The Family Camping Trip Ch. 02

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Callie woke early the next morning. The sun was barely up and she was sure her parents were still asleep. She looked over at Jacob; he had thrown his sleeping bag off during the night and was lying on his back with his hand on his stomach. Callie licked her lips and crawled across the tent towards him. She moved up beside him and reached out and ran her hand over his stomach. Jacob murmured something in his sleep then continued to snore.

Callie smiled and reached down and grabbed his semi hard cock. She stroked it a couple of times then lowered her head and wrapped her lips around it, sucking on the head. Jacob moaned and bucked up with his hips as he opened his eyes. Callie turned her head and smiled at him as she bobbed her head up and down over him, running her tongue over his hardening flesh.

“Oh sis, oh god, your mouth feels so good.” Jacob moaned tangling his fingers in her hair as he bucked up with his hips.

Callie sucked harder at his cock as she took more of him into her hungry mouth. She whipped her tongue over him and Jacob cried out and humped his body against her mouth. “God sis, that feels fantastic.” He growled moving her head up and down over him.

Callie sucked on him until he was rock hard then pulled her mouth away. “I wanna be fucked.” She said with a grin.

Jacob smiled at her. “You are insatiable.”

Callie grinned and straddled his lap, his cock resting against her pussy. “Fuck me big brother.” She purred rubbing against him.

Jacob moaned and looked at her through half closed eyes. “Sit on it sis.”

Callie lifted and grabbed his cock. She lined it up at her entrance then slowly slid down over him taking him inside her. Jacob moaned as he felt her envelop him. “Oh fuck yes.” He growled grabbing her hips and raising her over him as he bucked up into her.

“Hm…big brother, oh yes.” Callie purred resting her hands on his stomach as she rode him slow at first then faster. “God big brother, I love your cock in me.” She cried slapping her ass down over him as she rode him hard.

Jacob had his hands on her hips and was helping guide her as he slammed into her whenever she lowered over him. “Oh fuck sis, your pussy is milking me but it feels so damn good.”

“Oh yes big brother, god you feel so good inside me. I’m cummmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggg…” Callie squealed as she slammed harder and faster over him.

“Oh fuck sis, you are so hot.” Jacob growled grabbing her tits and using them to jerk her up and down over him. “I love it when you come all over my cock.” He pierced her harder as he started breathing heavier.

“Big brother, oh fuck yes, so hot and good.” Callie murmured rotating her hips in a circle and tightening her pussy around him.

“Oh fuck sis, ride me.” Jacob growled slamming harder into her.

Callie slammed her body hard up and down over him. “Oh big brother, fuck me make me cum again.” She panted.

Jacob grabbed her hips and slammed her forcefully up and down over him as he slammed hard up into her. Callie squealed and raked her nails down over his chest. “Fuck sis, I’m cummmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggg…” He cried as he pulled her hard down over him and let go.

“Oh yesssssssssssssssssss…” Callie cried out as she arched her body back and let go, her body shaking with release.

Callie collapsed against him and kissed him softly. “Good morning big brother.” She said with a giggle.

Jacob wrapped his arms around her and just held her. “You can wake me up like that anytime sis.”

Callie just snuggled down in his arms completely content.

Frank moved away from his kids tent with a smile on his face. He had always been an early riser liking to let his wife sleep in then wake her with a hot fuck. As he made his way back to his tent he rubbed his cock through his jeans. He was rock hard and throbbing. He climbed back into the tent and quickly stripped then started playing with JoAnne’s tits. As she moaned and slowly opened her eyes he smiled down at her and kissed her nipple. “Good morning honey.” She purred lifting against him.

Frank sucked at her nipple for a minute then climbed on top of her and slid into her. JoAnn moaned as he started slicing into her hard and fast. “Oh…Oh honey yes.” She squealed in surprise. Usually he started out slow with his lovemaking then sped up until they were both panting. This morning he was fucking her like a freight train and she was cumming like crazy. She wondered what had gotten her husband so hot and bothered this morning.

Frank fucked her hard and deep, moaning as she came around him. He grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against him as he pierced into her. He had his eyes closed and in his mind’s eye it wasn’t his wife he was slamming with his hard cock, it was his little girl. As he bottomed out inside her and let go, he bit his lip to keep from calling Callie’s name. As he nuzzled sincan escort JoAnne’s breast, he decided that one way or the other he was going to have his little girl in his bed.

