The Australian Ch. 04: Worth the Wait

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I smiled as I reached out to pull her up so she was kneeling in front of me. She was still shivering slightly from her orgasm, but her hands steadied as she reached my belt and began to unbuckle it. With one hand she slid it round my waist. I was already pressing hard against the fabric of my trousers and with her other hand she began to rub against me, tracing out the width and length through the fabric. She’d told me this was her favourite part and I believed it. She was enjoying herself.

The belt slid off and she placed it carefully on the side of the bed. Next she began to slowly unbutton the trousers, smiling up at me with those big brown eyes as she did so. I couldn’t blame her for taking her time. I’d made her wait long enough when it was my turn.

She finished unbuttoning and dropped my trousers so she could see me fully outlined through the boxers. I smiled as I noticed a quick flash of excitement come across her eyes and she quickly reached out to grab me, before trying to regain composure. She ran her fingers along the full length of the shaft before moving forward to kiss me through the fabric. The warmth of her mouth felt divine. I stifled a moan and my legs tensed.

She kissed me a few more times, working up to the head, as she started to slowly pull the top of the boxers down. I tried to stifle another moan but couldn’t keep it in this time. She smirked, satisfied. With one smooth movement she pulled my boxers down with her left hand and wrapped her fingers around my shaft with the other. She stopped looking up at me and I enjoyed the look of hunger and trepidation in her eyes as she started to slowly stroke me and feel the weight in her hands.

After a few strokes she looked up at me, imploring me with those big brown eyes. I smiled down and reached out to caress her cheek with my left hand to let her know she should. She leaned in and kissed the head with her soft lips, before slowly wrapping them round and lightly brushing the tip with her tongue. She started to take it deeper, sucking and swirling her tongue around the head and the shaft as she continued stroking with her right hand. Jesus Christ she was good.

I took my right hand and intertwined my fingers in her gorgeous brown hair, gripping it tightly and holding her head in place as she continued to get deeper and deeper, gagging slightly pendik escort as she reached the end of the shaft. Her left hand reached up to my torso and I felt her nails dig into my fully tensed abs. When she’d taken it as deep as she could she looked up at me again. “Good girl,” I said as I stroked her cheek. “You’re such a good girl, Rae.”

With my right hand tight in her hair I pulled her away. I was rock hard now. Thick and curved. We’d do this again, I’d make sure of that, but right now I wanted, needed, to be deep inside her. I pushed her back on the bed and climbed after her. I quickly reached out and grabbed her toned thighs firmly, pulling her towards me and taking her by surprise. She gasped as I positioned her in front of me, exactly where I needed her to be. I wanted to be able to look deep into her eyes when she first felt me.

I took both her wrists and placed them on her stomach, holding them firmly with my right hand. With my left I took my cock and began to softly press myself into her, stroking up and down to coat my head and feel how wet she was. I started to slowly rub against her clit, circling it with the tip and stroking my shaft over it slowly. She shivered and moaned as I did so, desperate to feel me inside her. Her arms struggled a little against my right hand so I tightened my grip and smiled at her as I pressed a little harder into her clit with my cock. I looked deep into her eyes. She was ready.

I carefully slid the tip down her quivering pussy and pressed in gently so that I started to move inside her. A short gasp escaped her gorgeous lips. I looked deep into her beautiful brown eyes as I pressed further inside her. She’d always looked tight, but the real experience was indescribable. She wrapped around me perfectly, soft, wet and warm, as my thickness filled and curved up inside her. It was like we were designed for this moment.

I started to stroke as I took her hands from her stomach and moved them to the headboard of the bed, holding them high and behind her head. I moved closer and began biting her neck as I stroked deeper and deeper. She moaned as she felt my teeth sharp against her skin, which only made me bite harder and thrust deeper. My other hand reached around her, digging my nails in as I dragged it across her upper back. I felt her shake as it inched closer to her maltepe escort neck. She knew what was coming. She even lifted her head up a little so I could get there faster. ‘That’s my good girl,’ I thought with a smile.

