The New Mysteries Ch. 05

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*This is a continuation of chapter 3 and takes place on a semi-simultaneous timeline with chapter 4. It is recommended that you go back and read all the other chapters so you know what’s going on in this one. Read, enjoy, and don’t forget to vote!*

Max shut the door behind Velma and started chuckling. He wondered if she would clean the stings of cum out of her hair before she met with his parents. That would lead to some explaining; Velma hadn’t been laid from what he knew from his parents or from Jess for over a year. Velma would come up with something to say, she always did, but right now Max was more interested about that photo album in the basement den. He’d only been through half of it and he was pretty much to the end of the newspaper articles from what his parents had told he and Sara about their detective agency.

Max stopped off in the kitchen and got himself another gin and tonic before heading back down to look at the photo album. He carried the drink down stairs and turned the stereo on to the local hard rock station. Max turned the volume down; he didn’t care about the music so much as he just wanted something to fill the silence of the empty house. He sat down in a dry spot on the couch and slid the photo album over on the coffee table.

The pages turned and yellowed newspaper articles and pictures appeared. His parents, Velma, and Norville at the Old Mill, the four of them at the museum, the four of them at the bookbindery, and more pictures and stories followed. Ten pages later there was a thick red ribbon marking a page. In it was a picture of the Martin Mansion on the east side of town and the caption “Mystery Inc. Fails!” It looked like it was front-page news. Max had heard of this before. It was the one mystery that his parents and the other two couldn’t solve. In the last 20 years it had never been solved. Max chuckled to himself; it was the one true haunted house in town and between the cops and his parents, they had little other choice but to accept that. Max turned the page.

Bush. Red, thick hair was looking at him. It was a Polaroid, and looked to be older than Max. The fur was trimmed neatly into a wide strip above the top of the wet, large clitted pink slit, but on the sides it was shaved clean. The skin was fine porcelain white. It was probably the tastiest looking pussy he’d ever seen, and between Jess, Jade, and his sister, Max had seen quite a few good ones. He looked over at the next picture and there was a thick long cock entering that same pussy. The shot was farther back, but he still couldn’t see who was pictured. There was at least 8 inches of dick sticking out of the cunt in the picture, and it looked like it was as thick as Max’s wrist. The cock was glistening with juice for almost its entire length. The background was unable to be made out, but the next picture made things a lot clearer for Max’s floundering mind.

It was the redhead again, and her head was thrown back. Her perky tits were firm against her chest and her light brown nipples were stiff and sticking straight out. Her lips were completely engulfing the mammoth rod that was impaling her and the stomach and groin of the owner of that cock were completely drenched He followed the tight body up past those perky tits again, up the slender swan-like neck to the almost pixie-like face. Her mouth was wide open in a silent scream of pleasure as her pussy pumped cum out onto the meat she was riding. Her eyes were closed tight in ecstasy, and her crimson hair was kept out of her face by a purple ribbon. It draped down the sides of her face and down her back, in a thick sweat soaked mane. It was his mother.

He guessed that the guy she was fucking was Shagger, but he wondered who escort kartal was taking the pictures. Max’s eyes moved slowly to the last of the four polaroids on the page and that question was answered. It was a down-angle of what looked like the same scene. Velma was sitting on Norville’s face. Daphne’s knees were at the very top of the picture, it looked like she had risen back up to the top of Shagger’s cock. Velma’s lips were locked around the head of Fred’s dick, and her eyes were staring straight up into the camera, straight into Fred’s eyes. They were glazed, but they had an animalistic lust behind them and a devilish glint lit them up. She almost looked like Jess except for some very subtle differences around the mouth and the shape of her chin; traits that Jess had picked up from her father, Norville.

Max’s dick was hard. It had gotten up so many times in the last few hours he started wondering how much abuse it would take. He looked it over as he started idly stroking it and it wasn’t raw by any means, so he figured he had a good wank left in it or an hour or two of fucking. Since the latter didn’t present itself, he kept looking through the book. Max took a drink of the gin and tonic and turned the page.

This page had four pictures on it, just like the last, but it showed Velma and Daphne in a 69. It was a side shot and both girls had their legs pointing toward the camera, letting the photographer have a good shot of their tongues in each other’s pussies. Daphne was on top, her flame red pubic hair glinting with wetness. Max pushed his jeans back off and started stroking his tool harder.

