The Lincoln Experience

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“Tom’s boss said he has to stay in LA for at least another week to finish their project. His boss knows I’m pissed so he told Tom that I could take a friend and he gave us $500 towards a dress and shoes.” Linda was never one to miss a party. That had gotten Rose in trouble before. “It won’t cost you a dime, and the Auto Show Black Tie Ball is like the industry’s prom night!”

It wasn’t like Rose’s calendar was filled up with social events. She’d been to dinner a few times with some guys but no electricity.

“Come on! Shopping for a new dress, shoes AND a mani/pedi? What more do you need girl? Plus the entire place is an open bar!”‘

Shopping with Linda was always an adventure. She’d met Tom in college and he was brilliant and well paid, so Linda went shopping, often. In three hours and what felt like a hundred dresses, they found a perfect dress. Ankle length, silver with a liberal amount of cleavage.

“Honey, we gotta advertise all your charms. And those boobs of yours get all the attention. Maybe Mr Right will be there and you just draw him into your web.”

The black heels were cute and comfortable. The mani/pedi was a lot of fun, and it included mamosas. By the time she was getting ready, she was feeling good enough to skip the bra. It would have been tough to wear a bra under this dress anyway. She did slip on her lacy black panties.

The limo showed at the planned time. The driver took a long lustful look at her and Rose had just an inkling of worry about her choices. As she climbed in the back of the limo she heard more voices. Linda handed her a red cup. “Nothing fancy here just Rum, Jack and coke. These are some clients and some of Tom’s coworkers.”

Rose never heard one name. As she settled in the seat next to Linda, she saw him sitting near the front of the limo. What? How? Holy shit. What is HE doing here? She was staring at him went Linda introduced Rose to the whole group. “Y’all – this is Rose. Rose meet everyone.”

Linda was born in Ohio. But she turned southern belle when she was drunk.

He stared right into her eyes from six feet away. He recognized her too. It had to have been ten years ago. In Dallas. Or Phoenix. Yes Phoenix.

They had been at a conference together, had drinks on Thursday night. By early Friday morning, they changed their home bound flights, extended his room reservation and spent the weekend in bed. It was one of the most splendid weekends she ever had. The sex was really good. She was a few years out of college. Bill had to be twenty years older than her. She chalked it up to an experienced older man seducing a younger girl.

He was from LA or San Francisco why was he here?

She’d finished her drink by the time their limo made it up to the entrance. They piled out into a gaggle. But Bill was right at her side.

“Have you been to Phoenix?” He asked.

“Yes Bill. And I remember you well.”

“I was afraid that you’d long forgotten that weekend.” He took her arm and help guide her through the door and around the crowd forming at canlı bahis the entrance door.

She could never forget that weekend. While some details were blurry from alcohol or exhaustion. There were some great things did remember. He’d help achieve a few firsts. He was the first man that she had been with who spent his time focusing on her sexual needs. Bill had introduced her to a few ‘firsts’ that weekend

“Not at all Bill, I have many fond memories of that time. Right up until I never heard from you again.” Where did that anger come from? There were no promises made, just a great time. Maybe the booze, maybe she just hadn’t thought about him in a long time.

He apologized. He was married, wasn’t looking for a long distance affair. Then he asked if he could make it up to her. Maybe buy her a drink?

“I thought the drinks were free?” She smiled. He was teasing her. The anger was instantly gone. “Sure.”

As they walked through the exhibits, she was impressed at the number of people. All dressed for a formal event. She was surprised to see the attention that she got, the wandering eyes. Maybe that time at the gym was paying off. Of course the ‘Girls’ always got some attention, even in a plain old tshirt.

He guided her around until they reached the side of the Ford booth. Through a curtain she would have never noticed. Suddenly they were in a small gathering space with 30, maybe 40 people. There were drinks and appetizers.

“I’m Bill Taylor, I should be on your list.” The guard checked then stepped aside. “The drinks here aren’t so watered down in here.”

He brought her a drink and they settled on a comfortable couch near a corner. A few people wandered by to make introductions or small talk, but they left soon enough.

The whole time, he kept an arm on her waist or back or thigh. Nothing overtly sexual. Just a presence. Enough for the others to see that she was with him.

Time flew by and then Linda called her. “Where are you child? We’re heading to the limo, then to another bar since they are closing this down.”

“I’m with Bill Taylor, from the limo?” She quietly answered.

He leaned in and told her he would arrange to get her home.

“Bill said he will get me a ride home.”

“ok, sugar. Make good choices!” She hung up and thought. “The girl is from Cleveland.”

The big hall emptied out and it got much quieter in the side room. Most of the crowd had left by now. In the room, only a few couples remained. They talked about everything and nothing, Finally Bill offered her a private tour.

“I do a lot of work with Ford, so I get a lot of access other don’t.” He moved a drape aside and they were inside the Ford exhibit.

Most of the lights were turned down or off, but they main aisle were well lit. They were standing next to a new Lincoln. All she could tell was that it was black and shiny.

“I must tell you, Rose, you are more beautiful now than you were so long ago. I love that you’ve kept your hair long. Your blue eyes and your red hair are fantastic with bahis siteleri that dress. And your body, well it still takes my breath away.

