The Birthday Boy Ch. 08

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It had been 6 months now since my 18th birthday, it had also been the same day that mom and I became lovers. I can still remember that night when it all came together, mom and I had shared a tentative kiss at the restaurant that we had gone to for my birthday dinner, just the two of us on what ended up being our first date as a couple. That had been what finally brought out our feelings for each other and we could hardly wait until we got home to demonstrate those feelings physically.

The moment I got mom in the door, she was all over me, kissing my lips passionately, her tongue entwined with mine in a heated game of tonsil hockey. She grabbed at my shirt and ripped it open, sending buttons flying everywhere, baring my sculpted chest, running her hands up and down it she tweaked my nipples bringing a moan from deep in my throat. I couldn’t take this anymore and had to have her.

“Please mom, not here, I want our first time together to be in a bed” I whispered, sweeping her up in my arms our mouths met again as I made my way towards the stairs. When I finally made it up to her bedroom, I tossed her on the bed, eliciting a squeal from her. As I stood there on the bed taking in her beauty, she reached behind her and unzipped her dress, watching the erotic motion of her body slithering around on the bed as she squirmed out of her dress had my cock as hard as a steel pole, and the protrusion in my pants showed it.

As mom squirmed out of her dress, I took the time to unbuckle my pants and let them slip to the floor, pulling her dress up over her head, mom took notice of the tent of my boxers and crawled over to the edge of the bed, I was about to drop them as well, when mom pushed my hands away, and hooked her fingers in the waist band and pulled them down for me, releasing my hard cock from the confines of my underwear. Seeing the state I was in, she looked up into my eyes, and in a very innocent voice she asked.

“Oh, did mommy do this to her little baby?” as she wrapped her warm hand around my stiff cock. I could only moan in response as she worked her hand up and down my shaft. It was then that she leaned forward and I felt the warmth of her lips wrap around the head of my cock, and her tongue tickled the sensitive underside, I knew this wasn’t going to last long. I’d had plenty of blowjobs before, but those were all from inexperience young girls and all of them combined didn’t compare to the one I was getting now.

Watching mom work on my cock was an amazing sight, she was a natural cock sucker and I knew I was the luckiest man alive at this moment. Watching her work her mouth up and down I could feel the tingling in my balls signalling the coming climax.

“Mom I’m gonna cum” I groaned, to which she only responded by speeding up her sucking and before I could pull away, rope after çankaya escort rope of hot thick cum was spraying into her mouth, which she swallowed up greedily, not letting a drop get away from her, it felt like she was going to suck my prostate right out through my urethra. She didn’t let my cock out of her mouth until I had gone soft and she had sucked every possible drop of cum from me. Before climbing up onto me and lying along my chest, it was only then that I really took notice of what she had been wearing underneath her dress.

I could see that she still had on her stockings, which were held up by the black garter belt that she had on, and it matched the black thong that was just barely visible between the beautiful globes of her ass cheeks, her bra also matched the rest of what she had on, black with lace trim along the tops, and I could feel her hard nipples sticking through the material into my chest. I could taste my own cum on her lips as we shared little kisses and although I had never thought about it before, I found that it didn’t taste at all that bad and in fact I rather enjoyed the taste.

“I love you Steve”

“I love you too Stacy”

“You’re the only man I can ever love, there’s no one else for me, for years I’ve fought with the feelings I have for you and how its so wrong, but how can something that feels so good be so wrong?” she poured out, a tear running down her cheek as she finally let her feelings come pouring out. I couldn’t help but take her face in my hands and kiss away her tears.

“I love you so much mom, I know that others may feel that the love we share is wrong, and that we’ll have to be careful in public, but what others think doesn’t matter to me, I have the most beautiful woman as a mother and a lover, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with that fact, you’ll always be the only one for me.”

With that my mom finally smiled again, and I reached back and wrapped my arms around her as we kissed, placing my hands on her ass and kneading those wonderful globes of her ass in my hands, feeling her press her groin against mine, it was obvious what she wanted, and grabbing hold of the gusset of her panties, I pulled it to one side, and she reached behind her, and grabbed hold of my cock and slid it home, a long deep moan coming from us both.

“Oh god, I’m fucking my baby boy, and it feels soooooooo good, fuck me Steve, fuck your mommy” mom moaned as I started with small thrusts into her warm pussy, her hips moving back and forth slightly to match my thrusts. I could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing down on my shaft, I moved my face to hers and we kissed madly as we thrust against each other, everything else in the world was shut out as our bodies became one solid mass of quivering, sweating flesh. It wasn’t long before I escort çankaya felt my balls begin to contract and then with a twitch my cock exploded inside of mom in a torrent of hot cum.

