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Big Tits

At 11:30, I mopped the kitchen and the dish room. I finally switched off the pizza ovens and, with every part and dish clean and in its place, I sprayed down the sinks by the big Autochlor. My back ached from hunching over the low make table. I was headachy and dirty with sweat from the heat in the back of the house. Jessica was talking with Greg when I headed back toward the office to sit down for a smoke on the clock; I snuck a look at her pacing behind the counter, her ass rocking small and firm in close black pants.

I sparked a Marlboro light and had barely smoked the coal to the center of the cig when Jess came into the office. Her long hair was pulled into a tight ponytail; she had recently touched up her dye job, and her locks waved a warm blonde. Under her mesh work shirt, her tits swayed large in a loose bra. The raised dot of one nipple stood out. I tried not to stare too long as Jessica came to stand in front of the computer and ponder the screen.

“Are you done?” She asked.


“I’ll clock you out here.”

I dragged on my smoke canlı bahis again. Jessica’s emerald eyes seemed hesitant to meet mine. I stretched, tense, and crushed my cigarette in the ashtray. As I stood to un-tuck my shirt, Jessica stepped close and pushed herself against me. She reached across my face to the near shelf, her mouth kissing distance from mine and her breasts brushing me slowly. I stood where I was. This was Jessica testing the waters. I would show her that I was willing. Her perfume was light and enticing.

And then her hand was on my back. She braced herself against me and took a folder from the shelf. Then she turned and was in front of me. I could see my reflection in her small-frame specs. Her eyes were reluctant for a second more; then I slipped my hand gently onto her hip and, at last, she turned her gaze on me.

Jessica dropped the folder and moved in to kiss me briefly. Just a few touches at first, explorative and curious. As we drew closer together, our arms around each other, Jessica kissed me more deeply. Lustily now, opening her mouth and bahis siteleri offering me her tongue. I could not help but respond in kind. We kissed for minutes, hands roaming and tongue tips swirling around each other. She tasted smoky. I pushed my hand up Jessica’s shirt to feel the soft skin of her back as she ground hungrily against me. Her breasts were squashed against my chest. And then she pushed me down into my chair and straddled me.

We mashed mouths again; I wasted no time in reaching under her shirt to cup her heavy tits. Jessica’s nipples were hard and she sighed as I thumbed them through her bra. She fumbled at my belt and I heard my keys hit the floor as she got the buckle undone. As her eager fingers worked down my zipper, I pushed her bra up out of the way and bent forward to suck on one swinging tit. Then my stiff cock was free and Jessica was jerking it hard. We kissed again and she was nearly ravenous. She bit her lip and gave me a wicked and desirous smile as she sank to her knees between my legs.

Jessica’s tongue swirled over the tip of my bahis şirketleri dick. It ran torturously up the shaft to tease base of the head. Then Jess fastened her thin lips over my dick and began to take my entirety down her throat. I groaned in spite of myself, fires of pleasure consuming me. She sucked so hard and fast! And she was loud. Her lips went concave and she slurped on my cock as if she couldn’t wait for me to explode. Her lips on me, her tongue coiling; Jessica sucked my dick like she worshipped it. The tab of my zipper pushed against my cock shaft; the unyielding pressure was strangely pleasurable. I put my hands on the back of her bobbing head and jerked my hips up. This only seemed to spur her on, and she engulfed me completely, down to the balls, before I began to cum in her mouth.

The release was fantastic. Jessica kept her lips tight at the base of my cock shaft, her throat working noisily to swallow every jet of cum I pumped into her. At last, I was spent and Jessica released me. She stood and adjusted her bra. Then she smiled and let her hair down.

“You have a ride home?” She asked.

“Now that you mention it . . .” I tried to joke with my throat dry and my body drained of energy.

Jess grinned. “I hope you don’t mind if we stop at my place first.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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