Teasing Ends

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(This story is a continuation of Teasing and More and is the last chapter)

I couldn’t believe the person I had become in just a few months. If it wasn’t for me grabbing an uncomfortable pair of panties one day before showering then none of this might have happened. My brother was another root cause to this because he was the pervert trying to stare up my skirt, daddy was just a bonus in all this. What I was doing with my dad and brother was incest and I loved it.

First I was just a tease letting them see up my skirt or down my shirt. Eventually I wore less and less clothing, then they started touching me more and more. It had gotten to a point where ever night now either my dad or my brother had their cock shoved down my throat and filled my stomach with their cum. No longer was I a prude, in fact it’s hard imagining a time before I was sucking, well now fucking theirs dicks on a daily basis. I was their little cum slut. If it wasn’t in my pussy then it was in my mouth and there was nothing that would change that. The only downside at this point was neither one of them knew I was having sex with the other one.

I had noticed that as I had done more and more with them I started craving more and more from them. At this point however I was already riding them, on my back or on all fours for them whenever we had the chance, mainly at night when the other was asleep. The next thing I wanted from them was both at once.

The closest I had gotten to having them both at once was fucking them both a little less than an hour apart. Jack was home with me while dad was at work. I was in the middle of a shower when Jack decided to join me. My hair had been washed already so he decided to wash down my body. When he got to my breasts he made sure to take extra time and played with my nipples for a bit. His cock was already hard which meant he was most likely masturbating in his room thinking of me then couldn’t handle it.

Taking the soap from him I lathered up his body and gave extra attention to his dick to return the favor. Being down on my knees I stroked my brothers cock while the water washed away the soap from our bodies. Once I was done teasing him Jack and I left the shower and he set me on the counter. Grabbing me by the face Jack’s lips pressed against mine. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer. Feeling his cock slide against me made my pussy get slightly wetter. Both of us knew he wouldn’t be able to slide in without proper lubricant.

I felt him kiss down my neck as his hands spread my legs open. Kissing lower on my body he got onto his knees and started to eat me out. Anytime he was doing a good job with his tongue I would push his head closer to my pussy to try and increase the intensity. Looking down at my brother with his face between my legs was a sight I wanted to savor. My phone was on the counter next so I reached over to grab it and take a photo. Jack saw what I did and said he had a better idea then grabbed my phone and stood up.

As Jack stood up he pointed the camera towards his cock and told me to start sucking. Dropping to my knees I grabbed the base of his cock and slowly started stroking while licking my lips.

“Do you like it when your sister plays with your dick Jack?” I asked seductively.

Jack stayed quite with the camera in hand. Using only my tongue I played with the tip of his cock not yet letting him enter my mouth. Slapping his cock against my tongue seemed to drive him crazy as he was recording me. After I was done teasing him I sat up a bit more and took his dick in my mouth. I had been sucking dick every night and had gotten used to his size that I was able to deep throat him by this point.

My head moved back and fourth the entire length of my brother’s shaft. A few times I stopped to breath and look at the camera for him.

“Are you gonna cum for your sister?”

Jack stayed silent each time I spoke.

“Do you wanna cum down your sister’s throat?” I asked then kept sucking him. “What about on my perky little tits brother?” I asked again as I slapped his hard cock against my breasts. How about in your sister’s tight little pussy?” When I asked that I sat back on the counter and spread my legs to be parallel with the counter top.

He never said a word as he recorded me, then slide his cock into my pussy. We both watched as my pussy lips spread apart for him as he went deeper and deeper inside of me. I couldn’t help but moan for my brother as he stretched me out. His dick always felt amazing as it entered me and normally I had to be quite about it, however we were the only ones home this time so I didn’t have to hold back.

As my brother fucked me he made sure to have my tits and face in the shot. My tits were bouncing just a little as he pounded my pussy but my face was showing how much I really enjoyed it.

“Fuck your sister,” I moaned into the camera. “Cum in your sister’s pussy, fill it up with all your cum.”

Hearing me talk dirty into the camera made my brother even more horny as he fucked me harder and faster. I wanted to tuzla escort drive him crazy so I kept talking dirty to him.

“Your sister is a little slut that loves to be fucked by her brother! Cum deep inside her.”

