Temptation Ch. 05

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Double Penetration

To readers who find excitement in reading the build-up of sexual tension before the real thing happens this series, I hope, would be an interesting read.


As expected, my coming home on a Saturday, the day after my date with my 19-year old son was, to say the least, stormy. How could it be not when I didn’t bother to inform my husband Mark of my whereabouts the whole night and, worse, with my cell phone shut-off? Since it was all my fault, and deliberate at that, I didn’t lift a finger to repel his rage.

I absorbed everything that was expelled from his raging chest except to tell him the lie that I was carried away by the fun I had with an all-female group. He wouldn’t suspect me of having a lover as he hadn’t heard of any, thanks to Bryan, my father-in-law. Moreover, Mark didn’t have any previous suspicion at all since Albert, our son, left home to work and to go on his own. After all, I had been a dutiful wife to him.

My mind, however, overflowed with guilt for being unfaithful to my husband. Worse, with my own son-his son. But even if my sense of morality compelled me to feel greater remorse for what I had done, for a deeper sense of betrayal and guilt, as strange as it may seem, I didn’t. To be honest, not only did I enjoy sex with my son, I also felt a greater bond with him, as a result.

When all the smoke had cleared, my husband and I returned to our usual marital life. We had sex too, and satisfactory at that, although the feel of it was not as thunderous as what I had with a young lover, my son. Whenever Mark and I had sex I couldn’t help but think of it as a form of making up for my unfaithfulness to him.


Albert continued to communicate with us through emails. At times, he phoned me whenever he knew that his dad was out of the house and at work. When I told him that his grandpa once came over to visit, he was jealous and furious.

He asked me too many questions. Did Bryan hold and kiss my hand, did he dance with me and attach his legs with mine, did we go out for dinner and so on. I couldn’t help laughing out loud and feel flattered with his jealousy. Truth is, Bryan was well behaved and had been keeping up with his promise to keep just to the two of us whatever he knew about me and Albert.

The next time my son phoned me I decided to cast a joke at him as a way of letting him know about Bryan’s secret.

“Sweetie, now I know that you inherited your fetish from your grandpa.”

“Why’d you say that, Mom?”

“He too have that fetish. Only, you have different ways.”

“What ways?”

“You have the habit of raiding my laundry hamper. He borrows my robe, asking me directly for it, after I take it off to change.”

“To take it home with him?”

“Nope. Just for a few minutes in the bathroom saying that he’d use it before showering.”

“That fucking old gheezer!”

“Calm down, sweetie. I can’t refuse him. Not for anything else but for the two of us.”

“I don’t understand that, Mom.”

“He knew about us even before you left home to work. I’ll tell you the details the next time we meet.”

“Okay, Mom, meet we will. I’ll teach that old gheezer how not to blackmail my mother. I’ll call up later.”

He didn’t suggest a place to meet as he hurriedly hanged up. I neither thought nor anticipated that he’d take my joke seriously. The next day, he phoned me to say that he filed for an emergency leave of absence for a week. He asked for my permission and his dad’s too to stay in his former room.


Our son arrived at his old home as scheduled. He timed his arrival when his dad was at home as he thought it proper. He carried his stuff to his former room before we spent 2 hours on social greetings, dinner, wine and story telling.

If not for certain involuntary glances and occassional calf to calf footsie we played down under, as I sat cross-legged across him at the dinner table, our son’s coming home would have looked like a family reunion. On certain aspects it really was. When finally the booze was taking its toll on us, especially to Mark, we decided to call it a day.

My son and I went ahead as his dad dropped by the study for some stuff. As we reached our adjacent doors we inevitably glanced at each other. Albert stepped nearer, pinned me by the wall and covered my mouth with his. Though I was hungry for the kiss I tore off my mouth from his as quickly as I could, although it was so hard for me to go against my own excitement.

“Ummpphh, aahhh…we…we have to be careful.” It was me, breathing out the words, staring at him before throwing my glance at the stairway.

“I kartal escort know. I just, missed you?”

