The Business Trip

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This is one of a series of stories set in what I call Universe-J. Universe-J is very much like this universe with a few exceptions.

First the people tend to be a little more sexual and less hung up on sex then they are in our universe. This does not mean that monogamy is the exception. James and Heather were monogamous for a significant amount of time before they “accidentally” swapped partners.

Second the repercussions of unprotected sex are less severe than our universe. Not to say that STDs and unexpected pregnancies don’t occur, just that they occur less frequently and in the case of STDs, a good shot of antibiotic will put you right again. HIV has yet to be introduced so STDs aren’t a death sentence there.

Lastly, pedophilia and incest (which I will not be writing about) are virtually unknown. Children are to be protected and loved, not abused. When they reach the age of consent, they can join in the adult games if they so desire, but there is no pressure on them to do so.

Over time I will be re-publishing stories set in Universe-J with a recurring cast of characters. As well as publishing new stories never published elsewhere.


Chapter 1 – Intro and the Invitation

For those who have been following my adventures, you can skip over the next bit of self-exposition and settle in for another fun time journey.

For those who stayed, my name is James, although I rarely go by my old nickname Jack. If you look at my full name on the author’s mast you’ll see why. I should probably give the usual sex story description of being 6 foot 5 and built like a Greek god, but I’m not. I’m mid-thirties with a few extra pounds and a few extra miles, not your basic chiseled porn stud by any stretch of the imagination.

While my hobby, which has been detailed in previous stories, is collecting and restoring old video games, this particular story involves my day to day job, or as I like to call it, the mortgage maker. It started one day when I was accidently invited to a meeting with the local account manager from a one of our largest software and hardware vendors. After a few hours of boring meeting and a moderately decent lunch, he asked what I did.

When I explained the project I spend most of my time on, he said, “I may have something you’d be interested in. Next month we will be having our big tech conference in Las Vegas. Plenty of seminars and hands on labs, that kind of techy stuff. Let me send you an email invite.”

Sure, Sure. I don’t make the buying decisions, so I’ll never get invited. But, what the hell. I decided to push and asked for an invitation for my partner, who couldn’t make the meeting. In for a penny, in for a pound.

“No problem” I was told. Yah, sure.

Chapter 2 – A Surprise or Two

Well, lo and behold, two days later an invitation with a discount code for 2 free full passes to the show hit my email box. I casually mentioned it to my partner Lauren and we both laughed.

“No way is the boss going to go for sending us to Vegas” she said.

“I agree” I said, “but we need to play the charade through so we can send our regrets to Mr. Salesguy.” I pinged the boss and asked if he had a minute to talk about an opportunity. He replied that he had 5 minutes between meetings and to stop on down. I printed the invite and headed for his office.

Five minutes later I was back at my desk with a shocked look on my face and apparently it showed.

“What happened?” asked Lauren.

“He said yes”, I replied showing her the travel and hotel authorization that he signed. “The only thing he said was to be gentle on the budget with hotel and food.”

Lauren sat blinking, stunned for a second then muttered “he must have gotten laid last night if he is in that good a mood.”

A second later she realized what she said and “but I really didn’t say that. Don’t tell HR.”

I laughed and said “I won’t, if you don’t tell them I agree 100% with what you said.”

A couple of background things. First the reason for the HR comments is they have been aggressively forcing sexual harassment training and seminars since the last lawsuit got a $20 million settlement. Rumor has it a VP was polishing the boardroom desk with the backside of his admin. That act was caught on surveillance video. It went viral and all kinds of shit went down, resulting in the settlement. So they have been all over our asses about anything that could be “harassment”.

Second, Lauren is very sexy. Not really my “type” if I have a type. But sexy.

She is 5 foot 2 (although she says 5 foot 4) very athletic body, meaning not a lot of curves but just enough and small A cup titties. Long dark hair which falls over her boobs if she lets it. Normally, she dresses very conservatively but occasionally she wears a loose top with a V-neck and I can get a glimpse down her shirt when I stand looking over the cube wall at her.

Returning from interrupt, Lauren said, “Well, let’s get the arrangements going fast before canlı bahis he changes his mind.”

I agreed and I told her that I would get it going now and she could copy the form and we’d send them both down to the travel office.

