Ted , Celeste

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He came into the room, and there she was—sitting in the armchair, dressed in God, what would you call it? It was a silk teddy that started as a tube top, leaving her shoulders bare, and swelling over her 36DD’s, it dropped to just over her thighs, and of course her legs were crossed, in nylons, and she was wearing her black heels.

You couldn’t quite see her “privates” T or A—but the outlines were quite provocative. Her thick, dark hair spilled over her shoulders, and her nails and lips were a bright red…She smiled at him.

“Well, it’s time, I guess.” Her North Carolina tones tinkled.

He nodded. “Yes Ma’am, I hope it is…If I’ve earned it.”

Celeste chuckled. Ted was so funny, he really was. She’d barely remembered the pleasant nerd-y guy who’d helped her with trig homework back in Urbana High, but there he’d been, at the mall.

“D-do you want to have dinner?” Ted was so nervous, just like in the halls, when Celeste’s boyfriend Mike and the other jocks would nudge him out of the way, gently, when they were trying to get Cel to cut afternoon school to drink with them on the lawn.

They wouldn’t bully him—but Ted was easy to just sort of shove off. But, divorced and with a daughter at 35, Celeste had been gratified to be spoiled a bit by Ted, now an accountant.

“All right, Teddy.” Celeste waved her hand at him. “Let’s take it off…I guess you’ve been a good boy.” Ted nodded “Thank you so much, ma’am.” He began taking off his sad, plaid short-sleeved shirt, and then dropped his khakis.

“Wait, honey.” Celeste said. “What?” Ted looked alarmed. Was she going to change her mind? “Go get me a beer. No, don’t pull them up, just shuffle (giggle) like that into the kitchen.” Ted stumbled off to the kitchen, pants around his knees.

God, what a sweet guy Ted was. All Celeste had to do was dress sexily and rub her fingers along his neck or give a peck on the cheek now and then, and Ted looked after her completely—the house was immaculate, she never had to wash a glass, and he gave Cel massages, pampered her with breakfast in bed before he went to the office, and bought her almost daily presents, and didn’t call home from work except at three in the afternoon—his stipulated time that she’d talk sexy to him—and that way Celeste had time for daytime “company”. She still had a weakness for unfeeling jock-types.

And, after all, Ted had never even seen her in the nude…just in clinging pink cashmere sweaters and tiny miniskirts or skintight white t-shirts and jeans that apparently had been painted on.

She loved giving Ted big hugs in those shirts! Just rubbed up against him. She looked at Ted now. He was standing before her with the beer, and now he was naked except for his weird belt, with the pouch over his pee-pee.

“Thank you dear” Celeste said, taking the beer from Teddy and kissing his ear. There was a slight stain of lip gloss on the lobe when she gently pushed him back. Despite the toughness of the plastic on the pouch of the belt, it was bumping a little bit, which ataşehir escort bayan meant that Teddy had a boner.

“Are you in pain, baby?” Celeste asked Ted sympathetically, as she rubbed his chest with her fingers.

“Well, ma’am…the pouch is awfully small.” Ted replied, trying to think of football or something. The pouch was vibrating, and to Celeste it looked rather like a Mexican jumping bean, like her brother had brought her from the World’s Fair.

“Well, baby, I didn’t buy it for you.” Ted smiled ruefully.

After about five dates, Celeste had been wondering why Ted hadn’t persisted in sleeping with her. He necked like a madman, and she could tell his wee-wee was hard most of the time, though she was hard-pressed to get excited about this.

If he didn’t want to sleep with her yet, she could live without it. The dinners and presents were great, and good-for-nothing Travis could drop by after Ted had gone home. But then when Celeste had been laid off from the cosmetics counter at Neiman-Marcus, Ted had invited her to become a “roommate” with him.

“Rent-free, Celeste.” He’d given her the master bedroom in his house, and he’d moved to a small room down the hall, which had once been used for a housemaid, or something.

“And-and you can work for me, too. I need someone to you know, manage things.” After about a week of living rent-free, with a higher salary than she’d gotten at Neiman-Mark-up, and “managing” the house, which didn’t seem to mean much, as Ted had a cleaning lady and was a gourmet cook—besides Travis visiting, Celeste was really catching up on “One Life to Live” and her other TV stories—he’d showed her the belt.

Now, Ted looked expectant, and rather desperate, she thought. He kept looking down at the thumping pouch, and looking back at her, as she calmly sipped her beer and pretended to look out of the window.

“You know, Teddy, you’ve got to re-plant those zinnias.” Celeste leaned over. Ted shuffled his feet, and tried to re-adjust the belt. It was hurting, obviously.

“You see, I masturbate all the time when I’m around you.”he’d told Cel twenty-seven months ago. “I know I’m not good enough to sleep with you—“ news to Celeste

“—But I really shouldn’t be pleasuring myself all the time.” He’d been watching the cleavage behind her tank-top when he’d delivered this speech, along with breakfast to her bed.

”Unless—unless I’ve earned it by pleasing you, Miss Celeste.” Jesus, hadn’t even gotten a blowjob from her, and he CONSTANTLY pampered her…but it wasn’t enough. But Celeste could adjust…

“Ma’am…about the belt.” Ted interrupted Celeste’s horticultural musings.

“And the azaleas they’re in sad shape.” Celeste ignored the hint. “Yes, we’ll get them this weekend, I promise, Miss Celeste. But—“

“But Teddy, I thought you were getting together with your cousin and his friends for a football party.” Celeste looked at Ted, and hid her mouth in one manicured hand. “I tell you what—why don’t you get dressed and escort kadıöy we’ll go out and do it now? I can take off this silly thing.” Celeste pulled at the silk deprecatingly, “And put on some overalls. I –“

“NO—no, please don’t change your clothes…I like that thing”

Ted’s face was beet red. Naked except for the chastity belt, he was embarrassed to refer to the brief silk garment that went just above Celeste’s breasts, and ended at the top of her thighs.