“So did I. Let’s just, wait for tomorrow, when we are…he is coming now.”

We quickly disengaged as the slam of the study room door sounded. We both rushed inside our respective bedrooms, our loins on fire.


My husband was already in deep sleep while I continued rolling in bed as I could not catch it. I knew Albert was awake too, hoping that his mother would come out of the bedroom. Yes, my loins were longing for fulfillment but I thought it was too risky to go out of my bedroom at that tense hour.

It already happened once before with the same setting. Although Mark did not see us in the act the suspicion was there. If it would happen again this time he would no longer hesitate to think the unthinkable.

My body heat was simmering and could reach fever-pitch anytime soon so I decided to get out of bed. After stripping I slipped in my long robe to cover my naked body, pulled the flaps together tightly and thought of going out of the bedroom. Fear, however, stopped me right on my tracks.

Albert could be heard going in and out of his bedroom. If I dared open my door at any moment on that tense night, me and my son would instantly copulate like untamed animals. I had no doubt about that. Because of the high risk of getting caught, the other part of me forced me to stay put within the safe confines of our bedroom.

A bitch in heat was what I was that night. Naked beneath my robe I wandered around the bedroom longing for a penetration. The bitch in me so wanted to go out and copulate with my grown-up pup who was just outside the door, waiting to fuck the mother that bore him. Again, I was stopped from opening my door, this time by whatever sanity was left in my human brain.

I stood there, a few feet away from the door, fronting it and wanting to open it but could not muster enough strength to do it. While standing there like a statue, a sudden unexpected occurrence made me feel as if my heart leaped out of my chest, causing me to sound a loud gasp. The door slowly opened by itself.

The room was dark but rays from street lights piercing through the windows made the bedroom door visible. As its slow “automatic” opening reached halfway, Albert appeared. He stood there half naked, looking like an Adonis in briefs, facing his surrogate mom, Aphrodite. We stared at one another, wordless and breathing hard. As he inched nearer, our stares would not break.

My breathing turned heavier when we stood face to face. It was the only sound in the quiet bedroom. Still wordless, he extended his right hand as if offering to take my left. My hand complied. Slowly, it reached up to accept his and, in no time, he was holding my hand.

As he led me slowly out of the bedroom my other hand clasped at my robe to cover my naked body beneath it, as if to fake my descency. As we quietly moved away I looked over my shoulder. Mark was snoring with his back to us.

Our scorching passion never cared of the danger lurking around. The bedroom door had barely closed when me and my son rushed into each others arms. Before we could pause to inch ourselves to a safer spot, our mouths were deeply engrossed in a torrid kissing spree, a kind of kissing that would put to shame the roughest of kissing scenes in Hollywood movies.

The kissing was so intense that I could almost feel steam rising out of our glued faces. Our locked open mouths would break apart for a few seconds to feed our lungs after which the sucking of tongues and the licking of faces, ears, necks and shoulders would resume.

With my robe slid-down my shoulders my son rained blazing kisses at my torso with his palm cupping my ass over my silk gown. His mouth would work its way down from my face and neck to my shoulders and breasts, lap at at my nipples, down to my belly button then back to my mouth to devour my tongue. All the while his hand would not stop feasting on my squirming ass.

The next time we broke the rough kissing to catch our breaths we managed to gasp breathy words. His hardness was still strongly piercing at my belly as he held my uneasy ass over my robe.

“Honey, let’s, aahhh, not do it tonight. There is, aahhh, still tomorrow where, aahhh, we can be all alone.”

“I know it, Mom. But apart from tomorrow, I can’t last the night, without having you.”

“It’s, aahhh, too dangerous. We may, ahhh, get killed and, aahhh…”

He covered my opened mouth with his to stop me from gasping for more words. Without breaking the kiss he maltepe escort bayan led me away then pinned me by the side of an empty built-in cabinet about 20 feet away from the bedroom door.

We resumed the torrid kissing and biting as our uninhibited passion could not be tamed even by the most dangerous of dangers. I was biting his ear as he was devouring my bare shoulder when he positioned to penetrate me, standing.