Once everyone was up and around the campfire, they discussed what to do for the day. Jessica suggested going swimming since it was supposed to be a warm day. The consensus around the campfire was that they would go fishing and camping. “Maybe we can catch some fish for dinner.” Frank said as he sat with his arm wrapped around JoAnne’s shoulders.

Callie was sitting at Jacob’s feet and she looked at her father. “Can I stay here? I really don’t feel like going swimming and I hate to fish.”

Frank looked at his daughter and licked his lips. She was dressed in a pair of short shorts and a tank top that stopped halfway down her stomach. “This is supposed to be a family outing honey; I hate to see you left here alone at camp.”

Callie hung her head. “Okay daddy.” She wasn’t happy about it but she had been outvoted.

Just then Trevor spoke up. “I’ll stay here with her, I really don’t feel like swimming either and I can’t catch a fish to save my life.”

Frank looked at Trevor in surprise then looked at his wife. JoAnne just shrugged. “Okay, if it is okay with your parents it’s fine with us.”

Nick and Michelle had no issues so Callie smiled shyly at Trevor. He smiled back and winked which made Callie blush. Everybody got into their swimwear and piled into Nick’s rented SUV. Jessica waved as they pulled out of the campsite. Callie sat back on the ground and looked at Trevor. “So what do you want to do?”

Trevor smiled at her. “Well, why don’t we start by you coming over here.”

Callie’s eyes widened and she bit her lip, but she slowly stood up and moved towards him. She stopped in front of him and looked down at him. “Okay, now what?”

Trevor grabbed her arm and pulled her down into his lap, where he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck. Callie squealed and wiggled against him. “Trevor…” She admonished blushing.

Trevor bit gently on her ear and Callie whimpered. “You have turned into a beautiful young lady Callie.” He said slipping his hand up under her shirt and cupping her breast.

Callie blushed and looked at him. “Trevor, you’re my cousin.”

He caressed her breast with his hand and pulled on her nipple. “So, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.”

Callie blushed harder and wiggled around trying to get off his lap. He tightened his arm around her and ground her down against him. Callie gasped as she felt his cock pressing against her. “Trevor please.” She whined as he continued pulling on her nipple.

“Come on Callie, you gonna tell me you’re a virgin?”

She rested back against his chest and sighed. “Of course not, but your my cousin.”

Trevor took his hand off her breast and pushed it into her shorts. Callie whimpered as he pressed against her pussy. “You keep saying that but so what, I have been fucking Jessica since she turned 18 six months ago.” He flicked his finger against her clit and Callie moaned.

She turned her head and looked at him in surprise. “You have been fucking Jessica?”

Trevor kept playing with her clit as he smiled at her. “Oh yeah, of course dad got there first.”

Callie’s eyes widened as she wiggled around. “Uncle Nick fucked Jessica?”

Trevor lowered his voice and nipped at her neck. “Oh yeah, we are a real close family.” He pushed his fingers further into her shorts and slid a finger inside her. “You gonna tell me you haven’t fucked Jacob or your dad?”

Callie moaned as he slid his finger inside her and she lifted her hips. She blushed as she thought about the hot fucking Jacob had given her this morning. “That’s what I thought.” He said breathlessly.

He slowly sawed his finger in and out and Callie whimpered as her body heated up. Trevor bit at her neck with his teeth then kissed it gently. “Come on Callie, the folks won’t be back for hours. Let’s have some fun.” He shifted around so she felt his cock rubbing against her.

Callie’s breathing was getting heavier as he turned her body on. She wanted to tell him no, but hell she had already fucked Jacob. What was the harm in having some fun with Trevor? “O…Okay.” She sighed.

Trevor grinned and nibbled at her neck. “I promise you won’t regret it.” He pulled his hand free and Callie sighed in disappointment. He lifted her off his lap then stood up and took her hand in his. “Come on, let’s go somewhere more private.”

Callie followed him to the tent he shared with Jessica. She smiled as she realized both sleeping bags were connected. It was obvious Jessica and Trevor didn’t let the family camp out affect their playing together. Trevor led her over to the sleeping bag and pushed her back onto it as he followed her down and captured her lips with his.