As I told him to cum in me I felt my pussy get warmer and his cock tense up. Once he was done Jack slowly slide out of my pussy. Following his cock was his thick cum. While Jack was still recording I used my fingers to scoop up the bit of cum then licked my fingers clean.

“Your sister loves the taste of her brother’s cum.” Was the last thing I said into the camera as Jack stopped recording.

“Damn it Tess that was amazing.” Jack said in a breathy voice.

“That video is just for me you know.” I said laughing as I got on my knees and cleaned up my brother’s dick.

Once we were done he got ready for work while I cleaned myself off. While I was cleaning myself daddy sent me a text asking what I was doing. Still being naked from the shower I decided to take a picture of myself and sent it to him.

“Just finished getting all clean.”

The image was tasteful and didn’t show anything so he had to use his own imagination. Seeing the text was enough for him to want to come home on his lunch break.

As I waited for him I went into my room and grabbed my vibrator. Pressing it firmly on my clit I lay in my daddy’s bed waiting for him to come home. Hearing the garage open I knew he would be joining me soon as I put the toy to the side.

Knowing he had limited time he didn’t waste a single moment. His pants were off and his cock was out, but only for a moment as it went in me. He was fucking me hard and fast and I could sense he was going to cum soon already.

“Take it easy daddy,” I said grabbing him and slowing his pace down.

Rolling us over I took control of the situation. Moving my hips I rode his cock nice and slow getting it as deep as I could.

“We have 30 minutes daddy.” Taking his hands I moved them along my thighs, up my stomach and finally to my breasts. “That gives you plenty of time to enjoy your daughter.”

After he squeezed my tits some more, his hands explored lower and rest on my waist. He pressed down and began to move my body back and forth. I leaned forward to kiss him as his hands moved to my ass. Feeling him squeeze my ass as we kissed must have pushed him a little to far as he started fucking me much harder.

“Daddy!” I moaned out as I felt his dick slide in and out of me faster and harder. The angle his cock was at felt deeper than normal as I started to reach my climax. “Harder daddy, fuck your little girl harder!”

My orgasm was explosive and I almost couldn’t handle my dad’s dick being inside of me as he kept going causing me to have another small orgasm while I was still cumming.

Feeling him pull out was almost a relief as I needed a moment to breath. After he got off the bed I felt him pull me towards the edge and position himself at the entrance of my pussy once again. My feet were on the ground as I was bent over for him. I was to weak to move as I felt his hands spread my ass apart and his cock slide back into my pussy.

“Do you like it when daddy fucks you baby girl?” I heard him ask.

“Mhmm.” I moaned out.

That wasn’t good enough for him as he pulled my arms back lifting me slightly off the bed and began fucking me harder.

“Try again Tess.” He said sounding more forceful.

“Yes daddy! I love having your cock buried deep inside of me!” I screamed for him loving that he was taking control.

Hearing his daughter say how much she loved his cock really turned him on. My pussy was starting to get sore as he flipped me over and lifted my legs up.

“Cum in me daddy fill up your daughter’s pussy!” I moaned loudly over and over for him.

My screams echoed throughout the house as he fucked me. Before he came daddy pulled out of me and blew his load with the first few shots shooting all the way up to my belly button and the last few shots on the outside of my pussy. The warm cum felt amazing as he rubbed it in with his cock using it as lubricant to slowly fuck me until his dick was no longer hard.

“Great daddy now I’m going to have to take another shower,” I pouted.

Getting up I felt daddy slap my ass, I couldn’t help but bite my lower lip and wiggle my little butt for him. After my shower I saw daddy was already gone. Knowing both my dad and brother would be gone until later in the afternoon I relaxed around the house in the nude.

Night after night I would fuck one of them, sometimes even during the day. I even got a little risky with Jack while daddy was in the living room watching one of his shows. Bending over the kitchen counter I pulled my skirt up hinting to my brother that I wanted some. Jack was hesitant at first which was slightly annoying but eventually he gave into his hormones. Getting behind me I felt Jack rub his hard cock against my panty covered pussy. My heart pounded in my chest as both of us kept our eyes locked onto the living room make sure our dad continued to watch tuzla escort bayan his show.

