Teresa’s Professor

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It has been a bitter December for Teresa. First of all, the weather has been frigid. Driving has been constantly icy and the northern winter winds have been deplorable. But the real bitterness is her semester long relationship with Calc II. Not only has the material been hard but her instructor, Professor Marcus Leduc, has not been letting up at all! It is safe to say Teresa is struggling.

Professor Leduc, or Mr. M, as he likes to be called, announced another hourly exam for next week. “AAUUUGHGGH! This is the sixth one of the semester! What are you trying to do? KILL US?” Teresa screamed. With a loud sigh, a thump on the tabletop, and a wipe of the forehead, Teresa tried to calm herself down.

This is the second class Teresa has taken from him. She had took Calc I from him three semesters ago also. And that is part of her problem. The material isn’t as fresh to her as it would be if she had taken Calc I last semester, but if she would get through it, it would be with Mr. M.

From the first time she took his class, they clicked. He is an easy going guy and easy to get along with. You know the type of Professor who is easy to approach and talk to; the type that don’t condescend. Plus he was young enough to still be able to relate to the students. She guessed in his thirties.

It also helps that Teresa is attracted to Mr. M. Although he’s older, he stays in pretty reasonable shape. Although you can tell he lives a comfortable life, you can see he still gets to the gym to tone up. Mr. M is stocky. He has a hard jaw and a chest to match. Although his demeanor is mellow, you can tell he had a tussle or two in the day and is a man you wouldn’t want to get angry. But it is his personality coupled with his big blue eyes that mesmerizes Teresa on lonely days.

Teresa is a traditional student, that is, she came to College fresh out of high school and hasn’t missed a semester. At twenty years old, she is in her third year. Although she’s is attractive, she never had the desire to “doll up” and play the popular girl / cheerleader role. She keeps her hair naturally blonde, which means it is closer to brown and it falls nicely on her narrow shoulders. At 5′ 4″ and size six, she is quite shapely. She’s always been blessed with a figure that she has never had to work for. Any young man would be blessed to date her, but for now it is only one boy, back home that she stays exclusive to. With the school workload in a tough curriculum, she has little time for anything else.

Today, as always, during the last part of class, Mr. M works his way around the room and help the students while they are trying to solve assigned problems. As he passes Teresa, he playfully bumps her chair with his hip, which she allows to spin on its swivel slightly. As he steps past her, he catches her chair with his hand and uses it to bend a knee next to her desk. Trying to address here recent outburst, he asks “Are you starting to struggle again Teresa?”

“Oh, Mr. M, I’m not sure if I can keep it up much longer. This class is killing me. I’m sorry I blew up; I’m just really frustrated.”

“Teresa, you might not feel it, but your one of my best students.” he says as he pulls a loose hair off of her shoulder and sends it to the floor. “We are almost done with the semester, and I’d hate for you to drop the ball now. Is there anything I can do to help?”

With his deep blue eyes staring into hers unflinching, Teresa blushes slightly and looks down and away. “Do you think you could just spend a little extra time with me like you did earlier in the semester?” She slowly raises her eyes back to meet his. “I would have never gotten through chapters four and five without your help.”

“Sure thing Teresa. How about Wednesday at 5:00 like before?”

“That would be great! I really appreciate it.” Teresa says with a couple bats of her eyes and a fetching smile.

Wednesday, at about 4:50, Teresa is standing in the hallway, a couple of turns from Mr. M’s office. Even though she has nothing to do, she doesn’t want to show up early and seem anxious. When they used to meet, she can recall how hot his office would become. She never figured whether it was the school’s heating system or because of the close quarters together with him.

Marcus rounds the corner of the hallway and sees Teresa holding up the wall with her back. “I don’t think the wall is going to fall any time soon Teresa. Please, come on down to my office with me.” With that, she pushes off and follows him down to his office.

“Please, grab a seat dear. And please take that thousand pound back pack off your shoulder. It’s hurting me just seeing the weight of that thing.”

Sometimes Teresa’s mind can turn a little dirty. Does everything he says have a sexual connotation? Then again, she hasn’t had sex in about two months, so he could say “What is the Product Rule and its application to Higher-Order derivatives” and she would probably get a little damp. If he tried to discuss the “Integration of Parts” she’d escort ataşehir probably start down right gushing. His comments completely be her imagination.