The sincan escort bayan kiss was soft at first then harder as Trevor pushed his tongue into her mouth. Callie moaned and sucked on his tongue as she arched against him. Trevor grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head then kissed her again as he pawed at her breast with his hand. “You have bigger tits then Jessica.” He murmured against her lips.

Callie giggled and pressed into his hand. “Do you like them?”

Trevor moaned and lowered his head nuzzling at her breast with his lips. “Oh yeah, I love them.” He sighed wrapping his lips around one of her nipples and sucking hard at it.

Callie purred and arched against him as he cupped her other breast and caressed it with his fingers. “God I love your tits, they are so hard and pert. They fit my hand perfectly.” He murmured wrapping his tongue around her nipple.

“Oh Trevor, oh yes.” Callie cried tangling her fingers in his hair.

Trevor sucked at her nipple until it was rock hard then he moved over to the other one and gave it the same treatment. Callie purred and ran her fingers through his hair and down his back as she arched against him. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and she loved how his muscles bunched under her fingers.

Trevor got both nipples rock hard then he started kissing his way down her body. He dropped kisses on her stomach and pelvic bone as he undid her shorts and slid them down her legs, following them with his lips. He kissed his way down her legs and Callie shivered and watched him through half closed eyes. He pulled her shorts off and threw them to the side then kissed his way back up.

By the time he got back to her pussy, Callie was breathing hard and her pussy was burning with need. “Trevor please,” she begged softly pulling on her tits.

Trevor looked up at her and smiled. “Oh don’t worry little cousin, I won’t make you suffer.” He lowered his head and ran his lips over each of her pussy lips.

Callie cried out and lifted against him. “Oh yes, eat me please.” She begged tossing her head back and forth.

Trevor chuckled, she was hotter then Jessica was and he loved it. He felt his cock straining against his shorts but ignored it. That would come soon enough. He reached up and spread her pussy lips open and moaned. Her clit was peeking out of its hood and Trevor blew gently on it. Callie whimpered and arched against him. “Trevor, oh please.” She begged rocking her hips back and forth.

Trevor knew Jessica loved being teased before he ate her, but Callie was so hot he took pity on her. He lowered his head and brushed his tongue against her clit. Callie let out a ragged breath and moaned as she lifted against him. “Oh yes, eat me.” She purred tangling her fingers in his hair.

Trevor worked his tongue over her seductively and Callie purred and lifted against him. He pushed two fingers inside her and whimpered as he felt how wet and tight she was. He knew he had to fuck her and he attacked her pussy with gusto. He wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking hard and wrapping his tongue around it as he slammed his fingers furiously in and out of her.

Callie squealed and started wiggling around. “Ugh, oh yes, oh fuck eat me. Make me cum.” She cried.

Trevor sucked harder at her clit, his teeth grazing the sensitive flesh as his fingers flew in and out of her. Callie whimpered and humped her body against him as she started panting with desire. “Oh fuck, oh god Trevor, yes, I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg…”

Trevor sucked harder at her clit and forced his fingers faster inside her. Callie cried out and humped against him. “Fuck Trevor, you’re going to make me cum again.” She panted clawing at her tits.

Trevor just growled and sucked harder at her cunt. Callie whimpered and rocked her body as she clung to his hair, holding him tight against her. “Ugh, oh yes, so good. Eat me.” She panted bending her legs and raising her body against his mouth

Trevor nibbled on her clit and Callie screamed as she went flying over the edge once more. “Oh god Trevor, oh yessssssssssssssssssssssss…” She hissed as her body spasmed.

Trevor pulled his fingers free and lifted his head. Callie was breathing hard and looked down at him through half closed eyes. “That was fantastic.” She sighed.

Trevor grinned and sat back on his knees. He reached for the button of his shorts and Callie licked her lips. She sat up and grabbed for his crotch as he shimmied out of his shorts. When his cock was free, she moved to her knees and lowered her head, running her tongue over the head. Trevor moaned and closed his eyes as he tangled his fingers in her hair. “Oh yeah baby, suck that cock.” He moaned.

Callie wrapped her lips around him and lowered her head taking more of his cock into her hungry mouth. Trevor let out a ragged breath as he felt her tongue moving escort sincan over him. “Oh yeah baby, you have such a sweet mouth.” He growled slowly fucking her face.