I spread my legs more and moved my panties out of the way. Feeling my brothers cock part my pussy lips was always a turn on. At first he could only get just the tip inside of me until his cock was properly lubricated with his sister’s juices. Once his cock was able to slide all the way inside me he started to speed up and made a little too much noise.

“Shhh,” I mouthed looking back at him.

Daddy was focused on his show thankfully and didn’t hear anything. I tried staying as quite as I could so Jack could continue fucking me. Both of us were caught off guard as I received a text from dad.

“Feeling kind of horny baby girl. Any way you could take care of that?”

“Who is it?” Jack asked.

“It’s dad, he is thirsty. Can you bring him a drink?”

Jack pulled out of me and brought a drink to our dad.

“Not right now daddy.”

“Please Tess, I need my dick taken care of.”

Reading the message really irritated me.

After Jack came back his cock wasn’t nearly as hard and he seemed angry.

“Bull shit I was so close to cumming too.”

“Not my fault you took too long.” I responded fixing my skirt.

“Bend back over Tess I’m not done.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned him. “You don’t tell me what to do Jack. We do stuff when I want to not when you do remember that.” At this point I was testing him. I wanted him to get angry with me and really fuck me good.

Jack’s testosterone was high right now and all he wanted to do was fuck. He was pissed off and ready to take his aggression out on something. Seeing him make a fist I stood my ground and waited to see how he would respond. Knowing he was getting angry really turned me on because I knew he would force himself on me and make me his.

“You need to cum? Go fucking masturbate then Jack.” Seeing how Jack was acting then reading over the text from my dad started to make me mad. They were just two little yes men that did whatever I said. I am a women with needs and with each day my needs grow. My pussy needed a good fucking at this point hard fast and for hours on end. One cock couldn’t satisfy me anymore. Now I needed both of them.

I went back to my regular clothing over the next few weeks. Both of them knew I was making a statement and I wasn’t going to be doing anything with them until they took it from me. They were both bigger than me and I wanted them to fuck me like I was a rag doll.

Both of them were being stubborn and trying to get peeks at me whenever they could. The first one I caught was our dad trying to spy on me while I was sun bathing out back. I watched as he stroked his cock to me from his room on the second floor. Getting annoyed I went inside to take a shower. Once I was done I saw my brother’s door slightly open with him staring at me.

“What are you staring at pervert?” I asked leaving the bathroom in just a towel.

“Tess, look I’m sorry okay. I guess with us doing stuff so much I just got used to it and when you told me no-“

“I don’t want to hear it Jack.” I said interrupting him. Him and my dad constantly apologizing to me and sneaking peaks was getting on my nerves. I wanted them to pick me up throw me on the bed and force themselves on me. Just having sex wasn’t enough for me. My body wanted my brother’s enormous dick deep down my throat making it hard to breath. I wanted them to stuff my mouth with my panties covered in their cum.

Vanilla sex wasn’t enough for my ever growing sex drive. I needed to be put in my place by both of them and turned into their sex toy. My mouth and pussy should only be used to make my dad and brother cum. Clothes shouldn’t even be an option for me any more. They needed to force me to be naked and please them every waking second but both of them were to chicken shit to do it.

“I care about you Tess and I love the relationship we had and I want it back.”

Walking over to him I grab his cock and told him that if he wanted to fuck me again that he would have to take it. I continued to walk past him to my room as Jack stood in silence. He wasn’t sure how to react to what I said.

A few days had gone by since I told my brother he would have to take what he wanted. I made sure to tell our dad the same thing so hopefully one of them would try something. Each one started slow and slapped my ass again when they could, but it wasn’t enough for me. I did appreciate the few slaps on my ass every now and again, letting me know they were very much interested. My goal was to make them really want it however and show me how much they wanted to fuck me. The cravings in me were needing more and more and I wanted to make them want it so bad that they took full control fucked me all night long.

Finally it was family movie night, which meant a nice dinner with some alcohol. I had told both my dad and brother separately that tonight I was going to fuck them but only if they got drunk and fucked me as hard as they could. Both of them agreed very eagerly as it had escort tuzla been a little over a month since either of them had fucked me. It was about 5:30 when they started to drink and both of them, unknowing to the other were ready to fuck me hard.

