The Family Cruise Ch. 01

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All characters are over the age of 18. This story is purely fictional, any similarities to any real persons or entities is entirely coincidental.

This is the story of a young man and a very naughty video he finds featuring his lovely parents in a steamy foursome with his mother’s brother and sister… Hope you enjoy!


Hi. My name is Frankie Sanders from Detroit, Michigan and I am here to tell you about the day my curiosity lead me to the most satisfying day of my life! Some say curiosity kills the cat, however with me curiosity came in the cat!

Anyways, I’ll get to my story…

My name is Frankie and my parents are Bill and Linda Sanders. I am an only child and grew up with my two beautiful parents in a lovely suburb of Detroit. Some consider Detroit to be ugly and warn down, but I loved my hometown. My father Bill was a banker, and moved up fairly high at his bank thus providing a fairly luxurious lifestyle for our family. Nothing too extravagant, but we did have money. Daddy Bill was about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds; nothing to write home about but Dad was a solid, yet wiry man with slightly greying black hair. Dad has always been my best friend.

Mom, or Linda, is a knockout. Her hair was blonde in her younger days but now she sports an auburn look down to the middle of her back. She is 5’7″ with large melon shaped breasts that sag just a little due to age,, but still have perfect shape. Her body is thick, but in shape and Mommy has a delicious fat ass (that I found out is pale white, despite the rest of her gorgeous tan body, from catching her tanning one day). Mom has always been the stereotypical perfect mother, giving me too much attention but always prim and proper with her baby boy, Frankie.

I had never previously thought of my mother or father in a sexual manner at all, despite it being a common fantasy for boys of my age (18 and soon leaving for college). That is until one frustrating night out on the town. I planned to go out with a couple of buddies drinking and partying the night away, but a couple parties got broken up and my fake ID got taken at a local gas station on my way home. A perfect end to a ruined night, or so I thought.

When I arrived home no later than 10 pm that night, I went to say goodnight to my parents as I always did when I returned home (sober or not). However, what I did not realize at the time was that my parents were expecting me home at 3 am in a cab, not only an hour or so after I left! I approached a half closed bedroom door leading to my parent’s room (that was always wide open) and heard a steady smacking sound with muffled noises coming from my parent’s bed. Before my brain could process what was actually happening, I stumbled into the door calling out, “Mom, Dad, goodnight! Love ya!” quickly closing the door I kneed into, and heading back down the hall…

As I walked back down the hall waiting for a response from my parents, since they probably weren’t asleep by that time yet.

All I heard was a muffled, “Oh fuck!” from my father, and a gasping “Oh shit was that Frank?” out of my mother…

I didn’t fully realize what I had just almost witnessed until I heard my parents muffled reactions to my goodnight call. WOW! I was just on the verge of walking in on my parent’s hot sex! I was scared, I didn’t know whether or not to go throw up (which I know was what I was supposed to do) or to jack myself off into my shower drain because of how erotic it all was (which was so forbidden, yet so appealing and exotic to me). That was the feeling my body was yearning for, as my 9 inch dick sprang upright curving back towards my stomach because it was so rigid. My balls tightened and my mind went wild… I felt so disgusted with myself, however my body knew exactly what I wanted.

I quietly headed clear across the house and upstairs to my bedroom, and turned on the shower. I climbed inside and stood there, wanting to masturbate but too scared to admit my feelings to myself.

I quickly exited the shower and logged on to Facebook to do some relaxing, trying to clear my mind. As I chatted sincan escort about nothing in particular with nobody in particular I couldn’t help but stop my mind from wandering to thinking about what my parents were actually doing when I interrupted them. What position were they in, what did it look like, was my mom loving it, was my father about to cum, had Linda already came, would they finish up after I left, did Bill cum on my Mommy’s titties or did he just cum inside her spasming pussy? All questions I asked myself and found my dick getting harder than I had ever remembered it being.

I logged off of Facebook and googled “Incest Porn” for the first time in my life. I found some appealing videos and learned my experience with enjoying what happened with my parents earlier that night was not as rare as I had imagined. I jacked my hot pink dick to the image in my head of my mother riding my father, to them switching and Bill fucking Linda from behind, pulling on her hair hard. Then, in my mind, they switched to missionary. With Daddy pounding my mother’s hot cunt while kneading her fat tits with his hands and mouth, sucking and tugging on them as he shot his spunk deep in her womb.

In my mind, that is what I imagined them doing. I came hard on myself, my thick 9-inch penis meat shot globs of hot steamy chunky spunk onto my stomach and hand thinking about my parents. I had found a new obsession.

My obsession grew in my mind, and I found that any time I had at home alone I would spend looking at my mother’s bras and pounding my dick off into some tissues.