“I’ll skip the football party, Miss Celeste, really. But—can you take off the belt?” His eyes were pleading, and the pouch still thumped. Cel stared at it..the poor thing. He’d not gotten a release for thirty days, and the belt was on all the time, except for the week before, when they’d gone to Tiffany’s.

Celeste had put Ted in very loose, thin cotton sweatpants with no underwear, and taken him through the Tiffany’s store, looking at all the gems and giving poor Ted surreptitious rubs on his neglected groin until the entire crotch of the sweatpants were wet, and other customers were looking at poor Ted contemptuously, but he was so HORNY…and he’d ended up buying her a two thousand dollar pendant…but when he’d gone home, back in the belt!

“The reward, baby, was buying the gift for me!..I have to go meet Travis and show him this necklace, and tell him how nice you are, baby.” It’d been tough for the poor guy…his eyes were those of a wounded dog as she’d walked out the door on her stiletto heels.

“All right, Teddy…get me my bag.” Ted left the room swiftly, Celeste counting the zits on his naked butt as he went. She smiled, and felt her pocket where the key was. Ted brought back the purse, and Celeste went through it…

”Damn, where is that thing?” Ted was now hopping on one foot in agony, the pouch pounding away with his imprisoned cock stretching…”I don’t see it, honey.” Celeste pretended to look confused.

“We may have to put this off til we get another…” “May I look?” Celeste leaned back and watched the boy fumbling through the purse, dropping lipstick, Kleenex and a change purse on the floor, and then hurriedly picking them up again so she wouldn’t be offended.

After about 20 minutes of the search, Ted looked up with tears in his eyes. “It’s not there, Miss Celeste…what to do?”

The first time Celeste had taken the key to the belt, now nearly a year ago, she’d only kept Ted locked up for two days…and he looked so woebegone that she’d let him wank on her boot before locking him up again.

Then, she tried three days, and then a week. Every time he seemed more and more grateful when she gave him his freedom. He’d go to his knees, spit on his hand, and jerk it into the familiar dish, and then lick up the semen. Then generally, she’d let him grab her legs and thank her profusely for such a great favor before taking her to a wonderful restaurant…

The masturbation itself took such a short period for the time he looked forward to it….Ted went at it furiously, he did! She shouldn’t tease him maltepe escort with these lost-key stories…

“Oh here, Teddy. It was in my dress pocket.” Celeste held the key in her hand, and Ted, having put the purse down, began staring at it…

”Was it a long month, Teddy? Don’t you like living a clean life….spanking the monkey, you know, is so unhygienic.” Celeste grinned at Teddy, who looked shamefaced. “Why don’t you wait a bit…Travis hasn’t whacked off since he was fourteen…you remember Travis.”

Ted nodded miserably. Once, in exchange for his monthly orgasm, Celeste made Ted polish all of Travis’ boots in the nude, and those of his weekend biker friends…they’d made fun of him, but he’d done a damn good job.

“Teddy, your lower lip is trembling…you want the key?” Tears were coursing down Ted’s face, and he was nodding, humiliated. Celeste observed that if the pouch wasn’t unlocked soon, the cock would tear through it…this humiliation had just served to make him a little bit crazier…

“All right, baby…”Cel handed the key to Ted, who began fumbling it in the lock. Celeste almost never touched Ted’s dickie at all. Generally, once a month, she’d give him the key, he’d unlock himself, kneel, spit on his hands (lubricant was a needless extravagance, Celeste felt) and begin whacking furiously.

Ted was staring at Celeste as she crossed and re-crossed her legs. Usually this much waited for process lasted Teddy about a minute and a half, God knows if she’d gone to bed with him, he must be a premature ejaculator, but, thankfully, she’d never done this…but why was it such a short time…shouldn’t Teddy enjoy himself? Finally, the belt was off, and Ted had taken it to the dishwasher and came running back.

For sanitation reasons, Celeste had begun this practice, and to keep Teddy from beating his meat more than once, she’d tie his hands for an hour or so, or make Ted give her a foot massage.

“Teddy! Stop!” Ted was on his knees, and had just started his sacred practice, but he looked up. “Where’s your dish? You’re not planning to let go on my nice rug, are you?” Celeste tried to look stern, but Ted did look ridiculous…she was clothed, somewhat, and he was naked and his wee-wee looked RED and desparate…Ted jumped up and ran back to the kitchen

“NO TOUCHING YOURSELF IN THERE” Celeste shouted, but immediately he was back with a small tea-saucer. If he missed spooging into the saucer, Celeste added two weeks to his next release. This of course had to partially distract him from his whacking, aiming the weapon and all that, but he seemed to get the job done. “That’s right, now put it down.”

Celeste gazed at Ted, who now was sitting with his hand touching his dick and off he went again!

“TED!” Teddy dropped his sausage, alarmed.

“What’s wrong Miss Celeste?” “Did I tell you you could start?” Celeste pointed a red-tipped nail at him. “Do you want to wait another month for impertinence?”

“N-no, ma’am” His dick was now contorted,near purple, too. “M-may I start—“ “Your disgusting habit”

“My disgusting habit, Miss Celeste?” Celeste sighed.

“All I do for you, Ted…all right.” Ted grabbed his penis and began to pump enthusiastically. Celeste looked out of the window. This would be a nice afternoon to go fur shopping…


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