Callie moaned and moved her head up and down over him, when he pushed against her throat she took a deep breath through her nose and swallowed. Trevor let out a strangled cry as he felt his cock slip into her throat and he sent precum slithering down her throat.

Callie closed her eyes and sighed as she pulled him out of her throat and sucked hard at the head. Trevor whimpered and tightened his fingers in her hair. “Oh fuck yes,” He sighed fucking her face harder.

Callie held her head still and let him fuck her face while she ran her tongue over him. She grazed his hard flesh with her teeth and Trevor whined. He pulled her face off of him and pulled her lips to his kissing her hard. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed against him as she kissed him back. Trevor softened the kiss and teased her lips with his. Callie whimpered and pressed tighter against him. He pulled his face away and cupped her cheeks. “Roll over on your hands and knees baby.” He said huskily.

She leaned forward and kissed his nose then pulled out of his grasp. She moved to her hands and knees facing away from him and wiggled her ass while she looked at him over her shoulder with a sexy grin.

Trevor moved up behind her and rubbed her ass. “You ready for a real cock baby?” He asked pushing two fingers inside her.

Callie moaned and pressed back against him as she hung her head. “Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me good.” She purred.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her. Callie purred and wiggled her hips. “Don’t tease me, fuck me.” She whined.

Trevor laughed and lined his cock up at her entrance, he slammed forward with his hips and Callie squealed as he filled her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him as he started fucking her with long, slow strokes. “Oh yeah, nice tight little hole.” He moaned tipping his head back and closing his eyes.

“Hm…Nice big cock.” Callie purred pressing back against him pulling him deeper inside her.

Trevor chuckled and pierced her hard. Callie whimpered as he started drilling into her with fast, short jabs. He would pull out to the head then slam forward impaling her once more. Callie cried out as pleasure coursed through her. “Fuck…” She panted slamming her body hard against him. “That’s it slam me, ram that cock inside me.” She growled tossing her head back and forth as she dug her nails into the sleeping bag.

Trevor growled and dug his nails into her hips as he forced her back against him. “Oh yeah, take that cock bitch.” He growled drilling her harder.

“Ugh…Oh fuck, give it to me.” She squealed raking her nails through the bag.

Trevor just pounded her harder and faster, his cock splitting her open and Callie squealed and rammed her body harder against him. “Oh fuck yessssssssssss, fuck me. I’m cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggg…”

Trevor growled as he felt her tighten around him. “Oh fuck yes…” He hissed pounding her even harder and faster.

Callie felt her body rocked forward from his powerful thrusts and she cried out as she went flying over the edge once more. “Oh fuck I love your cock.” She squealed as her body shook with release.

Trevor’s nails dug into her hips as her pounded her ruthlessly. He was breathing hard and felt his balls burn. “Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…” He cried as he bottomed out in her and let go.

“Oh yeah, cum in mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” She squealed.

Trevor let go of her and pulled back collapsing on his knees as he tried to get his breath back. Callie turned around and sat back on her knees smiling at him. “You are one great fuck.” She said with a huge smile on her face.

Trevor grinned and put his hands on his legs. “Thanks, you weren’t to bad yourself.” He leaned forward and kissed her softly. “To bad we only have this weekend, I would love to have that sweet pussy again.”

Callie giggled as she pulled her shorts back on. “Yeah to bad you live across the country.”

Trevor just shrugged and got dressed. “We do what we have to do dear cousin.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard then swatted her on the ass. “Come on, they should be back anytime.”

They climbed out of the tent and were hanging around the empty fireplace when Nick’s car pulled up. Jessica jumped out of the car and ran over to Callie; she leaned down like she was giving her a hug and whispered in her ear. “So did you fuck Trevor?”

Callie leaned back and looked at her in surprise. “What?” She asked.

Jessica smiled and looked at her curiously. Callie smiled and nodded. Jessica squealed and hugged her again. “Good isn’t he?” She whispered in her ear.

Callie giggled and hugged her back. “Oh hell yeah.”

Both girls giggled then Jessica pulled away and went to change. Trevor looked at Callie curiously so she just smiled and he grinned and lifted his coke can to her. Callie sat back and smiled at everybody her pussy still singing from the hard fuck Trevor had given her.

To be continued:

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