The Bet

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Gary walked into the club and immediately noticed a girl sitting at the bar. There was an extremely cheesy looking guy sitting next to her attempting to to pick her up but failing miserably. After ignoring the guy long enough he left. She looked fantastic wearing a white miniskirt and a black tube top. She had medium sized breasts either a big B or a small C. Gary wasn’t positive. She had long bleach blonde hair and the most gorgeous face he had seen on a girl. Her skin was an amazing tanned color, and her legs looked like they stretched on for days. He had to talk to her.

“Hi,” Gary said sitting down on the vacant bar stool.

“Hello,” she replied. “How are you this evening?”

“Good. How about you?” he asked. “Can I get a Sam Adams?” he asked turning to the bartender.

“I’m fine, she said. The bartender puts a bottle down on a napkin in front of Gary.

“What’s an attractive woman like yourself doing at a bar without your boyfriend?” Gary asks before taking a drink.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” She answered.

“That’s a surprise. I can’t imagine that a girl as beautiful as you wouldn’t have a man.”

“Actually I just got out of a long relationship.”

“Oh that’s too bad. What happened?”

“He couldn’t handle the sex.” She told me.

“Oh,” he was perplexed by the statement. How could a man not enjoy sex with her? “Crap. How rude of me. I’m Gary.” He extended his hand to her.

“Danica,” she said with a smile as she shook his hand.

“Well, Danica, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The two talked for half an hour or so. It was basic chit chat that most people go through when they first meet someone. Gary found it hard to not glance into her cleavage every now and then. Up close he had decided that they were more likely to be C cups than B’s. He wasn’t sure, but he thought they might be fake. If they were the doctor had done a very nice job. Gary looked at his watch.

“Oh man I gotta run. I got a big presentation tomorrow. Can I call you tomorrow? Maybe we can grab dinner tomorrow canlı bahis night?”

“Yeah,” she said writing her number on a napkin. “Just call me whenever.”

“Talk to you then,” he said as he put money on the bar and got up. Gary left the club and headed home.

He woke up the next morning and got ready for work. He couldn’t get Danica off his mind. He wanted the day to be over with and it hadn’t even started. When he got to work his presentation went smoothly and by the end of the day his boss had come to his office to offer him a promotion. Gary’s day was going superbly. Not only did he get offered a promotion but he would be going out with a drop dead gorgeous woman for dinner. As he was walking to his car he pulled out his phone and called her.

“Hey there,” he said.

“Hey. I’m glad you called.”

“Why wouldn’t I call?” he said laughing. “How does eight sound for dinner?”

“That would be great.” Gary could tell that she was smiling. He got directions and headed home. He went into his apartment and changed for dinner. Gary left about seven and headed to Danica’s place. He pulled up in front of her building and went to ring the bell.

“Hello?” her voice came through the intercom.

“Danica? It’s me Gary.”

“Oh ok I’ll buzz you in. It’s the third door on the right after you go up one flight.” A buzzer sounds and he goes in the building. He walks up stairs and down the hall. He knocks on the door. Danica answers the door in a bath robe.

“Hey you’re a bit early. I’ll be just a minute. Just make yourself at home.” She heads back into the bedroom.

“Yeah didn’t know how long it would take to get here so I left my place early.” Gary could see a mirror in her bedroom from his seat on the couch. Danica took the robe off. Her breasts were definitely fake, but they still looked really good. He glanced back at the TV. He heard the door close she must have seen his head in the mirror and realized that if he had been looking then he could see her. He knew that she hadn’t seen him looking at her.

“Ok bahis siteleri I’m all ready,” she said emerging from the bedroom in a black skintight dress that covered the top half of her thigh and had a keyhole in the chest to show off her cleavage.

“You look amazing,” Gary said.

“Why thank you.” The two left the building. He opened the passenger side door for her as she sat down. After closing the door for her he got in and drove to the restaurant he had made reservations at. They sat and ate a very expensive meal and talked about themselves. He told her that he had been given a promotion that afternoon and that dinner with her rounded off what he thought was one of the best days he’d had in a while. After dinner they headed back to her place. They ended up in her living room making out. They stopped kissing for a second. She looked into his eyes.

“Did you like seeing my tits earlier?”

“Huh?” he said playing dumb.

“When I was in my bedroom getting ready I saw you looking at my tits in the mirror.”

“Oh. You saw me?”

“I let you see me.” A smile appeared on her face. I smiled and started kissing her again. She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the couch as I unzipped the zipper on her back. She worked on my belt as I peeled the skintight cloth from her body exposing the mounds of flesh on her chest. All she was wearing at that point was a black g-string. She pulled down my pants leaving me in my boxers. She looked into his eyes after she saw the tent that his cock made with his boxers.

“Let’s go to my room,” she said as she took his hand and led him to the bedroom. Her ass looked perfect as it swished in front of him. She climbed into the large bed and pointed at his boxers and signaled him to drop them. Gary immediately pushed them to the floor and his hard cock bounced out. Danica turned her hand over and hooked her finger telling him to get in the bed. He obliged.

He grabbed on to the little black strings on her hips and peeled the thong off revealing a little blonde patch of pubic hair.

“Eat bahis şirketleri it,” she said forcefully. Gary buried his face in her twat as he licked her pink lips. She moaned loudly as he drove his tongue deeper. He ate her to a climax and sat up., her juices dripping down his chin.

“Now fuck me!” She didn’t have to tell Gary twice. He slammed his hard member into her wet slit and pumped in and out. He fucked her for a solid half hour before he was close to cumming. She felt him getting ready to pull out and screamed, “Don’t you fucking pull out.” This made him blow his load then and there. It felt like a dream it was so good. She came again when she felt his spunk hit her inner walls.

“That was amazing,” Danica said as Gary collapsed on top of her.

“Yeah it was,” Gary agreed. “Girls don’t usually throw them selves on me like that.”

“Well to be honest it was a bet.”


“A girlfriend of mine made a bet with me. We wanted to see who could be the first to sleep with 100 guys and you just won me a thousand dollars.”

“What? If you were at ninety-nine then why didn’t you take that guy that you were ignoring at the bar before I talked to you?”

“He was sixty-something and wanted to hook up again. He was a bad lay.”

“Was I good?”

“It wasn’t the best I’ve had but it wasn’t bad.”

“Thanks,” Gary said sarcastically

“Hey, don’t be like that.”

“How do you want me to be? I mean you used me.”

“I used you for sex. Most guys are cool with that.”

“Well what ever. I’m gonna go.” Gary got dressed and walked out of the apartment.

A few days later Gary was at work in his new office and he got a call from Danica.

“Hey,” her voice came through


“Hey can we try to do this right?” she asked.

“Do what right?”

“I feel bad about the other night. I wanted to know if you wanted to go a movie with me.”

“Sure,” Gary said perking up. “Let me call you when I get off work.”

That night Gary went to a movie with Danica and spent the night with her without having sex. They just talked and spent time together. They decided to take things slow to see if there were any feelings between them that they didn’t have time to look for on their first date.

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