About an hour later, it was done and approved by the travel office. I knew the show hotel would be out of budget, but there were a couple of other hotels nearby that would be cheaper so I suggested those as alternatives and the travel office booked one of those. The flights we wanted were available and the travel office booked those too. We were going to Vegas Baby!

When I got home that night, I told Heather and first her face lit up, she loves Vegas, but then it crashed.

“I can’t go that week” she whined. “I’ve got stuff that needs to get done and I only have 2 days of vacation left until next quarter. My life sucks. You go have fun. I’ll just have to sit home and pout.”

I put my best consoling voice to work and said, “I’m sorry baby. I was so hoping you could come along. Timing is everything and this time it sucks.”

While saying that I came up to her from behind and squeezed her tight and began to massage her lovely titties. The consolation sex that sparked was very nice.

Chapter 3 – Fairy Tail

It seemed like time dragged but finally it was time to go. I had my bag packed and was running my checklist though my head for the hundredth time that night when Heather came up behind me and grabbed me while saying “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Running the list one more time, I slowly said “No, I don’t think so.” That earned me a thump on my butt.

“Still can’t think of anything” I said playing dumb.

“Oh, you” she said undoing my belt buckle. Seconds later my pants were down and my cock was in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm. Still can’t think of anything I am missing. – Ohhhh” as my cock disappeared down her throat. Heather doesn’t normally deep throat me so I decided to skip the dumb act, “Oh yeah. Fuck the wife before I go.” I said.

“Uh-uh” was all she said coming off my cock. “I’m going to suck you dry so you have something to think about while you are gone.”

She then proceeded to slide me back into her throat and licked my balls. She knows I can’t last long when she does that and I didn’t disappoint. Almost immediately I felt the electric fire begin to build in my balls. It built up until I grabbed her head to pull my cock out of her throat so I could shoot my wad into her mouth. Her tongue swirled my cock head in her mouth and then I was shooting blast after blast of my hot cum into her mouth.

While I wasn’t paying attention, she had pulled her shirt off and now dripped some of my seed on her tits. Once I stopped shooting, she dripped some more and started to rub my cum into her nipples. She released my cock and stood up and kissed me hard sliding my man juice into my mouth with her tongue. I kissed her back and we sloshed what was left of my jiz between us until she broke free and swallowed what she had in her mouth with a big show.

I tipped my head down and let the cum drip out into her mouth until she swallowed that too. Just for good measure, she bent down and sucked the last of my cum from the head of my cock while squeezing the last of it out by running her finger along the length of my urethra.

“There. Now you are ready to go. And you better get going, your ride is here and I think she is coming up the sidewalk”, Heather said while pulling her shirt back on.

‘Fuck’ I said in my head as I tried to get my bearings and pull my underwear and pants up.

I was just buckling up the belt when I hear the door open and Heather’s voice call out “Hi, you must be Lauren. I’m Heather, James’ wife. Come on in. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Oh, I’d love to Mrs -.” Lauren started.

“Nonsense, Lauren, Call me Heather.” said Heather as she cut her off. “Mr. and Mrs. are old people.”

“As I was saying, I would love to, but I had a little trouble finding your place and we are now running late because of me. James are you ready?” Lauren called.

“Locked and unloaded” I replied.

Heather stepped forward and gave Lauren a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

‘Oh my gawd.’ I thought to myself, ‘There is no way she can miss the smell of my cum on Heather’s breath. How do I explain this?’

But there was nothing I could do now, so I quickly grabbed my suitcase and ran to the door. I gave Heather a long wet kiss, tasting more of my cum on her lips, grabbed her ass and was out the door.

Lauren tossed me the keys and said, “I am sure you know the fastest and best way to the airport so please drive so we get there on time.”

I waved once more at Heather who was standing at the door with her best ‘cat that ate the canary’ smile. There was going to be retribution coming for this but the hell if I know what or when I would get even.

The trip to the airport was uneventful as was going through security. When I finally dropped my butt in my bahis siteleri seat on the plane, I started to relax. And was interrupted by a gorgeous flight attendant.

“Are you James -?” she hesitated as she struggled with my last name.

I let her off the hook and said “Just James works. That is me.”