“Noooh…please, let’s just, aahhh, kiss. Let’s wait, aahhh, aahhh, ohhh my God! Aahhh!”

“Can’t…wait for tomorrow…huhhh, huhhh!”

My womanhood was so wet and well-lubricated that Albert was virtually effortless in penetrating the insides of his mother. As his strong thrusts went deeper my face dropped to rest on his shoulder, biting it to suppress my cries of ecstasy.

His hips were working up at me with such youthful vigor that my clit was blazing under the hammering of his pelvis. When his finger penetrated my ass hole from beneath my robe, my pelvis rotated uncontrollably, arching my back and skewering myself on his hard shaft though it was already deep inside my belly. We lurched and twisted in a frantic race for climax.

At that moment I no longer cared whether or not Mark had risen from bed to find his wife getting fucked by his son in wild abandon. I cared only about hell getting fucked out of me.

“God, I think, I’m … I’m … Oh, God, yes, I’m going to come!” I was breathing out the words into his ear. “I’m coming!”

“I’m…I’m coming soon too, Mom! Huuhhh, huuhhh, huuhhh!”

I exploded standing as we continued pumping, gasping and jerking. At that moment of ecstasy I had the feeling that Mark was watching us, could be holding on to his rage and, at any moment, was about to lunge at us for the kill. But my legs continued to jerk about obscenely as my helpess orgasm continued unabated.

I felt my son’s phallus ramming my insides to a depth I tried to increase by frantically writhing my impaled ass. His prick jerked, thrilling my intestinal walls with his youthful lunges. His raging sperms spurted into my tissues with a force that made my whole body convulse in a second ecstatic climax that thundered from deep within my pussy.

“Ohhh, God…don’t…stop! I’m…still coming!”

“Mom, you’re so tight. You’re such…a sex goddess. Huuhhh”

Our connected bodies continued to shake and jerk until our orgasms started to subside. Our muscles relaxed as we stood limply, our disconnected bodies still entwined in each other’s arms, panting and perspiring in the exhausting aftermath of a wild incestuous union.

“Aahhh…Aahhh! My God!”


Only when our senses began returning did the thought of Mark’s presence shot back into my head. Gasping before twisting my head towards the dark. I saw no one watching us. But it was dark and my vision couldn’t be that accurate.

He could be somewhere deep in the dark waiting for the right moment to kill. With that thought me and my son hurriedly disengaged from each other’s arms.

Holding on to my messy gown that was about to drop from my thoroughly fucked body, I tip-toed into my bedroom, my ass still doing spasms resulting from post coital sensuality.

I slowly opened the door and, thanks to Satan, Mark was still asleep. How could I say, “thanks to God” after committing this same sin for the umpteenth time?

Could it be that Mark was just feigning sleep after watching us in the dark twisting and jerking in ecstacy? That was playing in mind because he was not snoring as I rushed to the bathroom.


I was back in bed with him but Mark still was not snoring. My heart was beating fast because of fear and apprehansion. Worse, the bitch in me had not gone away. The powerful incestuous passion still raged in my belly.

I got out of bed, took another robe to shield my pantied only body then quietly went out of the bedroom, not to meet my son but to spy on Mark if indeed he was awake. It would sound weird that it was me doing the spying this time but that’s how it was. I sat alone in the darkened living room waiting if Mark would get out of bed looking for me or trying to get us caught in the act, “again.”

But if he indeed saw us why didn’t he lunge at us? With the kind of Mark’s person he surely would do it. But then, the fact that he wasn’t snoring for a continuous period was puzzling too. He could be awake and that was very probable.

Could it be that he enjoyed watching Albert breed his mother? That also played in my mind but I dismissed it. My husband was not that kind of man.

As escort pendik I pieced together the puzzle bothering me a sudden loud gasp escaped my mouth forcing me to use my palm to cover it if only to squelch any further sound. A slow creeking sound was heard from upstairs. As it was a quiet night the creeking sounded clearly.

