The Birthday E-Mail

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It had started way before the birthday e-mail, a few months before actually. There had been flirting and smiles and quiet conversations and even some shared lunches at work but nothing concrete. When Julie found out Robert’s birthday was coming up, she thought of several ways of celebrating. However, after much thought, all she did was send an e-mail.

Julie was working the night shift and Robert was working the day shift so they would only see each other at shift change and then, only for a few minutes. The e-mail she sent went like this:

“So it’s your birthday today. I thought I’d bake a cake and decorate it with candles and walk into the control room with all the candles lit and have our team mates sing with me. Then, I realized this could trigger our fire suppression system so I nixed that idea. I also thought of bringing in a bouquet of balloons and then remembered one of our midnight conversations where you told me you didn’t like big fusses so I nixed that one too. Finally, this is all you get, an e-mail. I hope you’ll have a great day and an evening filled with whatever you would like. Now, normally, birthday wishes come with a hug and a kiss. If you want them, come see me in the lab before you leave after shift change.”

Julie had sent it just before her night shift was over and Robert was coming in for his last shift that week. She still had one more night to go and would then be off for a few days also.

As Julie went into work that night, she was a bit nervous. She wanted Robert so much but up to now, he’d shown only limited interest. He’d actually told her that he was somewhat intimidated by her, mostly because of her higher education – she had a bachelor’s degree, he had only grade 12. She told him not to get hung up on the difference in education, that it didn’t define her or him for that matter.

When she walked past the control room on her way to the lab, Julie waved at Robert and he nodded back. No smile. Julie was disappointed and figured he would not pop up in the lab. She went in and exchanged the information with the day shift lab operator and told him to go home. She then put her bag and lunch away and took her safety equipment out from her locker in the corner of the lab – glasses, gloves, safety shoes. As she was bending over to put her shoes on, Robert surprised her by yelling “Where’s the lab rat?”

Julie straightened up and turned around and tried to steady her nerves. He laughed and asked “Did I scare you?” “As usual, of course!” By then, she was smiling too. He walked up to her and stood very close and said “I’ve come to get that hug and that kiss you promised”.

Julie was ecstatic. However, she didn’t want to get carried away or scare him away. She put her arms around Robert’s neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek and hugged him, saying “Happy birthday”. His arms wrapped around her waist and he said “Somehow, I expected a bigger kiss than that”. Surprised, Julie pulled back a bit and replied “You’re a big boy, if you want a bigger kiss, go ahead and take it!”

Robert barely let her finish the sentence and kissed her fully on the mouth. Within seconds, she felt his lips opening and let her own open up too. Soon, they were deeply kissing. Julie’s head was spinning and she figured she’d died and gone to heaven. Finally, the kiss ended and Robert pulled her into another hug. After a few minutes, Julie broke the silence “This was really nice, but we’re at work. Maybe you should go. After all, your carpool buddies must be getting impatient by now.” Robert cleared his throat and, without pulling away, said “I should go but I can’t. See, I’ve got this little problem…” canlı bahis With that, he pressed his hand on the small of her back and brought her closer to him and she could then feel his erection. “There’s nothing small about this problem.” With that, he laughed and said that she wasn’t helping things. He did not want to go face anyone else with a tent in his pants.

Julie pulled away and got Robert to turn around and face the lab counter. She then told Robert to think about sitting in the control room and having the machines in bad cycles with this and that problem. Within minutes, Robert’s hard-on disappeared and he turned around. “Thank you, that was quite convincing. Remind me not to have you tell me bedtime stories like that, they’d give me nightmares!” And with that, he left the lab.

With Robert gone, Julie went to work and while she had difficulty concentrating, she managed to get by. She kept thinking about the kiss and how it had awakened her passions. It had been a long, long time since she’d last been with a man and now, she really wanted Robert. Around 4 am, the phone in the lab rang. Julie, figuring that it was the control room calling, picked up the phone and said “What’s up”. Julie was surprised to hear Robert’s voice “I’m up and so is my little problem… I can’t stop thinking about our kiss and can’t go to sleep with this hard on.”

