The Motorcycle

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My first story, thanks to JoJo for her inspiration!

He takes a deep breath as he pulls up to the nice house, getting off his bike and walking to the front door. Reaching his hand, he raps his knuckles on the door frame, wondering if she is home. A smile crosses his face as the door opens and she appears before him, dressed in jeans and a light colored tanktop. “Hi,” they say at the same time, she blushes as he smiles wide, unable to keep from looking her up and down. He catches her eyes as she does the same, his jeans tight, a simple t-shirt covering his chest.

“Ready to go?” he asks, almost losing his focus as she pulls her hair back, her chest out, almost presenting herself to him, he grimaces as his pants tighten against his will.

Reaching behind the door, she grabs a light jacket and smiles “Of course, let’s hit the road!” He leads her to the bike, feeling her climb on behind him.

“Hold on” he warns needlessly as he starts it up, her hands warm on either side of waist.

They speed off into the warm afternoon, he grins at her excitement, at how she points out spots of interest, the park where she first kissed a boy, the football field where she lost her virginity; her fingers gripping his waist tightly at that admission. He can only gasp as her soft lips press against his bare neck, feeling her warm breasts push into his back as they glide along. The traffic is light, so they maintain a soft conversation, sharing stories as she directs them along.

Her fingers growing bolder as the ride continues, slowly exploring his shoulders and biceps before wrapping her arms tight around him, pressing her tight nipples against his strong back, her hands warm thru his t-shirt. He is able to control his shivers until she pulls from him, her hands on his abs, first going up to his pectorals, almost groping, almost caressing him thru the cotton. Her hands slide quickly down as they go around a corner, he shudders as she places her palms on his thighs, blowing a hot kiss across his shoulder blade as she feels the strength there. Tentatively her fingers draw up his warm jeans, stopping at the bend where his thigh meets his hips, fingertips slipping quickly into his crotch, feeling his heart beat strong there, he feels her face blush hot against his back as her hands withdraw to his waist once again.

“I want you,” she whispers into his ear, making sure he feels her nipples burning through her tanktop.

He guns the motorcycle, ripping down the leaf strewn road, finally pulling onto a dirt road leading to a quiet hill over-looking the bay. As he pulls to a stop, she grabs his head and turns his face to hers, kissing him hard. He avidly returns her probing kiss, tongues wriggling incessantly as he sets the bike onto its stand. Quickly he spins around güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on the bike, facing her, his hands on her face, drawing her close again. His lips hard against hers as she slides forward, wrapping her legs around his waist, her crotch hot as its pulled against his, a groan from her lips as she feels his arousal against her. Hands explore each other’s back, warm from the sun and building lust, his hands going up her waist slowly, following the seams of her tanktop, groaning into her mouth as his fingers brush the sides of her breasts, so smooth behind the cloth. He notes her lack of a bra as his thumbs cross her crinkled tight nipples. Her hands get rougher on his back urging his exploration of her mouth and pert breasts; he lightly pinches her thick nipples between his finger and thumb.

Her hands drop to his crotch, tracing his length through his jeans momentarily before her hands get busy unfastening his fly. His hands drop to her waist, pulling her tank up and off, the gleam in her eyes reflecting in his. Leaning forward he takes one taut nipple into his mouth, lightly suckling the diamond tip as she puts a hand on his neck. Her other hand furtively opens his jeans, she gasps, he isn’t sure if it’s from his attention to her burning nipple or his lack of underwear as her fingertips tangle in his pubes behind his jeans. Leaving one nipple wet and tight, his lips slide up her throat to her neck, murmuring as their lips meet once again. It’s his turn to gasp as her hand clenches his aroused member, his attention on her fine breasts before a hand moves down her silky smooth skin to her waistband, fingers fumbling at the buttons.

Finally his fingertips open her jeans, finding her satiny panties as their mouths mate, her hand slowly sliding up and down his throbbing pole, her thumb smearing his precum over his fleshy tip as his hand moves down the front of her open jeans, finding the soft swell of her mons. He smiles against her soft lips as she shudders, his fingers caressing over the bump of her clit in her panties, “Should have worn a skirt!” she laughs as they look at each other briefly, a slight blush spreading from her breasts to her face. Her nipples are hard in the warm air as she watches him pull his t-shirt off. As if on signal, they both dismount the bike and slide their jeans down. His arousal smacking his pelvis as he pulls his jeans off, she bends over pulling her denim and silken panties off in one fell swoop.

