The Cheryl Cummings Story: Early Years Ch. 05

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Cheryl and Tawnee had to spend the next day at home, alone, together. Neither was happy about the situation. After their fight yesterday and having to spend the entire next day together, they were continually snapping at each other today.

It was definitely going to be hard for them to get along today. Cheryl had just realized not only had Tawnee humiliated her in front of Chris, but also due to the grounding they had received for their little fight, her next date with Chris would have to be cancelled as well!

“Damn it,” she said to herself.

“What’s your problem?” demanded Tawnee.

“None of your business!” snapped Cheryl.

Tawnee felt herself growing angry at her sister. Not only was she stuck here with her mopey sister all day, but she also had just remembered her wrestling team had a big match today and she was missing it.

“If you’re going to mumble to yourself, do it someplace else,” replied Tawnee.

“I’ll do whatever the hell I want, baby sister. It’s your fault we’re in this situation to begin with, if you recall!” snapped Cheryl.

“The hell it is!”

“The hell it isn’t!” replied Cheryl taking a few steps toward her younger sister.

Normally, in the past, this would have been all it would have taken for Tawnee to back down and give in to her sister. But things had changed.

Tawnee took one step forward to close the gap between herself and her older sister.

“Don’t mess with me, child,” threatened Cheryl

“Oh, I’m just terrified,” Tawnee replied, trying to bait her sister.

“I still can’t believe that shit you pulled in front of Chris yesterday,” Cheryl sneered, feeling the anger in her grow at the thought of what had happened.

In spite of her sisters’ anger, Tawnee was not backing down this time. She was angry herself, and if Cheryl thought she could just push her around, she had a few things to learn.

Cheryl finally got ahold of her anger, and turned to walk away from her sister. The anger within Tawnee, however, reached a boiling point, and she decided she wasn’t letting her sister off that easy. She decided a little humiliation was in order again.

As Cheryl began to walk away, Tawnee snuck up behind her, and jerked her sweat pants down to her knees, revealing the girls black silky panties.

“Hey!” Cheryl yelled, dropping the book she had in her hands and grabbing her pants.

“HAHAHAHAHA! Nice panties Cheryl. I thought only big girls got to wear panties like that,” teased Tawnee.

“That was so crude. What has gotten into you lately?” demanded Cheryl. “You are just plain weird these days.”

“What’s gotten into me is that I’m tired of your superior attitude. I’m tired of you pushing me around,” with that, Tawnee reached up and pushed her sister back a step.

“I’m tired of you acting like such a hoity pa toity,” again, another push as Tawnee advanced on her sister. With the pants pulled down around her knees, Cheryl nearly fell over backwards, and had to catch herself on the stepladder that was right beside her to prevent herself from toppling completely over!

“Stop it Tawnee!” demanded Cheryl

Instead of stopping, Tawnee got an evil look in her eye, and grabbed again for her sisters sweat pants. Cheryl struggled to keep her pants up, but Tawnee was stronger and had better leverage.

The loose pants came off in Tawnees hands and Cheryl fell back on the floor, as the pants slipped from her grasp.

Suddenly Cheryl felt vulnerable. Her sister still had a menacing look in her eyes, and Cheryl wanted no part of it. She jumped up and tried to run around her but Tawnee tackled her and forced her back onto her own bed.

Cheryl decided that two could play at this game, so she grabbed at Tawnees top, pushing it upwards above her breasts.

This would seem to have been a mistake, however, for when Cheryl grabbed at her sisters top, Tawnee ducked down and grabbed Cheryl’s black panties and pulled back hard. Cheryl attempted to save them, but again wound up falling back onto the floor – this time without any panties on.

“Stop it!” Cheryl screamed. She jumped up and so did Tawnee.

They grabbed each other’s arms and wrestled briefly before Tawnee got a leg between Cheryl’s and tripped her. As she was falling backwards Cheryl’s hands shot down to cushion the fall.

