The Housemate

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It was a bitterly cold evening and it was only September. I remembered viewing the house a year ago and demanding that I had the top bedroom – well how I regretted that now. The room was a converted attic and had no central heating; a slanting ceiling cast both sides of the room in darkness leaving my desk the only space where the flimsy light bulb could beam. I breathed out with a sigh and saw small plumes of mist in front of my eyes, if it’s like this now what’s the winter going to be like? I decided to call it a night and head to bed for some much needed warmth.

“Hey Alex do you fancy a cup of tea?”

It was my housemate Owen shouting up from the warm depths below.

“Yeah man go for it, be down in a sec”

At least I wouldn’t see my bloody breath down there. I sauntered down the tight staircase past the comparatively small other bedrooms (centrally heated I might add) and into the lounge area. For a student house it was needlessly equipped with a full size dining table, glass cabinets and a disused fireplace. Pulled down blinds covered the long glass windows that looked out onto the quiet affluent Janet Street. Next to the window was a bench of sorts that was too narrow to be comfortable. I heard the kettle whistle in the kitchen and quickly settled myself into the only decent bit of furniture in the house: a big soft red sofa. Owen placed three cups of tea down on a highly impractical glass table.

“Oh is Anna joining us?”

Before Owen could answer Anna my other housemate jumped into the room and plumped herself onto the sofa beside me. One thing I hated about Anna was her over the top hyperactivity: she could never enter a room without some grand entrance. Still I couldn’t be too angry, Owen bored the fuck out of me so having Anna at least alleviated the boredom.

Owen was a thin and gangly guy who had nothing particularly wrong with him but that just made him even duller. He started talking about his new module in South African History or something and I was beginning to think I should have stayed in my igloo upstairs. I glanced over at Anna and saw she was actually paying attention to this douche. What a mismatch this was why the hell I’d signed a contract to live with them I’ll never know. To cut a long story short I was drunk and thought it was a good idea but then everything seems a good idea when you’re drunk. Anna had pushed it, our relationship in the first year of University had been pretty fraught with arguments and there had been a couple of times when we might of hooked up but it never happened and I had not really given it a second thought since.

Anna wasn’t tall or beautiful but she used what she had to the maximum. She was medium height with pale skin and piercing green eyes, her hair was black with flecks of red and her lips were full and luscious. What stood out on Anna were her breasts, big and perfectly shaped they threatened to pop out at any moment. As she continued her conversation canlı bahis with Owen I let my peripheries wander down her body: she was wearing a tight black strappy top showing a little cleavage and a short white satin skirt that cut at her knees.

As she put her tea down she licked her lips and her pierced tongue fluttered out. I had a thing for piercings and this one was perfect – a small golden stud. I had imagined what it would feel like running up the shaft of my rock hard member a couple of times but it was never going to happen so I quickly forgot about it.

“Right I’m off to bed guys, need to be up early tomorrow”

Finally the dick was going to bed.

“Nighty night Owen!”

Anna giggled to herself. I thought it might be time to call it a night as well but then she licked her lips again. She let her tongue flicker across her lips hanging there as if daring me to respond. Well what the hell even if she was just teasing it was a lot better than the fucking icebox upstairs. I lay my head on her lap and stared up at her fluttering eyelashes. She leant forward and her nipples brushes my forehead sending a shiver down my spine.

“Doesn’t it hurt when you eat with that piercing?”

Start with an innocuous question and see where it goes.

“No not really you just get used to it”

“What’s it feel like”

“Erm well it’s hard to explain…here feel”

She dragged my finger up to her lips and slipped it inside. I twirled my finger around the stud whilst her tongue caressed it slowly. I tried to garner what her expression meant, she stared right at me daring me to keep going. This was a little weird. I tried to pull my finger out of her mouth but her teeth clamped down tight, I felt a pang of pain but it was pleasant. I almost hoped she clamp down harder. She opened her mouth and I let my finger flop back into my lap. I felt a slight raise in my crotch.

“How many piercings have you got then? Your tongue, both ears…”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?!”

“If you don’t want to share it’s cool. No big deal”

“Well I’ve got three more. I guess you’ll just have to guess won’t you?”

I lowered my head slightly and turned to face her.

“I’m guessing here…”

I gently lifted the hem of her top and touched another golden stud this time on her tummy button. I waited for her to stop me pushing my fingers into her flesh but she seemed to be enjoying herself.

“And the others?” She asked shyly.

I imagined her erect nipples pierced with tiny rings but surely not?

“Well I’d guess here”

I motioned up to her breasts. She nodded.

“There’s one more though”


“One more piercing”

Her green eyes were flashing again imploring me to ask the question.

“Seriously? Wow that must have killed man. Who did it for you?”

“It wasn’t so bad, I went with Cindy to this old doctor we know”

I pictured some old doctor standing over the bahis siteleri two naked girls. Lucky fucker!