Teresa decided that she is not going to learn much from this session. Her mind is too preoccupied, but she’ll try to bear through it. She should have gone back to her dorm before coming here to um …. at least take the edge off. Oh, well.

Teresa dropped her bag and pulled up the spare chair facing him from around the side of his desk. “Teresa, why don’t you pull around next to me here so we can face the problems from the same direction? It will be easier to work that way.” Teresa, swiveled around and was at Marcus’s right side. “So, why don’t we start off by you jotting down a problem that covers some of what you’re struggling with?”

Teresa opened her book and her notebook, and wrote out a problem. She started the problem, but got nowhere fast, her fist clenching the pencil in frustration.”

“Come on Teresa, relax. You know there is no reason to get frustrated around me. That’s what I’m here for; to help you work through these things.” As he said this, he reached his left hand across to Teresa’s pencil-clenching right hand to free the poor bastard. At first tug, she wouldn’t let go, so he rested his hand on top of hers momentarily. The warmth from his hand immediately relaxed Teresa and she relinquished the pencil.

“I was hoping to get the poor little guy from you before you snapped him in half. Jesus, you have a firm grip when you want to, huh?” How could she possibly respond to that lob toss. She decided to just let it float on by.

Mr. M described the Calculus problem, step by step, until she understood. She repeated the process to prove she understood. “Excellent Teresa. Give me some.” Marcus reached his hand out, palm up, and she swiped her hand across the top of his, it is warm and inviting so she paused slightly half way through the swipe, wanting to take hold of it. But she didn’t.

As she pulled her hand away and set it down, Mr. M lightly grabbed the back of her left arm and said, “Now what can I help you out with next.” Teresa has been around campus enough to know there is a fine line between flirtation and acting on it. She as well as everyone she knew had never actually acted on an opportunity. By the way she’s feeling right now though Mr. M better watch out.

Marcus pulled his hand away and as he moved his arm back to his arm rest he purposely brushed it against Teresa’s hip. She could sense it wasn’t an accident. She doesn’t know of any Professors that have actually made a move on a student so she again ignored the contact. “But everyone is an adult.” She thought. “Why don’t Professors try to hook up with students once in a while? “I’m hot dammit!” she thinks to herself, “Why doesn’t he just get it over with and ask me? I know what I’d say!”

“Well, let’s be logical here.” She continued, “If he made the first move and misread me, he’d be risking a lot. If I was a real prick, I could probably get him fired. He’s got a good job that he obviously enjoys. And I haven’t actually given out any strong signals. Why would he risk his career just to have me? Well, maybe because I’m hot dammit! OK. Maybe it’s up to me to get this started.”

“Mr. M, can we stop for a minute. I’m really stressed.”

“You can call me Marcus, Teresa.”

“Marcus. I’m really tense. This semester has been tough on me. I can barely concentrate now, even though you’re spending this one-on-one time with me. I think maybe, oh, I don’t know, go to a masseuse to loosen me up…… if I only had the money.”

“Well Teresa, don’t take this the wrong way but I’ve taken massage classes before maybe I can help. If you’re not to uncomfortable, I’d be happy to work out some kinks in your neck and shoulders.”

“That. Would. Be. Awesome!” Teresa says slowly by breaking the words one at a time.

“As you could imagine, big brother would frown upon this, let me just check the hall.” Marcus’s office is not on the main drag, and since it’s after five, there is not much traffic around the math building. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t seen a colleague in over two hours. While Marcus stepped into the hall, Teresa shifted ninety degrees on her chair so her back wasn’t facing the back rest of the chair to give him full access to her back. As he came back in after checking the hall, he decided leaving the door open would probably be best. “Teresa, if I hear anyone coming, don’t take offense, but I’ll have to stop.”

“I completely understand.” she responds as Marcus lightly drags his hands across her shoulders to her neck. Marcus came as advertised. He wrapped his hands across her collar bones and plunged his thumbs firmly into her trapizius neck muscles.

“Auuuooooohhh.” Teresa moaned out as she closed her eyes and rolled her head back slightly at the pain. “Ooooooooohhh.” was all she could manage next. “Marcus, you are right. Your hands know how to work through muscles. kadıköy escort If you did this every week, I’d guarantee I’d get straight A’s in your class.”