Most of the time I would pick one of my mother Linda’s bras and touch and fondle it, maybe rub my dick all over it, put it away, and then spank my cock to my mommy. It was all too erotic, and even though I am no way gay or bi at all, I found myself imagining my father Bill as well. Was he a good fucker, how big was his cock, bigger than mine, thicker than mine, did mommy love it, dick mommy suck daddy’s fat dick, and let him titty fuck her, did he cum all down her throat, what position got daddy off? I was so turned on not really by Bill or by Linda, but by MY PARENTS. The fact that they were proper mommy and daddy turned me on so much, I wanted to know how kinky they were and looking at mommy’s 34 D bra wasn’t getting it done anymore. I searched for clues of their kinky hot sex.

I found a dildo in one of my mother’s drawers under her socks, and found some lube and hustler magazines in my dad’s. That material got me off so much, especially when I found some lesbian MILF porn in my mommy’s drawer. I was getting bored of that subject, until I found a video in my dad’s drawer titled “Let Me Watch You Fuck My Wife”.

That video turned me on to a whole new side of my parents… The fact that my father enjoys other people fucking his wife was a mind-blowing thought, but it turned me on. My masturbatory habits got old quick, however. I was tired of only exhausting the same fantasy, I wanted to watch my parents have sex, or quite possibly even have sex with my parents. But I had enough of fantasizing! It just was like a bad tease for me…

I made one last ditch effort to quit my masturbatory habits, by scavenging my parent’s entire bedroom to find video of them fucking, or nude, or anything slightly sexual just so I could finish the fantasy off for good.

Then I found them.

I found a box of old videotapes labeled “Family Vacation 2007” followed by 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Dammit! That’s right the most boring vacation ever would soon be underway as always in late February of each year. My parents started the tradition not too many years ago where they would go on a cruise (to a new location each year) with my Aunt Meredith and Uncle Chuck, my mother’s brother and sister. They would leave their families and spouses at home and go with my parents, however I was always forced to attend (mainly because I was a rebel child and wasn’t trusted at home alone).

On the cruise I would always be put in groups with other kids put on by the cruise, and left in a room on sincan escort bayan my own. Mainly because my parents were drinking with my uncle and aunt and didn’t want to encourage that type of behavior in their already rebellious son. In more recent years I had tried to bring a girl home to my room with me, since I always stayed by myself, but to no avail. They willing ones weren’t good-looking and the good-looking ones weren’t willing. Typical.

However, as I stared at the videotapes I couldn’t recall anyone bringing or recording any footage. Perhaps, just maybe, these were sex tapes I had been looking for. But there’s no way my parents would record on a cruise, but not at home, so I remained doubtful.

I put in the first tape and watched pessimistically wondering why there was 12 hours of footage on a 4 day cruise each year. My wondering was quickly put to rest…

The video opened with my dad’s face staring up way too close to the camera shouting, “IS THIS THING EVEN ON?!” before realizing it indeed was. Then he grabbed it and held it to his eye as he walked over to the other side of the room (which I quickly identified to be the cruise we took that year in the Bahamas and Florida). Then the camera took focus.

I saw my tall and beefy uncle Chuck naked from behind as my dad approached him and stood by his side. Then the camera angled down as my father focused on his massive erect cock, then shifting to Uncle Chuck’s equally large and erect rod. Both my father and my uncle were stroking their cocks as the camera focused on the bed.

My mind raced with thoughts, and I paused the video. “THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!” my mind screamed. However, I knew it was wrong, and I momentarily questioned whether or not I wanted to continue. Then I looked towards the screen and studied the image before me. Two rock hard cocks in hand, with the façade of females in the background, though not yet focused on.

My dad’s cock was very similar to mine. However just on a larger scale! My father’s dick was huge! I’m guessing at least 10 inches (which I learned later to actually measure out to 10.8 inches), and considerably thicker than mine. My dad truly does have a pornstar dick. It was hard and starting to beam red through his white skin as he became more aroused.

Uncle Chuck’s dick was not as impressive, however it was no slouch to say the least. Big Uncle Chuck had a 8 inch dick (smaller than my father and I) yet he was thicker than us both. His cock was an impressive thickness, the kind that would drive any woman wild. Uncle Chuck’s dick curved a bit to the left but always sprang up toward his belly when he would let it go, showing off how hard he was.

How could I pass up this opportunity? My biggest fantasy was about to be revealed to me and I needed to continue, I pressed play to see the bed focused in on through my father’s viewpoint.

There was my aunt Meredith sitting against the headboard of the bed and grasping her knees and pulling them to her chest completely nude as my mother Linda ate her pussy.