Tawnee grabbed her and heaved, rolling her onto her stomach. She dropped down with one knee pressing against keçiören escort the small of Cheryl’s back, then gripped the girl’s top and pulled upwards.

Cheryl howled in pain and grabbed at the shirt and the two tugged back and forth before Tawnee got it off, leaving Cheryl in just her black lacey bra now.

Suddenly Cheryl felt very much exposed and embarrassed in front of her little sister. She was completely humiliated, as Tawnee had so easily almost completely stripped her down!

She tried to clutch her arms together over her chest to prevent what would surely happen next, but Tawnee sat on her back, grabbed her arms and forced them up above her head.

“OWE! You’re HURTING ME!” said Cheryl.

Tawnee then squatted over her, her knees coming down on either side of Cheryl’s head, pinning her helplessly. Tawnee knew she was in complete control now, and felt a surge of adrenaline flow through her.

Before Cheryl knew what was happening, Tawnee reached down and grabbed the front hooking bra, unfastening it. At that moment, it sprung free, due to being a little bit too tight on the girl. Tawnee grasped it, and slipped it up along her sisters arms and off.

“Ah haaa!” she crowed, triumphantly.

“Tawnee, get OFF OF ME NOW!!” Cheryl shrieked as her anger and embarrassment overcame her. She felt hot tears forming in her eyes. She was so mad at her sister at this moment, she may never speak to her ever again.

“What’s the matter ‘BIG’ SISTER?” teased Tawnee back at her older sibling. “You think you’re so much better than me – just because you’re a few years older? Well today you need to learn a few lessons I think!”

“You were so afraid of me seeing you masturbate. So afraid that I might know that you have real life desires. So afraid that you might lose your CONTROL over me!” fumed Tawnee.

Suddenly Tawnee was seething with anger. For some reason, her sister had taken on the form of all things that were currently frustrating her.

Losing over and over again to Karen. Being made the fool of by her next door neighbor archrival, not being asked to homecoming, and on & on the list went of things that had gotten her down lately.

Her sister was conveniently providing her the avenue of frustration release! Her eyes seemed to glow green with anger. Cheryl noticed, and it frightened her a bit.

Cheryl decided it might be a good time to try to put some distance between her and her angry sister. Suddenly Tawnee spun around and as Cheryl leapt upwards to try to get away, Tawnee leapt onto her back.

Next, Tawnee threw her arms around her sister’s arms, sliding her hands back together behind Cheryl’s head. Before Cheryl had any idea what was happening, her sister had quickly pinned her in a half nelson, her arms pulled up and her chest pushed out.

They were both on their knees on the floor, grunting and straining and fighting as hard as they could. And Cheryl was completely NAKED!

Tawnee was angry, and Cheryl was plain and simply scared at this point. Again, Tawnee made another unexpected move and heaved Cheryl to one side so she was facing the mirror on the wall.

“So you’re just a sweet little innocent virgin… are you?” panted Tawnee.

“Tawnee, please let me go now,” asked Cheryl feeling completely at the mercy of her younger sister and feeling genuine fear at the total ANGER she heard coming from her sister. Why in the hell was she acting like this?

“How… many times… you jerked off… this… week…Cheryl?” she asked. “How many times did you secretly play with your little pussy, hoping nobody would ever know?”

These words hit home, and made Cheryl genuinely MAD! “Fuck you!” Cheryl snarled, struggling furiously.

“Look at this pretty little body,” Tawnee sneered. She gave a sudden twist and pulled the other girl across her knees as she sat back on her heels. Cheryl rolled and tried to get away but Tawnee pulled both her hands quickly down and held them together at the small of her back.

She was simply too strong for her older sister. All that training had certainly paid off for her. She was in excellent condition.

Cheryl kicked and jerked and thrashed, but she had no leverage to do anything forceful or to even begin to free herself. Tawnee had one arm around her waist and the other pinning her wrists together. She freed the one on Cheryl’s waist briefly and slapped it down hard keçiören escort bayan on the other girl’s upturned buttocks.

Cheryl yowled and struggled harder.