“Don’t think about class now Teresa. Try to relax. This is about releasing your stress. Just relax. Think about the stress slowly leaving your body. Clear your mind.”

Teresa’s dangled her arms straight down. As Marcus moved his hands from her neck out to her shoulders, he stepped in closer to get leverage; Teresa knew this because his legs brushed up into her hands. She chose not to flinch. His thumbs again, worked forcefully against her back shoulder muscles. She was melting.

Teresa said absolutely nothing for the next five minutes. She continued to listen to his soothing voice encouraging her to relax, enjoy, and release herself. It worked. Her tension was gone. Her muscular one’s anyway. After Marcus’s strong hands worked there magic, she couldn’t help but start to think about her other needs.

“This is do or die.” She thought. Teresa slowly rolled her head back and gently rested it against Marcus’s stomach. His stomach let out a little growl. As she did this, she slowly moved her hands up and around to his calves and softly grabbed them. As she did this, she could feel a twitch in his trousers against her back. Without saying a word, she slid her hands up behind his knees. It wasn’t a twitch anymore; his lingam was starting to grow.

“I didn’t mean to excite you Marcus. Do you mind?”

“I don’t mind at all. Actually, I enjoyed it.” He had to catch his bearings for a minute. This is going in a direction that he has dreamt about often. Not just with Teresa, but with many of the fantastic women he has had in his classes over the years.

Teresa decides to take the next step, “I wish you could massage some of my other tense spots. I have to take advantage of your hands while I have them Marcus!”

I think I can manage that, but not here.” Marcus cautiously says. “Your dorm room would raise too many eyebrows, and my house is definitely right out. Would you feel comfortable going out to my truck?” At this point Marcus could have taken her to a crowded broom closet and she wouldn’t have complained.

Well maybe not the most comfortable option, but Teresa’s nether regions really want some attention and right now. “It’s pretty cold out Marcus, are you sure?”

Marcus takes out his remote starter and points it in the direction of the parking lot. “This thing is awesome, it shoots through the wall and reaches all the way out to the far end of the parking lot. It will be warm by the time we get out there.”

Who’s kidding who here. There isn’t going to be any massages from this point on. The two of them are on the same page and know exactly what this is leading to. When they reach the foot of the parking lot, Teresa noticed a full size truck with a king cab and tinted windows about half way back. The truck didn’t have any other cars around it and it wasn’t too close to any parking lot lights. “This isn’t going to be as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.” She thought. As they approached the truck and he opened the door for her she thought, “King cab really means king sized! Damn, there’s a lot of room in here.”

Marcus flipped back the seat to give access to a full sized leather back seat. As she stepped in, he “helped her” by putting his hand on her backside and lifting her in. “Why don’t you take off your coat? Actually, if you feel comfortable, feel free to drop your shoes also.” Marcus stepped in and closed the door behind him. He removed his coat, then his shoes, which prompted Teresa to drop her shoes also. Marcus reached to the front of the cab, put the keys in, then adjusted the heat and turned on some music.

Marcus reaches his hand onto her thigh, “Teresa, I’ve always thought of you as a stunning woman, ever since the first time you were in my class.” Instantly Teresa started to get wet. Her inhibitions totally dropped. She reached for Marcus, pulled him in and put her wet tongue in his mouth as fast as possible. Her loins were yearning, burning with passion. She thrust them forward and ground them in the air until Marcus’s groin was there to meet them.

Marcus kissed back while holding her mid back in a firm embrace. His hand quickly went from her back to her breast as he massaged it through her shirt. Teresa’s yoni was salivating as much as her mouth. Now! She needed all of him now and all over her, now! Marcus with one hand unbuttoned her shirt from top to bottom and pulled it from her jeans. Teresa used both hands to return the favor. She did not stop at his shirt though. She went right to the belt, then the button on his pants, and then she pulled down his zipper. His manhood bulged right out of the constraints it was in.

Teresa knew that with a scene as hot as this, no man would last very long. So she pushed him off of her, onto his back and dropped to her knees. She wanted to take that beautiful bulge into her mouth. She quickly pulled maltepe escort bayan down his pants, slid each leg out, and tossed them to the front seat. She then took the front of his shorts, lifted them over his glory, and engulfed him. Her mouth was so wet and warm. She was right. Marcus within a minute exploded into her mouth as he let out a grunt and a sigh. He pulsed load after load into her. As he gushed, she swallowed as quickly as she could. She caught it all except a slight dribble in the corner of her mouth. With her index finder, she swiped the rest of it off her cheek and onto her tongue.