She just giggled and said, “Well Just James, the upgrade fairy just made your day. Would you like to gather your things and follow me up to business class?”

Holy shit. This never happens. Not wanting to waste a good thing, I grabbed my bag and followed her tight little wiggling ass up to some much nicer seats.

I had just plunked myself back down when the plane pushed back and we were on our way. Vegas Baby!!

Chapter 4 – Mile High

About an hour into the flight, the beers Melanie (the flight attendant) kept bringing me had their usual effect and I got up to take a piss. I went to go pee but both of the business class toilets were taken. Melanie stuck her head through the curtain and whispered that one of the first class toilets was open. She led me up to the front and around the corner and sure enough, an open toilet. Just in time. I locked the door and began to pee.

Just as I was finishing up, I heard a click and sliding noise from behind me, but since I didn’t want to wash the walls with my piss, I didn’t turn around. Just as I finished, I felt a warm body press up against me and a hand reached around to grab my cock with an expert grip.

“Oh my, you are as big as I thought you’d be” whispered Melanie. Her grip was starting to have a serious effect on my cock as she began to stroke me.

“Is this a drive by hand job, or can I help you too?” I said.

“You are helping already” she said. “My panties are so soaked thinking about you and that big bulge in your pants. If you want to put the seat down and sit down, I’ll be ready in a second.”

With that I heard a zipper and I complied with her request (adding in her unspoken command to unbuckle and drop the pants).

When I finished sitting down I found myself staring at a magnificent shaved pussy. I breathed in the musky aroma and grabbed her ass to pull her closer so I could taste it. She spread her legs as far as the cramped space would allow and I began to lick her pussy lips. I let go of her ass with one hand and brought it to her front and slid my thumb up her cunt and she was right. It was so juicy it ran down my hand.

Just then she reached around and spread her pussy lips so I could suck on her love button. She was hot. It only took a few flicks of my tongue and she started coming. Her pussy clamped down on my thumb and started milking it for all it was worth. My cock was jealous. I couldn’t wait to feel those muscles massage my dick.

“Oh my gawd, I haven’t even gotten your dick inside me and you are making me come” she said.

I just kept licking and rotating my thumb to prime her for another one.

Suddenly she pulled my head back, leaned in and kissed me and said “Lean back cowboy, let’s go for a ride.”

As I tried to comply she spun around, straddled my legs and slid my cock all the way inside her in one smooth motion. Ride ’em cowboy indeed. Her pussy was everything my thumb promised and more. It was hot and slippery and I could feel her juices pooling on my balls. I helped out by reaching around and finding a perfect pair of 38C titties, based on the feel of them. Finding the nipples, I reached down and got some of Melanie’s ample juices on my fingers and began to stroke slick circles around them. I guess that was appreciated as she went off on another shaking orgasm.

Thankfully my thoughtful wife had blown me just before I left for the airport or this would have been over in seconds. As it was I thought I should get a medal for holding out for all of 5 minutes while one of the most luxurious pussies I’ve ever fucked, stroked and massaged and grabbed and squeezed my cock like no other. I think Melanie liked it too. I lost count at seven orgasms for her. She was hot.

Just as her pussy was squeezing my cock for the eighth time, I groaned “I’m coming”.

“Me too” she screamed quietly as she jammed her pussy down on me as deep as I could go.

That electric fire didn’t build this time it just exploded and I began to squirt shot after shot of cum into her hot pulsing pussy. Finally it was over. She reluctantly tried to sit up and slide off of my, but her legs wouldn’t hold her.

So she sat back down, inadvertently burying my cock back into her cunt. Or maybe not inadvertently.

“Give me a minute” she said. “I need to recover a bit.”

With that she leaned over and ran some cold water onto a paper towel and began to wipe herself down. After a couple of minutes, my cock was starting to stir but she slid off of me and stood up. She quickly turned and sucked my semi-hard cock into her mouth licking it round and round.

“If you keep that up” I said “I’m gonna have to stand up and fuck you again. Ohhhhhh. bahis şirketleri What a talented mouth you have.”

“Why thank you sir, but I think I have been off duty long enough. We should be landing shortly and that toilet doesn’t have a seat belt, so I thought I would help clean you up. I do have to say, your cum tastes amazing with my pussy juices.”