“OH…GOD…YOUR…CUMMING…” mom screamed out, as the feeling of my juices spraying in her pussy sent her over the edge and into a powerful orgasm, her body went stiff on mine, and the feeling of warm liquid flowing over my cock came across me, I had just made my mom cum on my cock, and we both loved it. I may not have lasted as long as I knew I could, but that didn’t matter as I knew that this was the start of a wonderful relationship that would last for many more years to come.

We both lay silent in the bed, mom still impaled on my cock, but her eyes closed and her breathing slowly returning to normal, I kissed her lips softly as I reached down and pulled the sheet over both of us. Tonight we would both sleep soundly, nothing in the world could wake us two love birds up.

That night so many months ago, had been one that neither one of us would ever forget. It was only the beginning of what would be a highly sexual relationship that mom and I would share; we had awoken many times in the night and made love at every chance. The next morning I even enjoyed the fine delicacy of mom’s pussy for breakfast as I planted her on the kitchen table and ate her to multiple screaming orgasms, before climbing up on the table and rutting her for the first of many times that day.

We had learned many things about each other in the past 6 months, like how we enjoyed swapping each others cum in wet sloppy kisses. Mom even let me take her anal virginity, during a very romantic evening on our 3 month anniversary.

I was sitting in class on what seemed like any other day, when the phone in the classroom that was used to communicate between the different classrooms and the main office rang, the teacher answered, and after listening for a few seconds, looked up in my direction, an eyrie feeling came over me and I knew something was wrong.

“Steven you need to go home…” my teacher said and before she could finish I was out the door and bolting down the hall, three teachers tried to tell me to walk, but I didn’t care about them, all I knew was that I needed to get home right away. Hoping in mom’s car I could barely get the keys in the ignition as my hands were shaking, finally I got the car started and was off out of the parking lot in a squeal of the tires. Arriving home in record time, the house was dark and it almost seemed like there was no one home, which had me feeling sick to my stomach. Getting the door open I burst into the house, looking around I found mom, curled up in a ball, sobbing on the couch, running over to her, I took her in my arms and coddled her like she had done to me so many çankaya escort bayan years ago, rocking her slowly and stroking her hair, I waited until she had stopped sobbing before I spoke.

“Mom what’s going on, my teacher said that I had to come home and before she could even tell me that, I knew that something was wrong, are you okay?”

“Oh baby, how could I of been so careless, I should have known this would happen but I never even thought about it, I didn’t think it would happen to us” she said before bursting out into tears again, all I could do was hold her tightly and rub her back soothingly, it was then that I noticed a white stick on the table with blue coloring on the end of it, leaning over I picked it up and it was then that I realized what it was.

“Mom, does this mean what I think it means?” Looking down into her eyes, my answer was already answered by the time she nodded her head.

“You…you mean that I’m going to be a daddy?” I stuttered

“It hasn’t been confirmed, but I knew at this point with you, and I know now, I’m pregnant Steve, I’m carrying our child, I’m so sorry and I’ll understand if you hate me now” mom sobbed.

“Mom you’ve got it all wrong, I couldn’t be more happy about this, I thought that something bad had happened to you, but this is so great I couldn’t be more happier then I am right now” I said before kissing mom passionately on the lips.

“You mean you’re not angry, you want this?” she said, and for the first time since I had arrived home, I saw a smile on her face.

“Yes of course I want this, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be the mother of my children, and had hoped that I could find a way of bringing up the subject. Now why don’t you go freshen up and I’ll make an appointment with the doctor, just so we can confirm the good news” I reassured mom and with a kiss she was off to freshen up and I made an appointment with the doctor for the next day to have mom come in to find out for sure if she was in fact carrying our child or not, and as mom had said, she was pregnant, 3 weeks to be exact.

Having had her worries about the pregnancy eliminated, mom once again became the beautiful woman that I had fallen in love with, and we watched as each day her belly grew and grew to an amazing size at only 4 months, a return trip to the doctors confirmed that she wasn’t only pregnant with our first child, but our first two, they couldn’t explain how they had missed it but it was confirmed that mom was in fact pregnant with twins, and another 5 months later, in a lengthy labour, gave birth to two healthy babies, a girl who we named Samantha, and her younger brother, by about 3 minutes, who we named Christopher. Everybody was healthy and we couldn’t be happier about being a family.

Once the twins were a year old, the four of us packed up and moved out to a new home where we could live happily as a family without having to live behind lies, and in a move that shocked mom to the point of fainting, I proposed to her and we were married in a small ceremony, we were now officially husband and wife, and we finally felt complete.

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