“It is my turn now.” Marcus said firmly and with a grin to match his horny gaze. With that, he guided her gently back to a comfortable position and she rested her arms folded over her head. As he removed her pants, then her panties, she closed her eyes and smiled. Marcus first kissed her knee. That and slight pressure from his hand is all it took for Teresa to spread her legs. He kissed and licked her thighs from her knees, slowly, all the way to the end of her inseam. As he was working his way down, his hands slid down to, along the backs of her legs until they reached her firm bottom.

“Oh, please, Marcus, please.” Teresa slithered. With his thumbs, he spread her moist swollen lips. One last kiss of her inner thigh, on that soft sensitive spot about an inch from her Yoni, and then his tongue touched her lips. A jolt ran through Teresa. He ran his tongue from the bottom crease of her lips, up, across her vagina, slowly. He gives an extra flick here and slowly worked himself higher. Teresa didn’t think this possible, but she came only a few seconds into this treatment. She convulsed and trembled into a deep, deep orgasm. Marcus recognizing this chuckled with his tongue still in her, enjoying giving pleasure to this beautiful creature. When her orgasm subsided, he went back to kissing her thighs for a moment to let her recoup. This time he worked his mouth over to her small patch of hair and started to tease here first with his tongue then his teeth. Slowly he moved down making circles around her clitoris but not touching it. Each circle was get closer and closer.

Again she begs, “Oh, please, Marcus, please.” To her clit he went. His tongue proved opposite his hands. The firm grip of his hands is countered by a soft delicate yet furious tongue. Marcus takes one hand and puts a finger inside her. His tongue working her clit as his finger exploring her lily. She is so slick and aroused that Marcus slides in a second finger, then a third. He rolled his fingers back and forth across her g-spot, and, “Oh my God! Oh! Yes! Oh yes! Don’t stop! Oh, oh oh, ooohhhh!” The waves of ecstasy roll through her body and then back and through again. The scent she leaves in the air is nothing short of the pure soft warmth of heaven.

He removed his fingers and cleans them with his tongue, and he is ready for more. He leans upright unto his knees, reaches into his gym bag for a condom. Teresa is just recovering and pays no attention to him. Marcus quickly rolls it onto his shaft and aligns himself with her. Teresa’s flower is so wanting and wet that he slides in with little effort.

Dirty Teresa wants her new found stud to pound her hard and he is one to not hold back. He embraces her and stokes long and firmly deep. First slow, then faster. Teresa tries to clench herself onto his rod. As she tries to hold the clench, little orgasms force her to release before she can get a firm hold. When he finally slowed down a bit, she focuses then clenches and holds. Feeling this incredible pressure, Marcus speeds up pounding, as sweat rolls off his nose to her steaming breasts, and his scrotum slapping against her anus. Teresa can feel it building. As she clenches and breathes through her teeth, she rolls her eyes back into her head, a flush of spirituality floods her entire convulsing body into another intense orgasm. Spontaneously she blurts out “I think I love you!”

When her orgasm subsides, he pulls out and asks her to turn around. Teresa obliges and gets on her knees on the edge of the back seat, in an upright position, with her hands on the top back of the seat. “Stick your ass out for me Teresa.”

She again obliges, and exposes her flower again to Marcus. He grabs her one breast, and inserts himself back into her yoni, then grabs for her other breast. Marcus stokes his tool inside of her relentlessly. Not slower like before but with a rhythm that only a speed rock drummer could match. His lips and tongue work her neck as his hands pinch and roll her nipples, and soon he is coming. His passionate grunts send her up and over the edge into a final orgasm.

Marcus falls back into his seat, reaching his hand over to caress her thigh. He wipes his face with his other hand. He lets out a “Whew.” Teresa composes herself for a moment and leans into his shoulder puts her head on it, wraps her arms around him, and relaxes. She lets out a huge exhale, “Hoooo.” He kisses the top of her head while catching his breathe. They both steadily recover. The cab feels about ninety degrees at this point and the leather is starting to stick a bit. They lay in each others arms, silent for a good five minutes, neither sure of where they go from here.

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