She had her hand under her pussy and a big dribble of pooled in her palm before she brought it up and licked it off. With that I stood up and gave her a big tongue kiss just to taste it. And it did taste good. Her pussy was so sweet and my jiz gave it a slightly salty taste.

All too soon she broke it off. “I really need to go” she said. “Please hook my bra, in the loosest hooks, if you please.”

“Anything for a pretty lady” I replied.

“And the zipper” she said after sliding her uniform over her head.

I just complied. As she shimmied everything into palace I felt something pressed into my hand. It was her business card.

I didn’t have any handy so I just whispered into her ear telling her the name of the hotel we were statying at.

“I’ll be laying over for a few days, if you and your cock get bored, give me a call” she said as she popped the lock and slid out.

I quickly re-locked the door as I was still standing with my cock standing straight out in front of me. I put myself together just as the fasten seat belt light came on and I took one quick look around and decided I had a souvenir after all. Melanie’s lacy red panties had been forgotten, but not for long as I stuffed them into a pocket of my pants.

A half hour later we pulled up to the gate and began the orderly chaos of deplaning. I didn’t see Melanie at the door so I just headed into the terminal and waited for Lauren.

Chapter 5 – Lucky HR Isn’t Listening

“What a lucky son of a bitch” were the first words out of Lauren’s mouth. “An upgrade to business while I got stuck with a breast-feeding super mom who wouldn’t quiet her kid down. You better go gambling tonight to see if you can get lucky again.”

Ordinarily I would be less than sober after all those beers, but the sex had cleared my head, so we went out, grabbed the rental car. Since we couldn’t check in for another 3 hours I suggested we stop by the outlet mall. Since it is right by the airport and there are a bunch of fast food places, we could kill two birds. Lauren readily agreed and a short time later, bolstered by some cheap food, we found ourselves in the outlet mall.

After a little walking Lauren asked if we could sit down. I agreed and we sat on a bench between two carts. Lauren seemed to want to say something, so I decided to wait it out.

Finally she spoke up. “This is so totally off the HR radar it never happened. Agreed?”

I said “Sure”.

“How is it that you and Heather” she started then stalled. “What I mean is, when I picked you up today, Heather smelled of sex and so did you. And all I got was a ‘Bye have a good time’ from my hubby. Why didn’t I get laid at least last night?”

At this point, I thought she was going to cry, so I just held her.

“I mean you still smell like sex and I’m probably going to have to use my fingers or the small vibrator I brought along to get me off tonight.”

I must have had the deer in the headlights look, because she quickly said, “I’m sorry. I crossed the line. It must have been the four bottles of airline vodka I chugged to keep from slugging that bitch next to me, I must still be drunk.”

“No” I said. “You asked a valid question and deserve a straight up answer. Heather surprised me this morning by blowing me in the hall just before you showed up. I think she timed it hoping you would show up early and leave me trying to hide a boner from you, but you were late and I blew my load in her mouth. Is that graphic enough to get HR to fire me?”

She smiled and said, “I think we are even now.” She held up her hand with her pinky out and I hooked it with my pinky. “HR reprobates forever.”

“Forever” I echoed. “If you really were asking my advice, then come with me.”

She nodded and we walked a little further down the mall to a shop advertising lingerie at 80% off. She hesitated but followed me in. I walked to the back of the store and stopped at a rack of teddies.

Selecting a pale red one with crotch-less panties, I turned to her and said, “Don’t let your husband see you get into this. Wait until he is in bed then go into the bathroom and change. Make sure the bedroom light is off and leave the bathroom light on for a little dim backlighting. If he doesn’t fuck you, I will personally refund your money.”

“Oh my gawd, I can’t wear something like that. It is so tacky. I would die if I wore something like that to bed” Lauren said turning as red as the teddy.

“Your choice” I said. “When Heather wears something like this to bed I usually end up fucking her twice. The first time is so hot and horny it is over for both of us in nothing flat and then the second one is the slow burning, light her fire over and over again fuck until I can’t hold out and blow my load kind of fuck. Once in a while we even get a third fuck in but usually that one is the next morning.”

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