Teacher’s Pets

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Big Tits

All characters are over the age of consent .


My brother Tom and I were in the same high school but we had to leave it because of dad traveling a lot and we did a lot of relocating. So, for our last year in high school, mom home schooled us.

Mom used to be a teacher but gave it up when she married dad so she was familiar with the education system and it actually made our lives easier.

Dad was on the tail end of one of his extended trips and would be home soon as mom started teaching us, getting us ready for our final year and graduation.

By the way, my name is Tiffany. I just turned eighteen and I am 5’6″, 110 pounds, average sized boobs and Tom says I am fairly attractive, or as he says, he wouldn’t throw me out of his bed.

Tom is nineteen, being a few months older than I am. He is tall, about 5’11”, 165, and has a nice build as he played high school sports. Oh yeah, he has a nice big, fat cock that I saw once when he was jerking off and he did not see me watching.

We now lived in Nevada where it was constantly hot and not conducive to outdoor activities. Although we had air conditioning, the heat was still oppressive.

Mom and Dad set up a room for us, like our own classroom, so we had the feeling of being in school.

Classes started at 8:30 a.m. and finished at 4:30 p.m., with an hour for lunch. The curriculum was set and all Tom and I had to do was learn and pass the tests.

Mom told us that dressing was optional, meaning we could wear whatever we wanted and as little as we wanted.

For the first couple of months classes went well and we adapted to being taught at home.

On more than one time, I went to class topless, which was no big deal because mom had seen me parading around nude or semi nude all the time. And besides, I knew it would get Tom aroused and I loved to see his hard cock straining to be free.

However, when our Biology classes started, things got interesting. Mom believed in practical experiences and would have us come to Biology classes naked. She also taught us naked for the Biology classes.

Tom and I used to talk about mom being nude and Tom told me that he would love to fuck her sometime. Hell, I even told him that I would not mind playing a bit with her myself.

Now, Tom and I are not prudes and we have seen mom and dad naked before and they have seen us, even as young adults, but it still seemed strange having our naked mom teaching us.

However, we got over it and learned to love going to Biology classes. I enjoyed watching Tom’s cock come alive when we were in class.

Today’s Biology subject was going to be interesting. Mom was going to teach us about reproduction.

Tom and I were a little uneasy about this class because we had no idea what mom had planned. In any case, Tom and I showed up naked and ready for almost anything.

Class started as usual. Mom was naked and I could see her nipples were a little erect so I figured mom must have pleasured herself before class and it was no big deal.

Mom asked us about reproducing and Tom and I told her we knew how it happened and how babies were conceived.

Mom asked us both if we had any practical experience, meaning did we fuck anyone yet. Tom said that he didn’t actually get that far with a girl but that he did cum when the girl sucked him

I told mom that I did not have any practical experience but, that I have seen several soft and hard cocks.

She then said that today, Tom and I would learn first hand about reproduction.

Mom moved the class to her bedroom. She told me to sit on the chair and watch.

Mom got on the bed and told Tom to join her. I could see that Tom was getting aroused as his cock was twitching as it got harder. Soon, Tom’s cock was fully erect. He laid next to my mom as she started giving him directions.

First, mom said, sex is beautiful and must be done right, even if you are not trying to reproduce. She said that a man and a woman must make love, not just fuck. She then said she would show us both and for me to watch her and Tom first.

Mom pulled Tom to her, his chest pressing against her tits. His cock was pressing against her stomach. She told him to kiss her and, as he was kissing her to move his hands over her body, feeling her tits and nipples to get her excited and ready for his cock to escort bostancı enter her cunt.

Tom seemed to be a fast learner because mom was doing a little moaning as Tom played with her. I could even see mom open her mouth and Tom putting his tongue in it.

I looked down at mom’s smooth pussy and I saw that her thigh was wet. Tom moved his hand down to her pussy and started playing with it. Then mom told him to put his finger in her cunt so that she would be very wet and ready for his big cock.

Tom put more than his finger in mom. He moved his mouth down to her pussy and slipped his tongue in her.

Mom told him he was doing a great job and was a quick learner.

Mom told Tom to get on top of her and, as he did, she grabbed his big cock and placed it right at her slit. I watched as mom opened up her lips and guided Tom’s cock into her until it could not go in any further.

Mom told Tom to start pumping his hard cock into her, slowly at first then to pick up the pace.

Soon Tom was fucking mom real good and it didn’t take long before he told mom that he was cumming. Mom told him to pull his cock out and to cum on her tits as she wanted me to see Tom cum.

Tom pulled out his cock and shot his cum all over mom until he was finished.

Then mom told me that after lunch and Tom has rested, it would be my turn to learn.

As we were having lunch, dad came home and saw us having lunch naked. He asked mom what was going on and she explained to him that she was giving a Biology class on reproduction and she wanted us to learn first hand. Dad said he would like to join the class as soon as he showered.

