The Manor Pt. 02: Natalie

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Natalie is the eldest of the group. She is a care free girl, with no real ambition or prospects. A poor education, mainly she will admit was down to her rebellious ways and She has the attitude of a tom boy by day, and more lady like by night. There is a lady hiding inside her, but she does not seem to realise. She does not seem to care.

“Natalie! Natalie Natalie!” I yelled.

“Sir?” She rudely replied.

“How many times do I have to speak to you like you are a twelve year old? Why are you persistently ignoring me?”

“Sir you carry on shouting at me, You think it bothers me? I am a grown woman I can behave how I like you can’t tell me what to do.” She replied.

“Well Natalie if you are a grown woman then I suggest you start acting like one.”

“Poor sir is he getting annoyed? am I getting to you?” She replied.

The other girls began to laugh, and of course took the side of my enemy. This was a hard day, they were really picking at me I should have known things were going to smoothly the three and a half weeks I had been here.

“Ladies please, keep it down, remember how old you are! I am trying to help and assist you all and get you ready for when you leave here how can you all expect me to help you when all you do is act like a lot of immature adolescents?”

“You can get me ready any time you like Sir, come on come and assist me.” Ruby shouted out.

Again they all burst out with laughter and whistles, my they were getting worse. My experience was being tested in a big way. Mind you it had left me two weeks ago, all my professional training and experience had all but gone thanks to Stella.

“Ruby enough! enough all of you, why can’t you all just grow up and look at yourselves, your a disgrace, not to me but to yourselves!”

“Sir was I a disgrace the other week?” Stella decided to announce, literally informing the whole group what we did together. But there was a sudden silence. Natalie looked at Stella, along with the others, she then picked up a ruler and holding it in one hand ran two fingers up it from bottom to top.

There was a sudden outburst again of laughter and whistles joined now by clapping, I guessed the signal on the ruler indicated the size of my manhood, and they approved or laughed at the thought that Stella was informing them how small I was.

“Oh dear Sir what have you been up to then?” Beth asked in a lusty cheeky way.

I was in that corner again, they all now knew it was obvious, mind you I would have thought they knew ages ago, I mean Stella would surely have boasted and given them all the details.

“Right sit and be quiet all of you I am fed up with this attitude, your maturity levels are a joke, your attitudes are a joke, now be quiet.” I shouted yet again, I then decided to change my approach, shouting at them was achieving nothing.

“Right that is better, now let me say now, what other people do has nothing to do with anyone else. None of us have any right to question the things others get up to.” I replied.

“Now as boring as all this may seem can we please get on with what we were originally talking about there are only now ten minutes till this session ends.”

The last ten minutes went by and they all kept quiet when the session ended I told Natalie to remain behind. She seems to be the ring leader, being as she was the oldest in the class in fact I had no idea why she was still here, her records stated she was twenty four. All the other girls left the class and Natalie sat.

I walked over to her and pulled a chair over and sat opposite her. Natalie is dark blonde, her hair stops at her shoulders. Her uniform consists of dark blue sweater and dark blue pleated plaid skirt and black stockings. On her feet were a pair of light tanned Timberland boots, with the laces un done.

“Now Natalie what is the trouble? Why do you have to continually disrupt the others?” I asked.

“Didn’t think I was Sir.” She replied. Her arms folded but one hand playing with her hair. Her blue eyes directed themselves to mine.

“Well you are, I have noticed the pattern in the few weeks I have been here, why do you do it?”

“I don’t do anything Sir, are you telling me that all of that lot are well behaved until they get with me? Is that what your saying? Ha they don’t need no help from me. Thought you would have noticed.” She replied.

“But of course you noticed, didn’t you? She added.

“And what do you mean by that Natalie?” I asked.

“You know full well what I mean, and who I mean, it didn’t take you long did it, like your first day, and you expect me to trust in you and believe you in what you are trying to do for us all?”

Shit she had a good point, she was absolutely right I had thrown my trust away, she was so right.

“Ok Natalie you got me, but let us speak as adults, what happened just happened. Yes I was weak and gave in do you think I do not regret it?” I asked.

“To be honest I could not give a shit if you regret it or not, I mean it could not have bothered canlı bahis you that much, a bit of young skirt throwing herself at you, I mean your not exactly young are you?”

