The Babysitter

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“Okay, we’re leaving in a few minutes,” Mom said. “I called a friend of mine and asked her to come over so she could help you with whatever you might need while your father and I are out.” “What, like a babysitter?” “Oh don’t be silly. Your arm is broken, remember? I just thought you might need someone to do some things for you.” “Well thanks, Mom,” I said, somewhat sarcastically. “No trouble at all. She seemed very interested in you as a matter of fact.” Oh great. I could just imagine some old bag talking at me until my arm falls off, and then I’d have no good arms left. “Alright, we’re off to the opera. Have fun.” I didn’t think that was likely.

I heard a stranger’s voice talking with my parents downstairs, followed by the front door opening and closing. Then I heard her coming up the steps. She stopped in my doorway and we just looked at each other without saying a word. It was an unusual first encounter, but right away I was glad to see she wasn’t what I had expected.

She looked to be in her late thirties and quite attractive. Something about the look in her eyes told me she was willing to try anything. And what a body! I didn’t know such women actually existed outside of those magazines. She had a wonderfully full chest and legs that went forever.

She checked to make sure my parents were gone and then came into the room. I was sitting in the recliner and she came right up to me, knelt down, and started to unzip my jeans! Clearly she had only one thing on her mind, and believe you me, I was all for it, but I finally spoke up. “Wait, I have to pee first.” It sounded stupid but I did need to, quite badly even. I figured this would ruin it for her, but instead she seemed delighted.

She helped me out of the chair (since it isn’t easy with one arm) and I headed for the bathroom. This amazing woman, who still hadn’t said a word mind you, followed right behind me (as I pendik escort figured she would). I stood in front of the toilet as she watched me closely and I started to use my left hand on my pants, but she reached out and put my hand back at my side. She then hooked her thumbs into my pants and underwear, and ever so slowly pulled them down to my ankles. My penis was already growing at an alarming rate but she caught it before I became too erect to pee. She knelt down again (she seemed to like kneeling) and aimed my penis down at the bowl with her determined right hand while laying her other hand on my bare butt. I started to pee and it struck right in the middle of the bowl, showing me that this woman knew quite well how to operate a penis.

While I was peeing, she rubbed my bottom lovingly with her soft hand. For some reason it made me think of a mother helping her young son in the bathroom. Of course the obvious difference here was that my penis continued to grow like crazy. I briefly wondered if it might not simply explode soon, but her firm hand was in perfect control of me. She tugged on me expertly to get the last of it out and then reluctantly let go. She stared as my cock was finally allowed to grow fully erect so that it pointed to the ceiling. She grabbed it up again and pulled me gently. I stepped out of my pants and she led me by the penis back into my room.

She closed the door behind her and started disrobing. I pulled off my shirt around the cast and stood naked, watching her closely. With her eyes never leaving my cock, she unbuttoned her blouse and flung it across the room, revealing a bra that was overflowing with her breasts. She pulled her skirt down and kicked it aside. She pulled her panties down, just to her smooth thighs, uncovering a lovely patch of silky hair. Then, sitting bare-bottomed in the recliner, she pulled those panties the rest of the way maltepe escort off, torturing us both by forcing herself to move slowly. Once her long legs were finally free, she stretched them apart as wide as possible, giving me a great peek at her bare pussy (her pubic hair was limited to the small area above her vagina). I had to work hard not to grab my dick since I assumed she wanted it for herself.

She stood up and motioned for me to get on the bed. She continued to insist on not saying a word, which made it all that much more exciting. I lay down on my back. She parted my legs and sat with her thighs on my thighs, facing me. She looked down at my swollen cock and licked her lips. She opened her bra from the front and freed her enormous mammary glands with a quick movement, tossing the bra into the corner. She rotated her shoulders, making her boobs dance, causing me to lick my own lips. Her eyes focused on my cock, and so did mine because seconds later she was working on me with both hands. She was entirely fixated. She yanked my penis as hard as she could, as if she wanted to detach it and take it with as a souvenir. She rolled it between her palms and smacked it against my skin. She took my balls and rubbed and massaged them. I was pretty sure that she had forgotten I was even there, she was only interested in my genitals. Eventually, after several minutes of playing, she was jacked me off steadily.

Now with all that had happened so far, there was obviously no way I was going to last very long. She knew that too, so her hands moved instinctively to the end of my dick just before I came. She managed to catch all of my semen between her lovely fingers, which she worked back into my cock, producing a beautifully sticky sound.

She rubbed her hands together as if they had been quite dirty and my semen was making them clean again. I could only watch, almost kartal escort in a trance by now as she kept on playing with my juice. Then as if that weren’t enough, she leaned back, spread her fabulous legs again, and used those sticky fingers to fully lubricate her pussy. The sight, sound and even the smell of our sex was almost entirely overpowering. I was already turned on again by her actions, which she could plainly see by my thickening cock. And this woman (God bless her) was still more interested in my pleasure than hers.

She left her vagina alone to churn and drip for awhile and put her wet mouth over my waiting cock. At once I could tell that this was her favorite part of sex. She looked as if she could happily suck cocks clean for a living. She sucked my head, foreskin, and shaft and drank down my remaining cum from before. Then I watched as she straddled my hips and lowered her cum-soaked vagina onto my smooth dick, feeling that all-important penetration at last. She leaned forward and hung her big tits in front of my face. I hungrily sucked her nipples and felt her with my good hand. She leaned back again, shut her eyes, and held her face high as she rode me. I gladly watched her glorious breasts bouncing again and again.

She got her much-deserved orgasm before I could get my second one, so she climbed off and went at me with her hands again. Surely those hands and a man’s cock are a match made in heaven. With her left hand she gently played with my balls while squeezing and tugging at my cock with her right. When I came again, she caught the cum the same way as before. I half-expected she would repeat the whole process all over, but instead she deliberately licked my cum off of each of her fingers and sucked my cock some more. I swear, the woman is a cock addict, and I loved her for it.

So then what did she do? Why, she got dressed, gave my dick one last kiss, and walked right out the door to wait downstairs never having said a word. I knew she had only used me for my penis, but let me tell you, being used never felt so good. Now I just wish she would stop by again sometime. Maybe if I were to break my leg…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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