My fingers wrapped around her neck and I started to squeeze her firmly by the sides of her throat. A shiver coursed through her body as she started to feel the pressure. I began to fuck her properly as I squeezed tighter. Pounding deeper, harder and faster with each stroke. Filling her with the curve of my cock brushing against her g-spot. “You feel like heaven baby,” I growled into her ear. “Being inside you is divine.”

I bit her ear.

“But I need to be deeper.”

I quickly took both hands and picked up her thighs, placing them on my shoulders and lifting her torso up so I could stroke further and deeper inside her. Fuck her harder and faster. I took her hands again and placed them tight against the headboard. Bending her between my body holding her up on one side and the end of the bed on the other. I moved my right arm back to her neck, but from the front this time. I wanted her to see my tattooed arm and my muscles tightening as I choked her.

With her legs on my shoulders I could fuck her the way I wanted to fuck her. The way she deserved to be fucked. Pounding harder and harder, making the bed shake and her screams breathless. I kissed her passionately and bit her lip as she moaned into my mouth. I started to feel her body tense beneath me as I choked and fucked her harder. The feeling of her tensing and shaking beneath gave me the final burst of energy to keep going, to pound her harder and faster. Fuck her the way she wanted. The way she needed.

I felt it start to build inside her. Her pussy tighten around me as she started to shake. I carefully choked her a little bit harder still and moved my mouth back to her ear and softly but firmly whispered, “cum for me baby.” She moaned and her whole body tensed again. I concentrated on maintaining my rhythm and holding her there. “Cum for me Rae,” I growled one more time as I looked straight into her eyes, deep inside her and with my hand around her neck.

Her whole body convulsed as the orgasm coursed through her body. Her pussy wrapped tight around me as she shook and breathlessly moaned. I moaned with her and kept my kartal escort pace to try and hold her there for as long as possible. She looked incredible. Her body curved beneath me and her gorgeous breasts bouncing. Her brown eyes rolling back as desperate, beautiful noises escaped her full lips.

Eventually I felt her orgasm start to subside. I was still hard and close. I’d planned this first time out carefully in my mind so many times up to this point, but suddenly I found myself acting completely on instinct and the moment. I pulled out and pulled her up off the bed before kissing her passionately and starting to turn her around. She reacted naturally and wordlessly. Seeming to know know exactly what I wanted. She bent over in front of me and started to move her hands behind her back.

It was a position we’d spoken and fantasised about so many times. I slid my cock, already covered in her cum, back inside her. She still felt tight and divine. I grabbed her hands and held them firmly behind her back. I briefly considered using the tie again, or the belt, but decided I’d save those for later. This first time I just wanted it to be our bodies, our skin. For her just to feel me and my strength holding her there. I grabbed a fist full of her hair with my other hand and held her head up and tight. Right where I wanted her.

I started to fuck her hard again, standing tall to thrust deep inside her. Watching her gorgeous, perfectly round ass bouncing off my cock brought me right to the edge. I pulled her head tight, making her back arch, and gripped her hands behind her as I fucked her harder and felt the orgasm building inside me. I moaned. She seemed to sense me getting closer as she started to tense up again too.

I pulled her back into me further still. I needed to be as deep as possible for this moment. As I slid the final half inch deeper a high pitched moan, the type she’d sent me so many times before, escaped her mouth. It was this that finished me.

With a final powerful thrust I started to orgasm, pumping strings of cum deep inside her. As she felt it she started to shiver and shake as the sensation brought one final orgasm out of her. We both shook as we came together, the divine feeling spreading through each of us as I tried to keep stroking to hold us there for as long as possible. Her moans turned to high pitched screams and mine into deeper ones as we completely succumbed to the moment.

Eventually we collapsed together on the bed, panting and gasping. I rolled over and turned her towards me.

“You were worth the wait baby,” I smiled.

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