Teaching My Son

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As I walked into the room my son quickly closed his laptop, blushing. I put my hand on his shoulder, leaned down and said, “You don’t have to hide it, James. I hopped onto your computer last night to check my email and saw what you have been searching for.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked over to the kitchen sink.

Obviously embarrassed he just looked at me and gave me a crooked smile. “You know, Mom, I was thinking” he said and then trailed off as he opened his laptop back up.

“Thinking what, James?” I asked.

He lifted his laptop up and turned it to me. Switching between tabs, showing me what he was looking at. The pictures were so hot and dirty I was instantly turned on. The images of these beautiful women getting their pussies licked and eaten were enough to make me wet and blush. I looked to him to see him watching me.

I could see by the look on his face he was turned on. It wasn’t the first time I had noticed my now 18 year old son looking at me like this. He had grown into such a handsome and incredibly hot young man. I had seen him looking at me lately and watching me so intently. It heated up my body. I tried to look away and resist how it made me feel but I’d been unable to deny it.

“I was thinking you, you could teach me, teach me how to lick a girl’s pussy, how to do it right, good, to make her cum hard.”

“How would you like me to teach you?” I asked, trying to control my voice, but so turned on at his words. I knew this couldn’t happen, so I attempted to keep my cool.

He turned in his kitchen chair so he was open and facing me, his erection totally visible. I looked at him, looked down and up again, meeting his eyes. I bit my lip and waited for his response, trying to control my body, my breathing and my hands.

“Let me lick your pussy, Mom. Tell me how to do it as I do. What feels good. What to do next. What will make you cum. Teach me, Mom,” he said as he reached out to me, grabbing my hand and pulling me closer to him.

I stood in front of him wearing just my house coat and small nighty underneath. I looked down at my incredibly handsome son. I ran my fingers through his hair, wanting him so badly, but knowing how wrong it was. He put his hands on my outer thighs and started to slide them up.

“Please, Mom,” he whispered, his breathing already fast. “Please let me eat your pussy. I want you so badly.”

I moaned and bit my lip looking at him. Leaning down I kissed him on the cheek. My beautiful son. My boy.

“James, you know we can’t do any such thing!” I said, trying to control my voice and the mad painful beating of my heart. I wanted him badly but had to keep my head about me.

I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let go and pulled me closer. “Mom, please,” he moaned as he nuzzled his head into my stomach.

“James honey,” my voice trailed and I pulled away from him. He looked at me puzzled. kartal escort bayan I was about to say something when his cell phone rang. Taking that as a cue, I left the room and tried to gain my composure and get my body under control. My heart was racing and my pussy was soaked. Shortly after I heard him call to me he was heading out. I said goodbye from upstairs, slightly relieved he had gone.

It had taken all I had to say no to him this morning. I kept thinking of it. His words. His hands on me. How good they felt as he travelled up my thigh. How right it felt. It wasn’t like I hadn’t thought of it before. I had, many times in fact, thought of him, of us, as I masturbated.

James and I had always been so close. His father left when he was just a baby and had never been around. It had always been him and me. There had been a man here and there over the years for me, but not one who had stayed or that I wanted to become part of our life. I was always happy to have it just be us.

As the day went on I had to keep pushing the memory of that morning’s events out of my mind, but over and over they returned. I started to question myself. Why was it so wrong? Why could I not have him? I obviously wanted him as much as he wanted me. Who were we hurting? He was an adult now too. I decided I would see how things went that night. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

I was purposely in the kitchen when James returned. Wearing just a little sundress, I had my hair done, makeup on, and wore his favourite perfume. When he walked in I smiled at him and gave him a big hug, lingering longer than needed. “Hi, baby. How was your day?”

He pulled me tight and hugged me back. Inhaling my scent he groaned a little. “Mmmm, Mom, you look great and smell great too. What is the occasion?”

As I pulled away and walked to the counter, he sat down in the same chair he was at that morning. “No occasion honey, I just like to look good for my baby boy.”

I could feel his eyes on me. I knew I looked good and he liked it. I went about my business as he watched me. Bending over to reveal my thighs. Bending the other way to show my cleavage. I would occasionally glance at him and smile.

“Mom, about this morning. I, I’m sorry,” he said.

I turned and looked at him. “What are you sorry for, James?” I asked.

“For you know, touching you, wanting you, asking you to…” his voice trailed off as he looked down, embarrassed.

That was it for me. I couldn’t deny my lust for him any longer. I went to him and stood in front of him. He looked up at me and I pulled him close. His beautiful face nuzzled into my stomach as he wrapped his arms around me. “Please, James, don’t be sorry,” I whispered, as I ran my fingers through his hair, my breath ragged and my heart beating fast. “I am the one who is sorry. Sorry I said no,” I whispered to him.

He escort maltepe pulled away and looked up to me. My breath was heavy and my pussy wet, throbbing, and wanting him. “Really, Mom?” he asked.

I leaned down and kissed him. Kissed him softly. My tongue slid into his mouth as I moaned. Kissing him as a Mother should not kiss her son. Breaking from his lips I whispered, “Yes baby, really.”