He re-straddles the motorcycle, smiling at her slow approach as she mounts the bike facing him, “Oh my god babe,” he mutters. Their hands stroke the other’s bodies, liking how each tender touch elicits a moan from the other. Gradually they slide their bodies closer and closer on the leather seat, she bends güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his member down so that it meets her hot, moist bottom; her body shuddering as her clit is mashed. She lifts her hips as he pushes forward, her slick labia parting, letting his thick manhood press against her petal soft opening. He leans forward kissing her neck as her head tosses back, they both shift, quickly burying his arousal deliciously deep into her loving grasp. A sense of urgency falls over them as they shift and thrust against each other, her hands knot behind his head and shoulders, his grip on her hips helping pound their bodies together, over and over again. Her cries become more insistent, their matching groans of lust building around them. She suddenly wraps her arms tight around him, crushing her thighs hard onto his, sobbing into his ear, her cries further arousing him as together they orgasm, bodies melded together through the blissful aftermath of their coupling.

Kissing him, she laughs, “Thanks for the ride, now let’s go play in the surf!” Lifting from him, they dismount the bike and walk hand in hand to the beach and tumbling water.

The water feels cool around their legs and thighs as they go deeper and deeper, she laughs as he groans, the water rinsing the residue of their lovemaking from both of their bodies. Still hand in hand, he pulls her close and kisses her lips gently at first and then harder as her arms wrap around his neck, her legs warm against his. The sun shines warm on their wet shoulders as they cavort in the sparkling waves. Splashing and playing in the surf as they talk and splash and hug, enjoying their pleasurable afternoon together in the surf. Finally he chases her from the water, pinching her left butt cheek as she cries out in mock pain before running up the warm sand. Laughing, he corners her in the public shower, “No, no, no,” she pleads as he holds her hands up while pressing her to the wall of the shower, his head swooping in and to plant a kiss on her soft, warm lips.

Salt and sand rinsing from their intertwined limbs as hands explore curves and abs, tongues explore mouths; body heat rising despite the spray of water. He takes her hand and leads her to a warm towel on the sand. After one last kiss, he drops to his knees, pressing his mouth to her delicate peach, bolding tasting her sex under the bright sun. Her voice garbled by the sudden approach, her hand in his hair, pressing his lips to her dripping petals. He groans at how good she tastes. She lets her head fly back, hair down her back as she holds him tight to her with both hands, his hands on her thighs. “Roll over” she commands, he immediately complies, looking up at her flushed sex. With his arousal apparent against his pelvis, she slowly güvenilir bahis şirketleri settles down on his waiting lips and tongue. Resting her hands on his stomach just above his pulsing member, she began riding his twisting tongue and sucking lips. Her moans turning to urgent cries as she fervently rubs her petal soft labia against his lips and teeth, her clit stimulated from the intimate contact between them. Tossing her head back, she lets out a groan, coating his eager lips and tongue with her sweet essence! Exhausted she lies on top of him, resting her head on his pelvis. He leaves gentle kisses on her mons, tickling her clit with his lithe tongue, before widening his tongue like a paint brush licking her fully from clit to taint, cleaning her cum from her body; he delights in how her body shivers at each swipe.

Opening her eyes, she finds his arousal silently bobbing with arousal, “Mm nice!” she says, wrapping her hand around his base and starting a slow stroking motion, she pulls upwards, bringing him as upright as possible until her fingers reach his ballooned head. Teasingly, she rubs her thumb over the precum slick head, feeling his body tremble as she smooths the slickness achingly slow around his shaft.

He responds by putting his hands on her warm, smooth back, caressing her skin and her muscles. “God,” he moans as her hand descends his throbbing shaft before pulling back up. He groans again as her hot wet mouth suddenly engulfs his tip, her body also responding, her nipples hard against his abs. Her fingers hold his base tight as she moves her head up and down on his lap, taking him deep into her mouth again and again, her other hand gently toying with his full balls. She squeezes his root whenever he begins to tremble too much, controlling his pleasure; he notices new juice appearing from between her soft lips, as she becomes even more aroused, his hands grasping her firm buns and spreading them, her thighs slapping shut as his lips plant a kiss on her full labia.

Quickly she lifts her body from him and gets on all fours, crooking her finger at him, “Ready for me?” she teases over her shoulder. He gets on his knees behind her and lunges forward, joining their bodies forcefully! They both groan at the intensity, the need that had grown. His hands on her hips, guiding them as they grind together; she pushes back wanting him to fill her over and over again. His thighs slap hers, his member filling and stretching her as well as their passion builds. He reaches beneath her fit tummy, finding and rubbing her clit as his balls begin to boil. Hunching across her back, his fingers become a blur on her sensitive clit as he thrusts harder and harder until he cries out her name. He explodes inside her, releasing himself into her welcoming body. Her body spasms around him as well, her hand pulling his from her clit as she joins him in a rapturous climax. He falls back, his length pulling from her loving grasp; she turns and wraps her arms around him. His lips go hard against hers, hands exploring each other as the afternoon sun continues its onward trek into the sea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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