“Do you want me to tell you about the problems at the plant again?”

“No, try something else”

“Well, gee, I can see only a few other options…”

“What are they?”

“Well, you could get up and go take a cold shower. Or you could get up and do some housecleaning. Something to get your mind off the kiss. You could read the bible too.”

At that point, he started laughing. “Any other suggestions?”

“Sure. Instead of trying to fight it, you could give in to it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Go with it, keep thinking about it and play with yourself until you get your release. Or, you could hop in your car and meet me at my place in about 3 hours, after my night shift.”

“That’s too far away, I can’t last that long. Why don’t you talk me through it.”

Julie was stunned. So much so that someone could have pushed her over with a feather. Nonetheless, she wasn’t going to let such a golden opportunity slip away.

“Where are you in your apartment?”

“I’m sitting on the sofa, why?”

“Mmm. Well, just imagine me there with you, we’re standing next to your sofa, kissing like before. We’ve got our hands roaming all over each other’s bodies. I am running one hand through your hair. I love your hair, it’s so soft. My other hand is slowly making its way down. I’m feeling your shoulder, your arm and then your back and all the way down to your rear end. I like your rear end, especially in those jeans that you dislike because the bottom hem keeps rolling up. Those fit your ass so nice and snug.”

She heard him moan softly. She then worried about someone entering the lab so she took the phone and its long extension into the sample preparation room where she could keep an eye on anyone approaching and continued.

“Now, I’m reaching to the front of your pants, forcing your arm to go over mine. While you start undoing the braid in my hair, I’m unzipping your jeans and putting my hand in. Are you rubbing yourself yet?”

All she got as a response was another moan and heavy breathing. Taking that as a yes, she went on.

“At this point, I stop feeling you down there and use both my hands to take your sweatshirt off. I also push down your jeans and your boxers. Instead of going back to kissing you, I start kissing your neck, bahis siteleri your shoulder and then go down to your nipples where I spend a little time. Meanwhile, my hands are back at work on your beautiful erection. I am stroking it up and down with one hand while caressing your love sack with my other hand. Slowly, I make my way down your chest, past your navel and kneel in front of you while I push you onto the sofa.”

He was breathing heavier and heavier and she could picture him stroking himself.

“Tell me what I see when I look at you?”

He seemed a little confused at her question so she guided him further. “How long is it? How thick? Is it hooded or not?” He hesitated and then replied “Six inches long, about an inch and a half in diameter and no hood.”

“Perfect. Don’t stop caressing yourself, just imagine those are my hands. Now imagine my lips on you. I’m kissing the tip of that beautiful hard-on of yours and starting to lick it up and down, just like I would a huge popsicle. Mmm, I can almost taste you. Imagine that I am going down on you, up and down your love shaft, enjoying it immensely. My hand is still playing with your balls very softly. I stop sucking you just for a moment to go kiss those two luscious balls I’ve been playing with and then take you in my mouth, all of you.”

Julie heard him moan again and moaned herself. That seemed to be his undoing and she heard him groan even louder, the kind of groan a man makes when he comes.

“That’s right, let me have every drop of that love potion.”

She heard him moan again and let him enjoy the moment. After a few seconds, Robert seemed to regain his voice.

“Wow, I never thought you’d be so good and this was just over the phone! Thank you for doing this. You have no idea how good it felt.”

“Well, you know where to find me if you want the real thing. Someone’s coming, I have to go.”

Within a second, Robert had hung up and Julie, despite wanting to go to the washroom to go relieve herself, had to get back to work. The rest of the night was non-stop work and Julie didn’t have time for anything but samples.

As she drove home, Julie thought about the phone conversation and figured she’d use it herself to achieve relief before going to sleep. She only wanted to sleep for a few hours so she’d be back on a daytime schedule quickly. In the parking lot of her apartment building, Julie thought she’d recognized Robert’s Blazer but shook her head, figuring it was merely wishful thinking. To her amazement, when she got to the elevator, she found Robert there waiting for her.

