The Best Christmas Present Ever

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I hadn’t planned it, hell most of the time I can barely stand to be around her, but this time, this one time something happened and well, for a brief moment I saw her completely differently than I ever had before. Throughout high school she was my kid sister, actually more popular than me, she got to be a real pain in the ass. I was so glad to finally graduate and go off to college and get away from her for a while.

Of course I really didn’t count on her following me to the same college a few years later, but at least there she was in her dorm and I was off campus in an apartment. She seemed to have grown up a bit and now when we ran across each other on campus it was as least cordial. I actually looked forward to the holidays and the long break we’d have. I thought it might actually be nice being near a real, civil human being for a change.

Thanksgiving went fine, but with all the Christmas shopping and all, we didn’t see a lot of each other, but the few times we were around each other, like at Thanksgiving Dinner and then on the weekend watching football, we got along very well. Just like any normal brother and sister which was an abnormal thing for us. Perhaps she was growing up a bit.

Anyway, Thanksgiving ended and I got buried in finals. She must have been too because I didn’t see her until I pulled into the driveway at our house for the start of Christmas break. She had finished a day earlier than me and came home right after her last test. I finished mine and hung around until my grades were posted.

I was in a good mood because I had received three A’s and two B’s, not quite the dean’s list, but close enough. Sis’ grades weren’t as good, but what can you expect from a freshman. She did get one A, two B’s and two C’s, not earth shattering but reasonable for as much playing around as she must have done at the dorm.

We both had most of our shopping done by then so there wasn’t much for us to do but hang around the house. Things went well as we helped our parents decorate the house and get ready for the week of Christmas when we expected our grandparents to stay with us for a few days. Even mom’s obsessive cleaning wasn’t too bad with sis and me helping out.

It wasn’t until later in the week when dad was at work and mom had gone out shopping, leaving sis and I at home alone that I wondered if the old, evil sis demetevler escoırt had suddenly come back. Everything was fine until I went into my room and I found my laptop was gone and my desk basically ransacked. “Oh fuck, the bitch is back,” I moaned to myself.

I headed straight to her room and barged in without knocking or anything, shouting, “Where the hell is my laptop and why did you ransack…” I stopped mid sentence because I saw her on the bed wearing only panties. The computer was propped up on a pillow beside her and she was rubbing her nipples with her hands.

She looked up at me and said, “Damn, I thought I locked that. Anyway I needed to borrow your laptop, I knew you had some good porn and well, I just needed to, well… this. Of course you had a password so I had to mess up your desk searching for it.”

I hadn’t moved and really didn’t hear anything she said, my eyes were now focused on her, more specifically her panties which had an enormous, darkened wet spot. Before I could move or do anything else she said, “At least lock the door.”

Without moving my gaze, I reached over, pushed the button on the door and shoved it closed. I then took a step closer to the bed, oblivious to everything but the wet spot. My cock was getting hard and most likely poking out in my pants but I didn’t move.

“Oh, you like my panties. They’re Christmas panties, David gave them to me. Do you like the snowmen and Christmas trees? I figured it was more appropriate than anything religious. Anyway, I was right you do have some good porn. I especially like this here,” she turned the computer a bit, but I didn’t even look.

“Yeah, I love when the guys go down on the girls, their tongues pushing inside them and then flicking over their clit. Oh that must feel so good.”

I took another step closer but still stared at her panties.

“My panties still, would you like to touch them?”

I didn’t answer, I simply reached out and touched my fingers to the wet spot. Beginning to tremble, I moved them a bit, feeling the wetness rubbing onto my fingers.

“I was just about to play with myself, I you want you can pull off my panties and watch me.”

Without a word I reached up to the waistband and slowly pulled the panties downward, letting the wet crotch fall into my hand as I pulled rus escort them off her legs. I held them for a moment, feeling the wetness cover my fingers while I looked up at my sister. Her legs were spread wide now and I watched as one hand slid down from her nipple, over the curve of her breast, down her stomach and into her curly pubic hair.