As lunch finished, the three of us went back into the bedroom. Dad joined us and was naked like us. I saw dad’s cock which looked much bigger than Tom’s, now that it was hard. I could only imagine his cock fitting into my tight cunt.

Mom and Tom sat on the chair and told me and dad to get on the bed. She told me to make love to her dad like Tom did to me.

I pulled my dad close to me, my tits pressing against his chest. Dad kissed me on my lips and I instinctively opened my mouth to let his tongue meet mine. I could feel dad’s hands all over my body as our bodies pressed against each other. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me.

Mom then told me to move my mouth down to my dad’s cock and to suck it. I followed mom’s direction and slipped my mouth over dad’s cock head and was soon running my mouth and tongue over his cock shaft. Dad must have liked it because he was moving his cock into my mouth as I was sucking it, almost like he was fucking my mouth.

I heard Tom saying that I could do that for him anytime as I continued sucking my dad. I told mom that I felt some wetness coming from my dad’s cock and she said it was precum and that I was doing a great job. Then mom asked if my cunt was wet and I said it was. She then told me to let dad mount me and for me to spread my legs wide.

Dad mounted me and my legs were spread for him. He took his hard cock and placed it in front of my slit like mom did with Tom. Soon, I could feel dad’s cock entering my hole and stretching me as he started to fill me up. A couple of thrusts and my dad had his cock inside me completely. Mom told me to relax a moment and that dad will start to fuck me like Tom did to her and for me to enjoy it.

Dad looked down at me and asked if I was ready to get fucked and all I could say was yes, daddy. He started pumping me slowly, drawing his cock almost out of me then pushing it back in. Soon, I started fucking my dad back. I loved the feeling of his cock filling me up. After a few more thrusts, dad said he was going to cum.

Mom told dad to cum in me so Tom could see the way reproduction was. Dad obliged mom, and shot his cum into me as I fucked his cock as he was spurting his cum in me. Finally dad stopped cumming and his soft cock slipped out of me.

Mom then told me to lick dad’s cock and get all his cum off of it, which I did.

Mom said I did an excellent job and was a real fast learner. She then said that after dinner, Tom and I would be fucking each other to make sure we learned everything from class.

As Tom and I were leaving the bedroom, mom got on the bed with dad and started to fuck. Tom and I asked if we could watch and they said it was ok, so ümraniye escort we watched until dad came.

Mom and dad did everything Tom and I did, even to the point where dad pulled out his cock from mom’s cunt and shot his cum all over her big tits.

Tom and I went to my bedroom and closed the door. We didn’t want mom and dad seeing us fucking each other, as we had done many times before.

We laughed about mom teaching us about sex when Tom and I had been fucking each other and others for a few years now. We decided to keep that our little secret.

Before we went back to mom and dad, I let Tom mount me to give me a good fuck before our next session with mom and dad.

After dinner, mom and dad were in the bedroom and called us in. Mom said there was going to be a change in the lesson for this evening. Tonight, she was going to have Tom and dad watch as she and I were going to make love so I could get the feeling of being with a woman. I looked over at Tom and gave him a sly smile.

As Tom and my dad watched, mom and I got on the bed. Mom pulled me towards her, our breasts pressed against each others. My nipples grew hard and erect and mom wasted no time in placing her mouth on them, sucking them ever so gently. I pushed mom’s mouth closer so she practically had my entire tit in her mouth.

Dad called out for me to suck mom’s tit and I placed my mouth on her hardened nipple and started licking it with my tongue. Then, I finally started to suck my mom’s nipple, first one then the other.

Mom told me to get on my back so she could mount me. I did as instructed and mom’s pussy was grinding into mine. Her tits were hanging done in front of my face which gave me complete access to her nipples.

Tom and dad were both encouraging mom to fuck me and she took their advice and started rubbing her pussy hard into mine. I could feel the friction of our pussies rubbing together.

Dad yelled out for my mom to eat me. Mom quickly managed to get into 69 and started to lick my opening. Soon she found my clit and was sucking on it. I could feel Tom and dad watching and I knew they were enjoying it because their cocks were hard and they were jerking off together.

Mom told me to eat her and I spread her lips so my tongue could dive into her wet cunt. As I was eating my mom, I kept thinking, here I was, living out a fantasy of playing with my mom and with an audience.

It did not take long before our passion was about to explode and we both had our orgasms together as our bodies rose and fell with each one. Mom fell off of me and we both laid there exhausted.

As we laid there, dad came over and put his hard cock in my mouth and told me to suck him until he came. Tom did the same to mom.

Mom and I looked at each other with a smile as we sucked their cocks. Tom came first and I could see his cum oozing out mom’s mouth as she tried to swallow it all. I could now feel dad’s cock getting ready to cum. He jerked his cock and filled my mouth with his love juice and as fast as I swallowed, he kept cumming. Mom came over and lapped up whatever cum spilled out of my mouth.