“I thought you’d never get home!”

They made it up to her apartment, kissing all the way. Once inside, Robert started undressing her and himself. She stopped him and said “let me have a quick shower first.” He agreed and went to wait in the living room. As she showered, Julie could not stop shaking in anticipation. She hurried but still took the time to put on a nice-smelling lotion all over her body. She put on her robe and went to the living room. Pointing to the patio doors, she said “I don’t want to give a show, let’s go to my room”.

They went to the room and barely made it to the side of the bed that Julie was pushing Robert’s sweatshirt up. He held her face in both hands as soon as she succeeded in getting the shirt off his head and started deep kissing her again. She worked on his pants and got them to go down. He stopped kissing her and said “your only mistake, I wear briefs, not boxers”. She smiled and dropped to her knees to continue on her quest to make the phone call become reality. A one point, as she was taking him all into bahis şirketleri her mouth, he stopped her and said that he wanted to return the favor. They both got on the bed and he laid down and pulled her on top of him. As soon as his lips grazed the inside of her leg, Julie started feeling the tingle of an impending orgasm. By the time, his tongue darted into her pussy, she was on the verge of coming and told him so. That just made him go at her with more passion and she exploded with a loud “Yessssss!”

Her hand never stopped stroking his hard-on. He was even more beautiful than she had imagined. As soon as the first orgasm subsided, Julie got off and turned around and straddled Robert saying “I want you inside, right now. Ooooh.” To finally have him insider her, after months of fantasizing about him was just pure bliss. To Robert, this was the tightest and hottest pussy he’d ever encountered and he grabbed her hips and held her fast against him to stop her from moving. “Stop baby, I don’t want to go too fast.” She just sat there, with her eyes closed and instead of moving her hips, she started contracting her muscles around him. “I don’t care if it’s fast, sweetie, I want you so bad.”

After a minute or two, he let her ride him while he played with her breasts. She bounced up and down on his rod a few times and he stopped her again, this time, telling her he wanted to get on top. She laid down on him and let him spin them both around on the bed so he could be on top. He lay still for a few seconds, propping himself on his elbows while kissing her. “Let’s lay still for a minute or two so I can last longer. You’re so hot, I could shoot off any moment.” Again, she used her vagina’s muscles to squeeze him and he started moaning. “Baby, if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to hold back.” She answered him two ways: She squeezed him some more and said “go for it, take me as fast and hard as you want.” That was all he could take, he plunged in and out of her and gave her a second orgasm while reaching his own as evidenced by their groaning. She wrapped her legs around his hips and hugged him close as the final throes of passion left them. Again, he propped himself up on his elbows and kissed her. He remained inside her, albeit a little softer than he had been. They kissed tenderly for a few minutes and when he stopped, he stroked her hair with one of his hands and said “This is my favorite position”.


“Because it allows for maximum contact, for eye contact if we want it, for kissing, for me seeing you close your eyes and throw back your head in ecstasy, and it lets me feel your breasts against my chest. I also adore having your legs wrapped around my hips like that. Gee, just talking about it, I’m getting aroused again.”

She raised up her head and started kissing him again and also used her muscles to squeeze him gently. She felt him grow hard again. He pulled away and asked “What’s your favorite position?”

“It’s actually this one too! So many people think they have to have sex in all kinds of positions so they can brag about it. This is still the best. We’re well matched in this respect, don’t you think?” She’d been gently rocking her hips under him, still squeezing him inside and by then, he was rock hard again. They resumed kissing and he plunged in and out of her slowly at first and then with more and more intensity until they both reached climax again, hers slightly ahead of his.

After that, he got off her and laid down next to her. He gathered her into his arms and told her she should go to sleep. Within minutes, she was fast asleep, content, in his arms.

When she woke up a few hours later, he was gone. At first, she wondered if she might have just dreamt it all. Then she saw the note on her night table. “Thanks for the best birthday gift of all. Can we celebrate your birthday every few days?”

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