I immediately pulled out my now rock hard cock, and began to jack myself as my mind raced, spun, and jumped about from thought to thought. Not only was my mother eating a pussy, she was eating her sister’s pussy. While her husband and brother masturbated while they watched. Yes it was perverted, and wrong. But it was the sexiest thing I could have ever imagined. My dick began too ooze precum begging to be tugged off, but I wanted to save my climax for my parents climax.

The video continued on…

My father walked to stand directly beside my mother’s face, focusing on my auntie’s pussy and what my mother was doing to it. Mommy used her left hand to spread auntie’s pussy lips giving better access to her womanhood. My mother used her right hand to slip three fingers in and out of her sister as fast as she could, all the while licking and sucking on her sister’s now swollen clit.

My gorgeous Aunt Meredith stands 5’5″ inches tall with dirty blonde hair down to the top of her bubble butt. It is her escort sincan best asset by far, it perks up despite her old age and its fat enough to sag and flop around if you fuck it. It is a beauty and I found myself beginning to obsess over when it would finally come on screen. Her 32 D tits are huge for her body and are wonderfully full looking; I bet they weigh a good 7 lbs each. My aunts areolae are large and probably a good 4 inches in diameter. Her gumdrop nipples stood erect on her chest writhing on her orbs as she shook violently from the intense orgasm my mother was causing between her legs. She came hard on mom’s face as she groped and tugged on her own boobs as she shouted through her cum.

As auntie finished her orgasm my mom finally released her pussy from hand and mouth. Then daddy mounted the camera… As my aunt and mother’s sister recovered on the bed from a massive orgasm, my mother kneeled on the hotel floor while Daddy and Uncle Chuck took either side of her and fed her their dicks. Mom would deep throat her brother for a while down to his balls while she jacked her husband. I heard my uncle groaning as his baby sister swallowed his cock. Then mom switched as she deep throated her husband and my father on camera, while stroking and tugging her brother’s balls.

Mom released Dad’s dick and began to bob swirling her tongue all around my uncle’s cock while taking to her the back of her throat then up to the tip of his shaft as fast as she could. She looked like a porn queen, and I had to hold back my own orgasm.

Mommy switched back to Daddy and spit all over his cock so she could have lubricant for jacking it while she gave my father’s sensitive balls some much needed attention. Apparently my father and I are very similar in that we love to have our balls played wither when we are extremely hard. I tugged on my juicy testicles fairly hard as I watched Mommy do the same to my father on the screen. Mom sucked each testicle into her mouth and popped them in her mouth pulling a little bit down on dad’s scrotum. She went back and forth from teste to teste as she jacked his huge penis atop her forehead. Then my mother took Dad’s entire scrotum in her mouth and sucked it deep in her mouth while licking his sack. Dad was so turned on he demanded to fuck her right then and there.

Mom knew what Daddy wanted and got on all fours while my father positioned himself behind her, ready to pound her cunt from behind. Then my aunt came back to life, and slid under my mother in a 69 position, to lick her clit while she watched my father hump his dick crazed wife from behind. Auntie Meredith gave oral attention to both my mother and father as I saw Daddy switch off and on between fucking his wife’s glorious pussy-hole from behind and throat fucking his wife’s whore of a sister.

Then Uncle Chuck got in on the mix. He entered his sister Meredith in missionary position and began to pump his thick meaty cock into her soaking gash. My mother was on the verge of orgasm as I herd her shout “I’M GONNA CUMMMMM!!!!”

Upon hearing this, Uncle Chuck threw his cock immediately to the back of his sister, and my mother’s, face and began to furiously face fuck her as her orgasm hit from my father’s ravenous pussy fucking. When my mother’s orgasm hit her, she triggered a cum shot from both ends from both my daddy and her brother. Dad came hard up mom’s cunt as he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass hard against him and held her there deeply impaled on a rock hard cum spurting piece of cock. Then Uncle Chuck shot his load down her throat and eventually pulled out spurting his last three strands of cum on his baby sister’s face and on her hair.

Auntie began to clean my mommy up, sucking the cum out from her gaping pussy that had just been left void by my father’s massive prick. Mother cooed as her sister ate her cunt, while cleaning the cum out of it. Then after Uncle Chuck finished slapping his semi hard cock on my mommy’s forehead to drain it of man juice, auntie licked up all the rest of the cum. The video cut to an end as I shot my own man juice all over the floor after all the excitement my mind just received, I came harder then I ever had before… Shooting my massive load all over the tile felt so good and couldn’t help but lie there for a while, thinking of how I would somehow engage myself in our upcoming family cruise’s activities…


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