After we were all done, mom told Tom and I to shower and come back as she and dad wanted to talk to us.

Tom and I showered and freshened up and went downstairs to see mom and dad. They were waiting for us, naked.

We sat down and mom said that her and our dad wanted to have another kid but she couldn’t have one. Then dad said that they would like me to have the baby and it could be dad’s or Tom’s.

I looked at them in shock. Tom almost fell over.

I wanted to make sure I heard them correctly and asked if what I heard was right, that they wanted me to have their baby by Tom and my dad.

Mom and dad both said yes at the same time.

Mom and dad said I could have whatever I wanted and Tom, dad and me would go on a trip so they could fuck me the whole time so I could get pregnant.

I thought about it and told them I would do it under one condition; that all three of them, mom, dad and Tom would give me as much sex as I wanted, whenever I wanted and wherever I wanted, before and after the baby.

My mom, dad and Tom agreed.

Mom said that she would make all the arrangements for right after graduation.

I could see that Tom’s cock was on the rise again and dad noticed too. kartal escort bayan He went over to Tom and for the first time that I know of, my dad started to suck Tom’s big cock until Tom came in my dad’s mouth.

Graduation finally arrived and mom made arrangements with the local high school for me and Tom to attend their graduation and get our diplomas.

After graduation, mom gave me an envelope that had three tickets to Hawaii for Tom, dad and myself for next week to begin our baby try.

I had stopped taking the pill early enough so I could get pregnant.

Tom was excited as was dad, and as a matter of fact, so was I.

Getting to Hawaii was a tiring trip so we just had a bite to eat at the hotel and went to sleep.

The next morning we got up early and were ready for our adventure. We all showered and put on comfortable clothes and headed out to see the big island of Hawaii. We took a tour of the island and saw the black sand beach, the volcano and the pineapple farms.

It was mid afternoon when we got back to the hotel and that was when my fun started. I told my men that we would shower first. The shower was big enough for all three of us and it did not take long for my two studs to get their cocks ready for action. When we finished, the three of us went into the bedroom.

Dad had a surprise for us. He had a video camera set up so he could show mom how the baby was conceived. He also told us that we were waiting for the person to operate the camera to get all the angles that mom would want to see.

No sooner than he said that, the bell rang and he answered it. Dad opened the door wearing a towel and let the video person in. She was a young woman, barely 21, and very pretty. Her and dad talked for a minute and then he said we were ready to begin.

The young woman, named Aria, picked up the video camera and said she was ready and for us to just do things naturally.

I laid down between Tom and my dad and told them they could each fuck me and cum in me and they could do it all week whenever they wanted so we could be sure I was pregnant before we left.

Since I never had two men at the same time, I was really excited. Fucking my dad was like being in heaven. He loved fucking me and trained me well from the first time he seduced me, or rather when I seduced him, which is another story.

We didn’t even start and my cunt was already wet. I could feel the wetness running down my thigh in anticipation of having two big cocks shooting their cum in me.

Dad made the first move as he started kissing me as my brother had his hands all over me. Soon, I was feeling dad’s tongue in my mouth. In the meantime, Tom spread my legs and was eating me. I spread my legs wider for Tom to have complete access to my cunt.

After awhile, I heard Aria tell my dad that it was time. I then realized that she wanted him to fuck me. He mounted me as Tom stayed active, sucking on my nipples. Dad had no problem getting his big cock into my cunt as Aria was taking closeups of his cock sliding into me.

Dad started fucking me and I met him thrust for thrust. I saw Aria getting video of dad’s cock going in and out of his daughter’s cunt. Dad let us all know that he was going to cum. Aria got into position and dad shot his hot semen into me as he kept fucking me. I felt his cum oozing out of my cunt and Aria was there capturing it all.

Dad’s cock went limp and slid out of me and Tom wasted no time getting his cock in me. He was almost ready to cum by the time he started pumping away. Aria was ready for him as he came in me, filling me up completely. He shot even more cum in me than my dad did and it felt great.

Aria gave a thumbs up indicating she got great video.

I didn’t realize it until dad and Tom finished with me that I noticed that Aria was now topless and only wearing a g-string.

I looked at dad who said that Aria was a gift to me for being so good about what we were doing.

Tom and dad left and Aria joined me on the bed. We spent the rest of the evening together and she was terrific in bed. She left the camcorder on so I had something to show mom when I got back.

The rest of the week went very well and Tom and dad filled my cunt with cum as often as they could. I could barely go out without cum oozing down my legs.

The last night Aria joined us and the four of us fucked each other all night long and it turned out to be the best night of the trip.

We left Hawaii and headed home to mom with the hope that my cum filled cunt did its job and will make mom and dad happy in nine months.

To be continued…

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