle at once. “Oh God, Sam, I’m going to cum!” She dismounted and began to suck my cock as I leaned back over the centre console. I shot another rope of cum into her mouth. “Now finger me! I’m fucking horny!” Knowing a little of what to do from porn, rather than fingering her, I leaned forward and pushed my tounge into her slit and began to eat away. “Oh God! Yeaaa! Uhh!” She began to yell in ecstasy. “I’m cumming! AHH!” Her back arched tightly as she squirted cum into my mouth and on my face. “Yess! Ohh” she moaned as she relaxed. “Ahh. Fuck yea!” She lurched forward and began to French kiss me. “Fuck. That was amazing!” She said as she pulled her tongue out of my lips. She slid her skirt back on and winked at me as she crawled out of the car and went on her way.

End of part 1.

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