Her fingers moved around as the hair curled over them and suddenly I wanted to run my face through those tight curls. But her fingers didn’t stop, they moved downward, sliding between her lips and then into her pussy, which already glistened. She got her fingers nice and wet and then moved them up to her clit. Only after she began circling her clit with her fingers did she say, “Your cock looks big, why don’t you take it out.”

I unfastened and unzipped my pants, carefully pulling them and my underwear down. Kicking off my shoes, I stepped out of my pants and then, looked up at her face. She was looking down at my erection.

“You play with it while I play with myself, okay,” she said.

My eyes traveled down her body while I wrapped my fingers around my shaft and began stroking. I looked at her breasts, slightly flattened with her on her back, but still nice and curved, so soft looking. I could have gazed at them for hours but I was impatient and quickly looked down to her pussy. By now she was moving two fingers on her left hand in and out of her opening while she moved the fingers of her right hand over her clit. Her hips slowly moved up and down like she was fucking her fingers.

I began to stroke myself faster as she increased the speed of her fingers. Her breathing quickened and she moaned loudly. She seemed to be tensing up when she looked up at me and pleaded, “Lick it, please lick my pussy.”

Immediately falling to my knees, I moved in shoving my tongue deep inside her, tasting her for the first time. Her pussy was warm and so very wet, tasting a bit earthy but tangy too. It was a taste I could drink all day but she said, “My clit, lick my clit.”

I moved my tongue upward, following the flowery curve of her lips until I found the tiny nub. Slowly circling it with my tongue I felt her suddenly raise her hips and moan loudly. I pushed my fingers into her wet pussy and felt her come, her pussy walls squeezing in on my fingers again and again. Pausing for a batıkent escort few moments, I stopped my tongue movement until the pulsations inside her slowed down.

Lifting my head, I felt her grab it with her hands and pull me back down to her as she moaned, “Do it again, please do it again.”

Diving in, I began working my fingers in and out of her while moving my tongue. I slipped my tongue underneath the clit, lifting it up until I could close my lips over it, sucking it into my mouth. Her hips were working wildly, shoving her pussy against my face and over my fingers. She began grinding her pussy on my face as her clit slipped out of my mouth. Pushing against me, she moaned and said, “Oh yes, I’m coming again.”

Her body relaxed and I turned my head so I could breathe. My fingers were still deep inside her, feeling her pussy pulsate over them again. I waited for just a moment and then pulled my fingers out and looked down. Her pussy was so beautifully inviting, the clit hard, poking from between her lips, her lips looking so soft, so gently curved and her cunt, still open and twitching slightly even after I withdrew my fingers.

With out a word I moved up and plunged my cock into her, sliding it easily into her soaking pussy, shoving myself to the hilt. She cried out, “Oh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me.”

I wanted to fuck her hard, and yet I wanted to do it soft. I wanted to do it every way I could so I could feel her around me, while she felt every inch of me. I wanted to fuck her all night, but after seeing her come, after tasting her and now after feeling her taking me I couldn’t hold off. Closing my eyes I let the pleasure sweep through my body, I arched my back and came spurting my cum so deep into her pussy. As I came I felt my strength seem to leave me and I collapsed on top of her, my chest pressing against her breasts.

She turned her head and our lips came together. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste herself on my tongue and lips. We kissed and kissed until my cock finally shrank and slipped out of her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding me tight for the longest time, as we kissed, whispered about how good it felt and then kissed some more. I was ready to spend the night when I heard a car door close. I quickly jumped up and grabbed my clothes and unlocked my sister’s door.

Just as I was about to step into the hallway, my sister spread her legs wide and then smiled at me saying, “Merry Christmas brother.”

“Merry Christmas sis,” I replied. “That had to be the best Christmas present ever.”

“For sure brother, the best present ever.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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