I had prepared myself for a tempestuous confrontation so I just sat there waiting for my husband. To my big surprise it was Albert coming down. He was not half-naked this time but was in his casual shorts and shirt. He didn’t know that I was there thus making him stop right in his tracks when he noticed that someone was in the dark.

“Sheesh, Mom, you scared me. I thought it was a thief.”

“I’m making sure that your dad was not awake watching us earlier. He has not been snoring since I tip-toed back into our room. That’s unusual and it puzzles me.”

“Calm down, Mom, he has been sleeping till now and that’s it.”

“I have to be sure before my nerves can calm down.” I stood up, clasped my robe flaps together to cover whatever was left of my descency and swayed towards the counter. Albert surprised me when he was suddenly on my path, wordless and just staring at me. In a matter of moments, our bodies were locked in a tight embrace, my arms wrapped around his neck, his cupping my ass as always. He really seemed fascinated with the spasms of his mother’s swelling ass. I moaned as he pulled me closer against his rapidly expanding cock.

Our lips met and we kissed roughly and furiously. My tongue slipped into his mouth, and soon we were like mad animals trying to devour each other’s’ hot, wet tongues. I was panting and moaning, and he was grinding his hips against my pantied crotch. He reached up with one hand to grab onto one of my tits. I pulled my mouth from his and groaned.

After what seemed like hours of kissing and licking, we paused for a moment. Breathing hard into each other’s faces we stared at one another before resuming the kind of torrid kissing that would make Sharon Stone lose her acting job. All the while he hadn’t stopped rubbing my spasming ass.

His hand moved up to my waist as he pulled me around until my ass fell into the couch. He positioned himself beside and we sat down facing each other, he on my left. We locked stares for a moment before we slowly leaned in and went at it again.

As we continued making out passionately, I ran my hands up his youthful arms and to his muscular shoulders. I kissed him with more aggression as his young body felt so powerful against my firm tits.

With a powerful tug at my rib cage, Albert lifted me up against him and dropped my pantied ass in his lap putting my tits at his eye level as I faced him. It was then when I felt in my bottom the enormous bulge in his shorts.

“Honey, aahhh, aren’t you worried at all that your dad may be, aahhh, watching us?”

“If we get caught, we get caught. I just can’t stop myself tonight.”

“We still have tomorrow and, aahhh, more days after. If we get caught tonight it will put everything to an end, probably including our, aahhh…lives.”

“You’re such a sexy mother. The thought alone is so powerful. I can’t wait, Mom.”

I leaned down to face him, clasped tightly at his hair and kissed him with such passion forcing his face to tilt up and get completely covered with brown hair. The mouth lock lasted for so long that our lungs cried out for attention but were ignored until a creeking sound was heard from upstairs. Instantly, my senses took over.

“Umpphhwaaahh, aaahhhh, my God! he will…see us,” breathing it out as I lifted my face from his then immediately throwing my glance at the stairway. I jumped up from his lap, hurriedly putting back my robe over my shoulders and clasped tightly at it. Thanks heaven I still had my panties on although I knew that my hair was disheveled and mussed.

Albert stayed in his seat but was restless because of the hard-on tenting his shorts. I had to immediately come to his rescue. I grabbed an afghan from a nearby seat and threw it at him to use.

Clasping at my robe I walked towards the counter pretending to pour drinks. I quickly offered a glass to Albert and we both quickly pretended to sip.

Moments passed and my husband was nowhere around near us. Perhaps, I thought, he was trying to locate me or us upstairs by eavesdropping for noises at our son’s bedroom and at the spare room.

Whatever, I quietly ran upstairs leaving my son behind, his insistent hard on still bothering him.

“Stay here, honey.”

“Careful, Mom, it’s dark.”

True to my thoughts Mark was not in the bedroom when I quietly tip-toed in. I heaved a sigh of relief before walking into the safety of the bathroom. Outracing him to our bedroom made me feel safe. When I come out I’d have all the replies to his interrogation, or so I thought.

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