“Oh man rough week at work I need a little to drink,” dad said getting a beer.

“I’m right there with you dad alcohol sounds great tonight,” my brother joined in.

“Well here if we are drinking why not a few shots,” I offered pouring several shots at once.

Setting shots on the table we all took the first one together. While I cooked dinner for them the two of them sat at the table talking a drinking. While cooking I made sure I was comfortable and only had on a custom made Jersey with our last name on it with matching panties underneath and nothing else. I made sure dinner would take a little longer than normal so both of them could have a few more drinks.

Looking at the time it was almost six and I saw that all the shots were gone. Neither one of them had eaten yet so I knew it was gonna hit them good once it kicked it. I poured another few rounds and drink a bit with them, no point in them having all the fun. By the time dinner was done both of them had several shots and a few beers in them. After we ate I took all of the plates and cleaned them off while they set up the movie. Joining them I brought us each one more shot and them another beer. It was easy to see that they were definitely drunk as each one was trying to grab my ass and tits. Upon grabbing me both my dad and brother felt the other ones hands on my chest.

“Hey are you touching your sister’s breasts?” Our dad asked.

“Wait you grabbing your daughter’s tits dad?” Both seemed confused and a little upset at the other one. This was until their attention turned towards me.

“What’s going on Tess?” They asked in unison.

“Well you two, I’m a women with needs, mainly a need to be fucked. So I have been fucking both of you.

Getting up I started some music as I slowly made my way to the center of the room presenting myself to them. Both of their eyes were locked onto me as I danced and gave them glimpses of my body. Seeing their hard cocks aching in their shorts I got closer and bent over showing them both a quick glimpse of my chest. While they stared at me my hands rest on their legs and moved closer and closer until I was gripping both of them in my hands. I pulled their shorts down to show off their dicks as my mouth began to water. Standing up straight I removed my shirt for them as both of them again just stared and watched.

“Which one am I going to take first?”

Both of them looked at each other and saw they had their dicks out. They tried to hide it until I stopped them.

“Either you both fuck me tonight or neither of you is going to again.”

Getting on my knees I stroked both of them to distract them from what they were thinking and to focus on me. Having their cocks played with seemed like a real good distraction as the alcohol made them not care about anything besides me. Seeing my dad relax while I stroked him made for a good position to suck him off.

“Fuck Tess that mouth is so good.”

As I took my dads dick down my throat I felt my panties move to the side. Spreading my legs for my brother I felt the tip of his cock press at the entrance of my pussy.

“Fuck your sister’s tight pussy.” I said stoping momentarily.

Feeling my pussy spread apart for my brother again felt amazing. My moans were muffled by daddy’s dick but still loud enough for all of us to hear. Having my brother fuck me hard was making it difficult to breath while our dad’s cock was shoved down my throat. I stopped sucking for a moment to breath when Jack pulled my hair. To keep pleasing Daddy I made sure to keep stroking him as much as I could. My body was pulled off of Jack’s cock as our dad lifted me up and lay me on the couch.

“My turn to fuck my little girls pussy.” Was all I heard daddy say as my panties got ripped off and his cock thrust into me.

Feeling my head rotate to the right I saw Jack’s cock thrust into my mouth and his hands gabbing my tits. The taste of my pussy was on his cock as pushed it as far as it would go. Jack’s dick was massive and it stretched my jaw out as he rammed it down my throat.

“Your gonna be our little cum dumpster from now on sis.” Jack said as he forced his dick down my throat as deep as he could.

“I agree son, look how much she loves us fucking her. She is gonna fuck us every day now and take all of our cum.” Daddy said as he continued to thrust into me.

Jack pulled my hair and took his cock out as water rolled from my eyes down the side of my face.

“Give me all that cum daddy.” I saw Jack stroking his cock right next to my face ready to cum. “Cum on my face little brother! Show your big sister how much you love her.”

Closing my eyes and sticking my tongue out I felt wave after wave of cum shoot onto my face and in my mouth. His cum mixed with the taste of my pussy and made it that much sweeter. Daddy pulled out of me as he positioned his cock at my face as well. My face was covered in both of their cum. My eyes were closed shut as I felt my body moved to the edge of the couch and a cock slide back into me.

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