“That has nothing to do with it Natalie and that is a bit personnel of you.” I replied.

“Oh I see so it just happened did it? she just like fell onto your cock and you fucked her? May I say that was a very unfortunate accident.”

“Err no.” I replied, this girl had me she was playing with me I could tell. Her stroppy immature jelious tone coming from her mouth was obvious.

“Why don’t you face facts “Sir” your sex hungry, you don’t regret fucking Stella you bloody loved it we all know, oh and what you just saw with the ruler was just to embarrass you. And look at you sitting there staring at my legs, staring at my tits, I know they aren’t big but I see you staring at them. You want them don’t you.”

She was right, she knows what I want. But what am I supposed to do? She is just sitting there in front of me this was getting tricky again.

“Natalie please can we not go down this interrogation, that is what you are doing, I want to know how I can get you to understand you must be due to leave here soon, and with your attitude you really are going to struggle, it is a tough world out there you know.”

“Have you really not worked out why we are all here? You really have no idea have you? I will leave here when I am ready, there is no regulation gee are you stupid as well as horny?”

“I don’t understand Natalie what are you talking about?”

“This ain’t no finishing school or whatever title you deem fit to call it, all this (flicking her skirt) it is all false, Fernandez wants us wearing it cuz it fucking arouses her, she is a failed head mistress from another place she has got history her and the head mistress here started this place, we are all here cuz we are losers we got no prospects with no prospects there is no job, there is no home there is no husband. yea they teach us things to give us a bit of hope but we could not give two shits.” Explained Natalie.

I was speechless she was being quite honest I could feel it, she also sounded fed up and pissed off.

“I see Natalie, but if you do not like being here why don’t you just leave? I mean things would be rough at first for you, but your a strong young lady you would get places eventually.”

“My problem is Sir I can’t be arsed it is easy here I come and go as I choose, and to be honest I can’t get what I want out there unless I become a hooker, and well your here now so I can have anything I want.”

“Excuse me? what do you mean Natalie?” I asked.

“You know what I mean Sir of course you do, your not a stupid man, I need more than a woman’s company yes I can go out and get fucked whenever I like but having a man here is all I need.”

“Natalie I am sorry to say this but you have some serious issues. Can I ask who sent you here?”

“What do you mean who sent me here? No one Fernandez advertises the places, you still do not get this place do you Sir?”

“Natalie why don’t you just tell me about this place rather than talk in riddles, I mean what is there to tell? tell me about what is really going on here.”

“Not for me to say, why don’t you go see Fernandez and let her explain it all to you, I mean this place is her little empire, she gets money from the state, she gets money off us from our state payments, and well if you want me to be honest the other wing in this place is home to her call girls, why do you think you have not seen any of them yet?”

“I have no idea Natalie I just assumed I had not met any of them because they were nothing to do with me, but I am shocked by what your telling me. You are telling me the truth aren’t you?”

Of course I am I don’t lie why lie? Your working in a brothel sir, well pretty much a brothel, mind you I have seen some leave here with their lives turned around, there are successes you know.”

“I see Natalie but has no one reported this? I mean it is not right what she is doing.”

“Like who? don’t forget why we are all here sir we got room and board, and we do get help, from people like you, so who would report her? We are not prisoners you know.” Natalie explained.

“Fair point, but what about the last male that taught here why did he not report this place?”

“What him? he only left because he was all fucked out, he tried the harassment line but after Fernandez had finished with him, you know reminding him of the fun he had, and a wad of cash he just left.”

All this information Natalie was giving me was a eye opener, but I had one major problem I was loving the job, and the info she had given me told me one thing, sex on tap! but I felt I still needed to carry out my tasks as these girls needed guidance. My mind was running around like crazy though how could I be a tutor and councillor to these girls knowing I could be having sex with them?

There was a silence between us, Natalie crossed her leg and my eyes wandered and watched her movement. bahis siteleri Her boots as un lady like as they were looked horny on her she was seriously fucking with my brain, I needed to end this meeting.

“You like my boots sir?” She asked.

I tried to ignore the question, but my eyes were doing the opposite they ran up her stockinged leg to her belly then up to her tits then to her deep blue eyes, I stared into them, my contact went against all my councillor training, eye contact is a definite no no. But I was glued to her.