“Well I won’t ask to see those…”

She smiled and leaned over again her breasts soft and warm against my cheek. She stood up and headed to the kitchen, well it was fun while it lasted I suppose. I stretched my legs across the sofa and rested my back into the armrest. As I went over what had just happened Anna walked back into the room and lay down on me resting her black locks across my chin. I felt an immediate surge in my groin. Her bum pressed into my rapidly erecting cock.

“Tell me a story”

I didn’t hear her. I stared down her top her breasts pressing against the tight material of her top. I started to work my hand slowly down her body to her tummy button lifting up the hem once more to delve my fingers lower and lower. I allowed my little finger to creep down her skirt. She lifted herself up marginally.

“Boys…” She tutted.

But I couldn’t stop now, when she had moved her bum had grinded my cock and it was getting extremely hard. I knew she felt it. She let her head fall back against my chest and I lifted up her top further revealing a glimpse of her black lacy bra.

She began to move her bum excruciatingly slowly up and down my shaft through my loose jogging trousers. Was she doing this deliberately? I moved my hand down towards her satin skirt and slipped my whole hand down finding smooth silk panties. I rubbed the tips of my fingers further down and massaged her pussy. I felt the pierced clit and massaged deeper. Her head was beginning to push hard back into my chest. I leant forward and pushed my lips onto hers. She grinded more vigorously until my cock was at full mast. Her lips parted and I danced my tongue inside wrestling with her studded tongue our saliva warm and juicy.

I pushed her up and laid her down moving my lips down her neck to her cleavage and let my lips linger through her top onto her tits. She lifted her top further and as my hand unclasped her bra she let out a sigh of pleasure. Her breasts plentiful and soft to the touch shivered as I squeezed them. I circled my tongue around her pert nipples before sucking them into my ravenous mouth letting the nipple ring rest between my teeth. Her moans grew louder urging me to continue. I made my way further down, tracing my lips to her tummy button placing small kisses across her body.

I slipped her skirt slowly down her waist to reveal those silk white panties. She was already wet, pussy juices leaking down her thigh. I raised her legs and planted small kisses down her thighs occasionally letting my tongue wander across the surface of her smooth feverish skin. She gripped the edge of the sofa as I finally let my lips kiss her silk panties letting my tongue rest against her clit. She lifted her body expectantly and I pulled her panties down to reveal her beautifully pierced pussy. A tiny gold ring glistening with juices bahis şirketleri her clit a wonderfully light shade of pink. I dived in and pushed my tongue into her now soaking vagina.

I explored every crevice of her tight pussy sucking in the sweet juices as they came rushing out. She moaned even louder. Owen was probably wanking upstairs the dickhead. I drove my finger into her, the flaps of her vagina parting and sucking me in. I went on back and forth and massaged her tender breasts with my other hand. Her body rose in exalted thrusts as I fingered her faster and faster until she let out a final moan of delight and squirted a hot milky cocktail into my parched wide open mouth. I drank her in letting the liquids seep into my body rejuvenating my every pore and making my cock push more forcefully in an attempt to escape my trousers.

I raise my head expecting her to be exhausted but she just grabs my chin and drives her lips into mine and we kiss until I no longer can breathe. She releases me and I stagger back into the sofa leaving my mountainous bulge visible. She jumps on it grabbing it between her soft small hands. It is my turn to grip the edge of the sofa as she flickers out her tongue to tease my raging bull. I urge her with every muscle to take it into her mouth but she laughs and continues to move her tongue up and down the shaft allowing the stud to brush my foreskin. I groaned as she massaged each testicle with her free hand, I was ready to explode. I released my hand from the sofa and grabbed her hair pulling her face up to the tip of my throbbing member and forced her down. She gleefully took me in to the back of her throat and started working up and down.

“Look at me”

She raises those big bulging eyes and I see the delight in her face. I push deeper into her throat until she gags and comes up for air and she goes again letting my moist cock slide down her tongue. I could no longer hold it, I’d never been this hard in my life.

“Anna I’m going to blow”

Her eyes danced with excitement. She started to go faster my cock now pulsating with a mind of its own. This was a whole new experience; I was thrusting up and down fucking her mouth instinctively without thinking.

“Hey Anna man I really am gonna blow”

Her eyes drove into mine and I got it. Fuck me. She wanted me to explode in her mouth! Well I didn’t need a second invitation. I held on for two more thrusts and then ecstatic relief. I moaned loudly as my cock thundered boiling hot cum down her throat. Her eyes widened in shock as she choked on the mass of sperm filling her mouth to the brim.

She held on though, slowly coming up for air allowing flecks of juice to escape down her chin onto her perfect breasts. As she slurped up the sticky remains I cupped her chin into my hand and brought her lips to mine. She arched her back and groaned as I sucked my own juices into my system whilst gently rubbing her clit. I felt her drenched tongue mingle with mine as we fight for every last drop of nectar. I open my eyes and see those gloriously devilish eyes pierce mine with utter ecstasy.

“Hey guys what’s going on down –”

“Oh hey Owen how’s it going?!”

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