His moan was loud as he kissed me again, hard this time, pulling me closer and kissing me with a passion that I knew only he and I could share.

I pulled away, reached down, grabbed my dress, and pulled it over my head. He looked up at me with such lust and desire. He pulled me in and nuzzled his head into my wet thong. Holding himself there. Inhaling. Smelling my sex. Feeling how wet I already was for him. I coddled his head and pulled him in with a light moan.

He grabbed my thong and pulled it down my legs and slipped it off me. As I stood in front of my son with only my bra on, he looked up to me for the okay.

I nodded to him, he smiled and instantly dove in. He pushed my legs apart and slowly licked my sopping wet pussy from bottom to top, making me gasp. As he got to the top he circled his hot wet tongue on my clit. God, it felt so good. My moans were quiet, but loud enough for James to hear them.

“Is this how I do it, Mom?” he asked as he kept licking me slowly, lightly.

“Yes, baby,” I managed to say as I widened my legs for him, beckoning him in closer.

He looked up at me as he started to lick my pussy harder and faster. Watching me. Wanting to see how I was reacting to him. I moaned loudly and watched him. Looking down and seeing my baby’s face buried in my cunt was mesmerizing. I had dreamt it so many times. My hands went to his head and softly I played with his hair as I watched.

“God baby yes,” I moaned as he slipped his tongue inside me and started to fuck my pussy with his tongue. The feeling was so good, it was all I could do to hold back my orgasm. I didn’t want to cum yet. It felt so good.

“MMMMM Mom you taste so fucking good,” he said as he stopped and looked up at me. “Tell me what else to do,” he said in a hushed low voice. The look of love and lust on his face was all I ever dreamt it would be.

“Oh baby you are doing so fucking great,” I said as I looked down and touched his lips, running my finger over them, wiping my juices from them. As he watched, I took my finger and sucked it. He groaned loudly watching me. Waiting for my guidance.

“Finger my pussy while you eat me baby,” I told him. Like a good student he delved in. He slid two fingers inside me, as I gasped and whimpered lightly. He started to finger me hard and fast then. His tongue licking his fingers and my swollen pussy lips as he did. He looked up and headed for my clit, taking it hard into his mouth and sucking it. I moaned so loudly and pendik escort grabbed his head pulling him hard into my cunt. “Oh fuck yes.” I said from clenched teeth. “Fuck yes baby, eat your Mommy’s pussy. Eat me,” I whispered as I felt my body start to loose control.

I was watching him. My only son. My baby. Watching as he licked and fingered my sopping wet cunt. My juices rolling down his face, down my thighs. I pulled him in closer and stared to slide my pussy up and down his face. Watching him as he took it all. Wanted it all. Licked and sucked and finger fucked me so good.

My moans were loud and so were his. I could tell he was enjoying it as much or more than me. “Yes baby yes. Lick my pussy baby. Mmmmm lick Mommy’s sopping pussy. Your doing such a great job. Don’t stop.”

He looked up to me. His eyes the same as mine. His face covered in my juices. I bit my lip and whimpered as my hips started to thrust up to him.

“MMMMM Mom,” he managed to moan. “Cum for me Mom. I want to taste your cum.”

I bit my lip hard and pulled him into me. I grabbed him by the head with both hands as I started to fuck his face hard and fast. Grinding on him. Sliding my wet cunt up and down over his face. His mouth. His nose. Watching him. Wanting him. I was unable to control myself thrashing my pussy all over him.

“Oh baby I’m going to cum. You want your Mommy to cum all over your face?” I moaned.

He growled loudly and nodded his head. His mouth never left me. Never ceased to suck on my soaked and sticky cunt.

I grabbed his head and pulled him hard into me. Smothered him in my pussy. I clenched my legs around him and held him there as I started to cum. He never stopped licking, sucking, nibbling as I smothered him.

“Oh Fuck, baby I’m cumming,” I said loudly, “Mommy is cumming for you.” My body took over. My moans were so loud and continuous. My orgasm lasted and lasted as I watched him, unable to take my eyes from the sight of my son as I came all over his beautiful face.

As my orgasm faded I loosened my legs and my grip on him. He stopped licking me, but kept his fingers inside me. Smiling he said “How did I do Mom?”

I laughed lightly and leaned in and kissed him, as I sucked my juices from his lips.

“MMMM my baby boy. You did great. An “A” for you for sure,” I whispered.

“How did you like it?” I asked.

He moaned and pulled me in and kissed me again. He stopped and whispered into my ear, “You taste so fucking good Mom. Better then I ever imagined. I love you Mom.”

“I love you too baby,” I said, as I lowered myself onto his lap and took his rock hard cock into my hand.

He moaned loud and tipped his head back. “Mmmmm fuck Mom.” I smiled and started to stroke him.

“What shall lesson number two be, James?” I asked, as I began to pump his cock harder and faster. Though I knew it would be a few minutes before he would be able to answer…


This story was written for my young British friend who took me under his wing and under his spell when I first joined Lush. He has taught me a few things and has opened my mind up to many things. This story is for him.

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