“Tell me how many times have you played with yourself!” Tawnee demanded.

“Nooooooooooo!” cried Cheryl.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Tawnee continued to spank her older sister.

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” cried Cheryl.

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! Cheryl’s ass cheeks turned pink, then red.

“AAAAAAAH!!” Cheryl started to scream. This seemed to at least slow the onslaught of swats onto her butt from her sister.

Tawnee spanked her red ass again and again, until Cheryl’s cries gave way to low grunts at each impact. She was exhausted from the struggle and her ass was burning hot. Hot tears of anger, frustration, and embarrassment flowed down Cheryl’s cheeks.

Tawnee was still mad though. She continued to spank her sister’s ass even as her older sister struggled less and became limp across her thighs.

As Cheryl’s legs slipped apart Tawnee saw her bald little cunt mound appear from between them. She smiled to herself, thinking of how completely she was defeating her older sister and making her look completely like a child.

It was time for her to show her older sister that she was no longer going to be pushed around. That SHE could now take charge!

Instead of hurting her more, Tawnee slid her hand between Cheryl’s thighs and gently but firmly cupped her pussy lips in her hand.

“Do you think you’re better than me Cheryl?” asked Tawnee, as she began playing with her sisters sex.

All Cheryl could manage was more sobbing.

“You know, I know that this little pussy of yours gets HOT – just like mine. I saw you play with it the other night. I saw how hard you came. I know that you get all worked up some nights, and you pump your little fingers into this tight little pussy- just like I do”

As Tawnee talked, she gently continued to caress her sisters pussy.

Cheryl was still in a daze from the spanking she had received, didn’t even realize what was happening to her as her sister began squeezing, then rubbing her pussy.

Tawnee’s middle finger pressed deep into the cleft as she rubbed her hand up and down Cheryl’s sex.

Her sisters bald little pussy was soft and pulpy and felt hot and wet in her grip as she maneuvered her middle finger up and down the cleft.

Tawnee bent down next to her sisters ear and started whispering into it: “Your pussy… is just as hot… as mine, it feels a whole lot like mine when I play with it” she whispered, rubbing more insistently at Cheryl’s clit.

Cheryl moaned and whimpered, her body trying to pull free again. Tawnee held her easily, rubbing her fingers over her sisters ever moistening pussy and continuing to tease her clitoris. Suddenly she thrust her tongue into her sisters ear, eliciting another moan from the helpless girl.

Tawnee had no idea why she began the foreplay with her sister. She had not thought of it in advance at all. It was simply another way she could show complete domination over her sister. Not only could she make her beg for mercy because she was stronger, but she could also make her HOT sexually.

Tawnee tightened her middle finger then and slowly inched it down into Cheryl’s pussy as the other girl jerked and twisted hopelessly.

“You get off just like me. You’re just as hot as I am. You just don’t have the guts to admit it,” she whispered into her sister ear, sensually.

She drove her finger fully into Cheryl’s pussy and then eased a second inside, then a third, pumping them in and out as she ground her thumb down against Cheryl’s clit. Cheryl’s whole body was hot and glistening with heat from the unexpected invasion.

“You’re all wet inside,” Tawnee smiled, pumping a little harder as she suddenly noticed Cheryl’s ass was beginning to wiggle in time with her caresses.

“N… n… noooooo,” Cheryl sniffled. “Am… not.”

“Ha! You ARE hot. You might as well just admit it.”

Tawnee ran her hand over Cheryl’s soft, red round ass cheeks, then slid it flat along the crease and right down between her legs and over her pussy, squeezing it, then pushing two fingers right back inside of her soaking wet pussy.

She began to pump them steadily, building up a bit of a rhythm, flicking her thumb over Cheryl’s clit, sliding her fingers along her escort keçiören sisters G-Spot as she toyed with her.

She pulled her hands out then, letting go of her sister. The struggling on Cheryl’s bed seemed to cease. Suddenly, Tawnee grabbed her sister, and forced her to roll over onto her back on the bed.