“You want me sir don’t you? why deny it.”

“Please Natalie I think we should end now.”

She leant over and with one finger began to swirl it around on my thigh, her long painted nail felt so good, she was finally coming onto me.

“so what would you do now if I pulled your cock out and sucked you dry? What would you do?”

“Natalie please don’t talk like that you must stop.”

“Ha see I got you right where I want you, I know you can’t resist me, your weak, your a weak pathetic so called man. Yea you got Stella off and you must be oh so proud of yourself that you filled her, but Stella will grab anything and anything would satisfy her. But me I am all woman, prove her wrong, prove to me your not a sad pathetic so called man.”

This was getting crazy she had turned around the whole relationship in this meeting, her hand now on my thigh working up to my groin, I was getting aroused, this was so not the place to begin something, but Natalie seemed to think differently she stood up and put her legs either side of mine, then lowered herself onto my lap.

Her skirt sliding up her legs revealing her naked pussy. She rested her arms on my shoulders. Then began to slowly rub herself backwards and forwards on my groin. My arms dropped down either side of me she began to breathe deeply as she got herself off.

“Hmmm that feels so good hmmm hmmm I can feel you, you like this don’t you Sir? hmmm aww yes.”

My arms lifted and my hands rested on her thighs her stockings felt good, my hands moved up and under her skirt, stroking her bare legs. I wanted to fuck her. she had won she had me where she wanted me.

“Oh fuck yes hmm oh shit oh shit your going to make me cum Sir oh yes oh yes fuck yes.”

“She quickened as I assisted her, thinking she was going to release my cock I tried to get to my zip but she stopped me. She carried on masturbating on my lap her booted feet on the floor she squeezed my shoulders as her release came.

“Yes! yes! yes! you dirty bastard fuck yes! yes! yes! you want to fuck me don’t you sir? You want me don’t you sir? Oh fuck oh fuck I’m cumin oh fuck yes!”

Natalie came on my lap, she fell forwards and grabbed my mouth and kissed me hard. “Was that it?” I asked myself. “Was that it?”

“Hmmm not bad Sir not bad, you are quite hard, I may have been mistaken about you.”

“Now what Natalie? what now?” I asked.

“What now? I am going to go and clean myself up and get the fuck out of here, I am due out tonight, but I may just pop in and see you later when I get back. You want that don’t you Sir?”

With that she got up and adjusted herself and slowly walked out of the class looking back at me and blowing me a kiss along with a smile. Feeling somewhat like a spare part I got up and brushed myself down, Natalie had left her calling card on the front of my trousers, I needed to hide that as it looked like I had pissed myself.

I took my books and folders and rushed upstairs quickly so no one would see me and my “accident.” I got to my rooms had a shower, slipped on my bath robe, cooked some food and spent the evening reading, trying to get some normality into my so called educational brain. But all that happened was lust, deep lusty thoughts, this lot had corrupted my brain, or had they? Had I just been shutting a natural thing down since my split?

I carried on reading fighting these lusty thoughts not just Stella, or Natalie, but the others, thinking about them one at a time, thinking what I would love to do to them, and I might add the teachers.

Just as I was fixing a coffee there was a quiet knock on the door, I looked at my watch it was ten thirty five. It was quite late but I went and answered the door. There she was Natalie, standing there in a burgundy faux fur coat that went just above her knees.

“Hello you going to let me in then?” She asked.

“Why sure, come on in.” I replied.

“Would you like a drink Natalie?”

“Well why not, I have had a thirsty night.”

No idea what she meant by that, she sat and slipped off her coat revealing a tight black silk knee length dress with a cross over strap and a pair of black stockings, she opened her bag and took a lipstick and re touched her lips, then freshened up her scent, her hair was down and she looked good, I knew I was going to have her.

“There you go, hope you don’t mind Jack Daniels it is all I have, sorry.”

“That’s cool thanks.” She replied softly.

Her attitude problem was all gone, bahis şirketleri I was seeing the real Natalie, a grown woman the change was incredible.

“Well Natalie you look absolutely gorgeous if you don’t mind me saying.” I complimented.

“Why thank you Sir, but I can see you were just off to bed, sorry if I have interrupted.”