“Max,” he said softly to himself, “this is your mother.” He took a drink and looked at the other pictures. There was a picture of his mom getting fucked, she was on her back staring straight into the camera, pushing her tits together and her index fingers were on her nipples. Her face was a mask of lust that he had only ever seen on his sister’s face. He couldn’t be sure, but it looked like his dad plowing into her in the background.

“Why shouldn’t you want to fuck her?” Max said a little louder this time. His hand sped up on his cock. “You fuck your sister. Hell, you slam into Sara on an almost daily basis. She’s not just your sister; she’s your twin. There’s gotta be something wrong with that. But there isn’t, is there Max. It’s not even wrong, it’s natural. Why wouldn’t fucking your mother be the same way? Besides, just look at her, Max,” he heard himself say. His eyes moved back down to her face.

His mother’s green eyes were almost glowing with a sexual possession. She was getting her father’s cock slammed into her, and from the last page, it was at least as large as Max’s, if not a little larger. Her teeth were slightly biting her lower lip, and the rest of the muscles in her face had gone limp. Her fingers were stroking her own little brown nipples, the same nipples that Max and Sara had suckled when they were growing up. Her face was not the face of a woman being made love to, and it was not the motherly face that Max had seen so many times throughout his 18 years of life, it was the face of a woman getting fucked. It was the face of a woman who was being used by a fuck toy for the man she would marry later, and she was loving it. She wasn’t just a slut, she was a cum slut, and she wanted it anyway she could get it.

“Once a slut, always a slut,” Max said to himself and tore his eyes away from those of his mother. The next picture showed Daphne holding her fire-framed pussy open and a fresh load of white cum sitting right inside. Her hole was still stretched open, and he was almost proud to see that it was absolutely loaded with cum. His mother’s well-manicured maltepe escort fingertips were holding it open for the camera, and she had a crooked smirk on her face and one of her ruby eyebrows was raised sexily. Max’s eyes drifted away from those green gems and back down to his mom’s pink slit. He could feel his balls jump at the thought of it being his cum in his mother’s steaming, glistening, well-used pussy instead of his father’s. Part of him was almost jealous.

The next picture was of his mother’s cum filled quim, but she was pushing it out and letting it drain down into the willing mouth of Velma. Max couldn’t get over how much Jess looked like Velma. He started thinking of a threesome with his mother and Jess. He’s love to see Jess sucking his hot spunk out of his mom. Redhead on redhead, just like in the picture. Jess would probably never go for it though. Velma might. It’s not like she wasn’t a cum slut as well. From the looks of things, she didn’t have any problem munching Daphne’s box. Max knew damn well and good that after tonight he wouldn’t have any problems screwing both of them to orgasmic bliss.

The next picture showed Max’s mother’s pussy, still lewdly pulled open by her fingers and a long glob of cum dripping from it to the awaiting mouth of Velma Velma’s long pink tongue was outstretched to its fullest, and he saw why his mother liked having that tongue in her pussy so much; there had to have been 4 inches of it sticking out of her mouth. No wonder she gave such good head. Max’s dick started throbbing in his hand and he started pumping faster. He took another drink and looked at the next page or orgiastic lust. It was more of the same. His mother licking cum out of Velma, his father and Norville fucking his mother, Velma actually held off the ground by the Norville’s cock buried deep in her ass. Another drink, another page.

Max came. His eyes only got a glance of the photos but long strings of cum shot out of him like fireworks on the 4th of July. In front of him were two pages of Velma, spread for the world. The first picture showed a beer bottle going open end first into her pussy. The next picture showed the bottle going in bottom first and just the top of the neck was sticking out. The next showed her squatting over an old milk bottle and taking half of that, the inside of which was collecting her pussy juice. She had to have been orgasming judging from the amount of juice collected in the bottle; the sides were slick with it inside and out and there was almost three-quarters of an inch of cum in the bottom. The picture after that showed Velma lying down on a table with Daphne on the top of her, Velma’s tongue in Daphne’s slit, Daphne holding Velma’s pussy wide open for the camera. That same mischievous grin and cocked eyebrow was on his mother’s face.