Before the dazed girl could respond, Tawnee was between her legs, jerking her thighs wide apart as she pressed her face into Cheryl’s crotch.

Tawnee felt a total rush as she felt totally in control – she was totally dominating her big sister, and it was a total rush to her. She was going to OWN her sister’s sweet little pussy – whether she wanted her to or not.

She had to taste it!

She gently separated her sisters pussy lips open and lightly blew on the pink flesh, causing a moan from her sister to be heard. She next breathed in the wonderful aroma of her big sisters pussy.

Now she could resist no longer. Tawnee pushed her tongue deep into Cheryl’s snatch, slurping and sucking on her juices as she completely lost herself in the act of devouring her big sisters pussy. Loud smacking noises could be heard echoing through the room as she licked and sucked and completely began to eat out her big sisters pussy!

Cheryl’s mouth and eyes opened wide in a shocked expression. She gasped and jerked and groaned, but didn’t try to pull away as Tawnee’s tongue worked it’s way up and down and all over her soaked and messy little slit. Tawnee slid two fingers up inside her sisters pussy and again found the G-Spot and pumped away as she sucked Cheryl’s clit into her mouth and nibbled on it.

“Uuuuuuunnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhh!” Cheryl groaned.

“Yeah,” Tawnee grinned fiercely, opening her mouth wide as she could and mashing it against Cheryl’s cunt. Sucking, chewing, rubbing her lips, tongue, and teeth against the pink and white flesh, then closing her lips tightly and pushing her mouth hard into Cheryl’s cunt, her tongue pushing into and out of the girl’s hole.

Cheryl whimpered and shook, her ass wagging from side to side and humping back at Tawnee ‘s face.

“O MY GOD! O MY GOD! O MY GOD!” groaned Cheryl. She had never experienced any sensation that even remotely compared to this in her entire life! What in the hell was her sister doing to her?!!? She had never even done this with a boy!

Tawnee munched and suckled at her sister’s pussy, her tongue sliding up and down, her lips rubbing from side to side. She stared into her sisters pussy with awe, and gently blew onto it and then she sucked as hard as she could.

And Cheryl… went insane.

Her whimpers grew to sobs, then to great heaving gasps and pants and groans, then to cries of pleasure and delight and shock. She ground her ass back against Tawnee ‘s face with more and more passion and force, her knees sliding apart on the carpet of their own accord to open her crotch up more. She grabbed the back of her sisters head with both hands, forcing it as deeply inside her as she could!

She bucked back, fucking her pussy onto Tawnee ‘s mouth. Her mouth gaped wide open, her eyes tightly closed.

Cheryl had never experienced anything like this in her life, in spite of the fact that it was being forced on her. Forced on her by her little sister, at that.

Though a part of her felt so devastatingly humiliated, that tongue – seemed to be piercing through to her very core!

“Oh – my – God!” gasped Cheryl as she came, bucking and bouncing and crying out as her cum tore through her and blasted her senses apart.

She immediately soaked the footstool, Tawnee’s face, her own ass, and everything around the area. She came everywhere, screaming loudly as she did so.

Tawnee kept licking and sucking as Cheryl began to tremble again, the trembling getting rougher and more violent, and she kept licking as Cheryl came again, and then again!

Finally, she stopped! Like her older sister, she was soaked with sweat, only hers had dampened her clothes. She peeled them off quickly, then knelt behind Cheryl and hugged the shivering girl tightly, kissing her on the neck, and then on the cheek.

Tawnee pulled her sister close and kissed her on the cheek, then on the forehead, hugging her and rocking her as Cheryl slowly regained some control over her senses.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you,” said Tawnee.

“Ummm- I think I would like to be hurt like THAT all the time,” giggled Cheryl.

The two sisters held each other and laughed in one anothers arms.

Cheryl forgave her sister, learned a boundary with her, and experienced the most wonderful sexual experience of her young life, all at the same time!

Tawnee vowed to herself at that moment that she would never hurt her sister again.

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