“What? err no I had a shower earlier that’s all.”

“As long as I am not keeping you, I did say I was going to pop in to see you. I had a great evening tonight.”

“What did you get up to anything really exciting?”

“Just a club Sir with a couple of outside friends.”

“I must compliment you Natalie you are so different than earlier in class why is that?” I asked.

“No idea, your the shrink you tell me.” She replied in that voice of the classroom.

“I am not a shrink I am just trying to help somehow.”

“Yea a shrink, that’s what shrinks do isn’t it?”

“Well I guess so.” I replied, there was a tension.

“So Sir you know why I am here don’t you?”

“Well I got a pretty good idea Natalie but I really am not sure weather we should.”

“Excuse me did you hit Stella with the moral speech?”

“You know I did, why ask me that?” I replied.

“Well you have to do it don’t you, to make yourself feel better, see your playing the game too.”

She was right again, she should be doing my job, she got up and came and sat next to me on the other sofa. She smelt good. She took a sip from her glass, her lips pressed against it as she sucked out her drink.

“You see Sir I want you, forget what I said to you in class about being pathetic, I felt you and I want you to fuck me, I want to ride you badly.”

She put her glass on the floor and stood up, with her back to me, she slowly began to un zip the back of her dress. Her naked back began to show itself. She pulled the strap off her arm and slid the dress to her waist, leaving it there, her naked back exposed. She turned around her hands on her head. Her tits were small just over a handful but I wanted them.

“You like? you want me?” She said as she walked over to me. She knelt down and looked up at me and slowly un tied my bath robe, she opened it up now exposing my naked body. She went straight to me, stroking up and down slowly, my erection hardening with every stroke of her hand, she pecked my tip and began to work her mouth slowly down, then up then back all the way down. She felt good.

Resting her hands on my thighs she rose up my cock still in her mouth and took me deeply her head bobbing up and down, her mouth wet and warm. I began to slowly pump into her. She carried on taking me, but I needed to move this on, I pulled her off me and she stood upright, her legs apart. Still sitting but on the edge of the sofa I pulled her to my mouth.

I began to kiss her just below her belly, her hands on my head encouraging me to go lower. I kissed my way down now at her smooth pussy. I began to kiss all around the outside my hands stroking her firm arse and pushed her firmly against my mouth, I slid my tongue just inside her, running it up and down slowly.

“Oh fuck yes that feels so good, deeper take me deeper.” She whispered.

She moved backwards and slipped off her dress, it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and and moved back to me.

Natalie wanted to fuck, she lowered herself, her pussy touching the head of my cock. I placed my hands on her hips telling her to lower herself onto me. She slipped her hand down and grabbed hold and slowly worked me into her. Her shaved pussy was hot and tight.

“Oh fuck Natalie.” My response as she took me.

I held onto her slim hips and encouraged her to slowly slide up and down on me. My hands worked their way up her sides then back down then back up but stopped half way and I pushed her forwards, and gently kissed her front until I arrived at her small tits.

“Oh yes Sir hmm that feels so nice, hmm.”

She carried on riding my cock as I rubbed and kissed her tits, I began to pump into her slowly as she pushed me back on the sofa. The feeling of her pussy against my cock was too much, and I increased my rythum.

“Oh fuck yes, oh fuck.” She purred as her tongue then entered my mouth, her lips tasted so good as the taste of her lipstick came into my mouth, I kissed her harder as she slid my robe off my shoulders and I removed my arms from it.

“Mmm mmmm awww awww fuck you feel good sir.”

“Turn round Natalie.” I demanded.

She obliged, with her back to me she continued her ride. I sat up and kissed her back as she fucked me, my hands reaching round and cupped her tits, her nipples erect, she quickened on my cock, grabbing my hands and rubbing her tits with them.

I fell back with her laying on her back on top of me, her legs bent up, her pussy gripped tight against my cock, I began to thrust into her, still rubbing her tits, she turned her head and French kissed me panting into my mouth.

Just as I was really beginning to enjoy, she stopped sat back up and came off me. She stood and took my hand and led me to the bedroom, picking up her handbag as we walked to the room. Once in the bedroom we stood at the end of the bed I turned her round and took her tits from behind.

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