She was embarrassed but flattered. She didn’t have an attractive man paying this kind of attention to her every day.

Then he leaned in and kissed her. Firmly, confidently. He wasn’t some kid seeking permission. He took her by the small of the back and pulled her to him. Her chest was against him. His mouth was on hers. Damn he could kiss. She’d forgot that.

His hand slid down to her ass. He grabbed and squeezed it at the same time. Her reaction was immediate as if her pelvis had a mind its own. She ground into him. She was surprised to feel that he was already hard and grinding right back.

He opened the back door and pulled her in to the Lincoln.

“Are you crazy? What about security? We’ll get in trouble!” If Tom got in trouble because of her, she’d never live it down from Linda.

“I am security. My company provides security for Ford executives and for the Auto show. We are very secure here. No one will interrupt us for at least an hour. That was my direction.”

“So we’re gonna make out in the back seat of a car? Like teenagers?”

“Rose, this will be nothing like the last time you were in the backseat of a car making out with a teenager.” He smiled as he answered her. “This is a brand new, $60,000 luxury automobile. Your lovely ass is gonna love the feel of this leather.”

He slid her to the side and closed the door behind her. His mouth was on her neck in an instant. Oh shit that was good. He nibbled his way down her chest to her left breast. In a flash he had her nipple. God they were sensitive! He sucked it hard, twisting it with his tongue. Her nipples were so sensitive that she rarely went without a bra because they would be perpetually hard. Now he was working hers with his mouth so well that she was starting to feel very wet.

She was on her back across the seat, he was laying on top of her. With his face on her chest. He was relentlessly toying with her nipples. Then she felt it. She knew where it was coming from. Somehow, those nipples were connected to her clit and it just exploded. She moaned into his ear and he didn’t stop. She came a second time, quicker, sharper. And then a third. She pushed him away. Before…

He was unstoppable. He shifted position enough to take his weight off of her. Before she realized it her long dress was bunched up at her hips. Her very pale legs practically glowed in the dark. And that lacy pair of panties stood out. His mouth started on her right knee. He sucked and chewed to her inner thigh. Then crossed and went the opposite way up her left thigh. She was throbbing. She knew where she want his mouth and he kept missing it!

Her legs were over his shoulder when he finally touched her panties. He chewed on them first, until his saliva and her juices drenched the panties. Then he used his teeth to tear them from her body.

Her mound had a narrow landing strip of soft red hair, he followed it bahis şirketleri right to her clit. Her throbbing, tight, erect, tense, begging to be touched clit. She lifted her ass from the seat to grind it into his mouth, his tongue, his chin!

His response was to barely touch it. Damn it was frustrating! To flick it ever. So lightly. Enough to feel that his tongue was there. Not enough to give the release that she needed. Fuck how she wanted him to stop teasing her.

“Please, please Bill. No more teasing!”

Finally he plunged in. His tongue circled and tickled and flicked her hard clit. Finally!! There it was! Oh damn it felt so good. He sucked her clit into his mouth and used his lips to nibble on her. Then he just squeezed her erect clit with his mouth, biting down firmly. The pressure put her over the edge. She came again and again in waves. Oh fuck was he good.

She lost count of the times and ways she came on his mouth. She lost track of time too. Her eyes were closed her breathing was was so fast that she was dizzy.

When he finally moved his mouth away from her wet pussy, she was relieved and started to relax. She was numb in a very pleasant way.

He positioned himself on his knees, removed his tuxedo jacket and unzipped his pants. She was surprised to see he was commando. She wasn’t surprised to see he was very hard and very ready for her.

She shifted forward to the front of the seat to make it easier for him to enter her. When he did, he entered her with force. Her clit was awake at the first penetration. She gulped for air and he entered her again and again. He was relentless with his pounding.

Finally, he pulled out. She just started to relax her shoulders and to lean forward. Only to have him twist her entire body around. Her face hit the seat back, then continued around until she was face down on that seat. The leather was moist and warm from her sweat. He lifted her hips and slid onto her again. His hard cock felt wonderful and it rubbed, it grinder the inside of her pussy with every stroke. His balls were slapping on her clit.

Damn she thought, I can’t take much more. This was her favorite position, He dominating her, fucking her from behind. Like he owned her. She would do whatever he asked at this point. Her dress was over her hips and inside out on her back. She didn’t care. She spread her legs so she could take him even deeper.

“Fuck me. Fuck my wet pussy. Fuck me hard… PPppllleeeaaassseee”

He was so hard and so deep in her. She was pushing her ass into him. She could feel the wave start again. Then she knew. She felt it building. Suddenly there it was. She had no control of herself or her body. She felt the warm wave of her juices. She was squirting all over him, his cock, the seats, his tux.

She lost control of her body when this happened. She convulsed for a long moment. Then he came inside of her. Oh shit. She wasn’t prepared for that, for any of this. His throbbing dick pumped a few more times. And he was done. They slid out of the car. Her dress and his tux were soaked with sweat and sex. They stood behind the open car door and fixed themselves as much as possible,

He placed his hand on the small of her back. “Your place or mine? I have the whole weekend.”

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