The next Polaroid in the collection showed Daphne’s cunt with two dicks shooting cum into it, Velma still holding the sides open. Jizz streaked her fingers and Velma’s slit, but what amounted to a small pond of the stuff as accumulating inside her. The small auburn furred mound was running with cum and underneath it all, her pussy was glistening and almost red from abuse. The next page showed more of the same, and Velma’s pussy was literally running over with sperm. Her thighs were coated, her bush was thick with the stuff, and Daphne, still holding that pussy open for the camera, was licking it off her stomach.

Max didn’t hear the door open, but it had. The girls were already standing down stairs in the entry to the den, and they saw Max’s thick ropes of cum shoot uncontrolled over the picture album, his legs, and the coffee table. Sara waited until Max turned the page before clearing pendik escort bayan her throat. Max jumped up, his still rigid cock bouncing against his belly and slowly back and forth to its normal rock-hard position. The album hit the floor.

“Sara…Jade, I uh,” Max started to stammer. Both girls had their eyes on Max’s cock. He took in their disheveled state. “So uh, what the fuck happened with you two tonight?” Max managed to say before both girls rang in with a “What the fuck?”

Max sat back and spun the album around in his lap. “You two have got to see this,” he said. Jade and Sara walked up to the picture album and Max flipped to the normal newspaper clippings. The girls picked up the book and sat next to him on the couch. Max, having cum more today than he had last week, pulled his pants up and sat back, sweating. The pages were turned and they got to the ribbon marked page, the first page of Daphne being fucked slowly.

Jade felt her pussy lips twitch and Sara felt a rush of renewed wetness to her pussy as they came to the same slow realization that Max had.

“Max, is this…” Sara said softly, her nipples stiffening.

“Yeah, that’s Mom and Dad, and Jade’s dad and Velma.” Max said softly. Sara started slowly fingering her rapidly re-soaking slit and Jade sat submissively, waiting to be told what to do, but her nipples were aching to be played with and were standing at attention.

The page was turned and they got a look at Velma and Daphne eating each other. Their cum covered faces weren’t looking at the camera, their noses buried in each other’s asses. Sara’s body convulsed and a micro-orgasm shook through her body.

“Mistress, please?” Jade begged, her fingers tapping and balling up into fists on her thighs.

“Mistress, what the fuck?” Max asked, his cock getting harder in his pants. It started to twitch to the top of his waistband as he was watching the girls look at the pictures.

“Jade’s mine. I own her. I used to be hers and she made me do things, but it was a secret. Now she’s mine and she’ll do what I say, when I say,” Sara said confidently. A look of confusion washed across Max’s face. “As a matter of fact, she’ll do anything you say, too,” Sara said looking at her brother.

“Oh yeah?” Max said, his confusion turning to a twisted smile.

“Jade, take your dress off,” Max said. Jade didn’t even hesitate. Slowly, she drug her dirty dress up over the top of her head, enjoying the feeling of the material scraping over the tops of her nipples, offering some release form the pent up tension in her pussy. Max saw her shiver slightly as the hem passed over her very erect nipples and watched them bounce a little as they were finally free. Her dress hit the floor and she stood there, waiting for another order from either of her two masters.

Max shot a curious, horny look to Sara and she just looked right back, her eyes sparkling and her bottom lip between her teeth. Sara cocked an eyebrow and so did Max.

“Jade,” Max said still looking at Sara. “I want you to…” he said, but the phone interrupted him. He sighed deeply. “I want you to answer the phone,” he said dejectedly. Max started to stand up from the couch when he heard the panicked voice on the other end of the phone. He couldn’t make anything out, but he heard lots of a female voice and yelling. Jade’s eyes went wide and she looked at Max and Sara. Then there was nothing but silence.

“Um, we need to go,” she said and smashed the phone down into the cradle. Her dress was off the floor in a flash and her sore, used body seemed to move with an unnatural agility.

“Jade, what’s wrong?” Sara asked, standing quickly and throwing clothes at her brother.

“Uh, that was Velma. They’re all at the Old Mill.”

“And?” Max said excitedly, panic rising in his voice.

“And they’re in some pretty deep shit.”

“Who!” Sara demanded. Max knew. Max didn’t even have to think twice.

“Our parents. All of them.”

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