The New Neighborhood Pt. 02

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Readers: Part 2 of the New Neighborhood series. Completely a work of fiction from an overactive imagination. It’s important to read the first story to understand the two main characters. Imagine a utopia like this.


It had been quite a day. The four of us enjoyed pizza and a beer while enjoying a late afternoon breeze that took the edge off of a very warm afternoon.

There was something about this adult neighborhood that almost seemed surreal. Although Lynn and I had switched partners with Pam and Gene, I was surprised at how easily I accepted it. Of course there was something in it for me, but in an open relationship there would be times that Lynn would have another lover and I wouldn’t. Why didn’t that bother me more?

Let’s face it. With Lynn’s looks and body, every guy in the park would want to have her. She might even tempt some of the guys that have sworn to monogamy. Gene began talking about our neighbors.

“Your neighbors next to you are Scott and Sandy Fowler. I’m surprised they aren’t outside right now and for whatever reason they didn’t come out until after 9pm. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have met them or at least seen them before.”

That got my attention. “Really? Where and when would that be?”

“They have operated that hot dog stand and snack truck across from the courthouse downtown for the past 20 years. If you’ve ever stopped there for a hot dog, soda, or breakfast burrito, you’ve probably seen them.”

Right then I knew who he was talking about. They weren’t that old. Especially Sandy. She was somewhat chubby but with a very young face and short blonde hair. She wasn’t really that attractive and certainly not what most guys would call “hot”. I had seen her a few times and only talked to her enough to place an order. Scott was a tall, skinny guy. Very skinny. Thin face and enlarged nose. Certainly not what women would fall over themselves to call their lover but he seemed to be a very cheerful fellow. Same with Sandy. They had a thriving business on that corner and I never saw them rude with a customer.

“So, how long have they lived here? It can’t be too long because they don’t even look 40 years old, especially her.”

“They were our newest members prior to you two moving in,” said Gene. They’ve only been here for 4 months. Their business keeps them busy during the weekdays but once they get home on Friday night, they love their home. They are both 43, by the way. I agree, Sandy could pass for under 35. She’s a sweetheart of a lady though. Never seems to be in a bad mood. Great lay also.”

“Gene!” Pam playfully scolded him. “You just like pussy…and her huge titties. Of course, it’s not surprising that you were so turned on by Lynn over there. Shit, if I was a lesbian, I’d make a play for her.”

Lynn laughed nervously. She was both embarrassed and proud that her naked form had caused such a reaction.

Gene went on to explain that most days they are home before 4 pm. Depending on business needs, they may stay overnight in town. They still had their small home in the city that was sparsely furnished. It was furnished just enough to accommodate them when they had to stay over.

Like the others in our quad, their relationship was open. They openly flirted with every one of the opposite gender. They were the first to acknowledge that they weren’t exactly the eye candy that most people desired. That didn’t matter. They were happy and comfortable in their own skin. They married at 18 when she became pregnant with their first daughter. She and her younger sister was now married and out of the house and Scott and Sandy took advantage of the opportunity to live clothes-free and sexually free.

Even if they didn’t score with someone they hoped they could get to bed, they didn’t let it discourage them nor did they take any rejection personally. That is an unusual combination of character traits. Still, according to Gene, they had made some friends in the bedroom since moving in; including Gene and Pam.

The other home, corner to corner from us what inhabited by four people. Jim, Saul, Barb, and Vicki were all employed by the state. They worked in the department of corrections. They had rotating shifts and different days off so it was rare for them to be home at the same time.

They were on vacation together on a nude cruise in the Mediterranean at that time. They were scheduled to be back home sometime after midnight that night. Pam tried to explain how that their relationships were the most unique of anyone else in the park.

Two men, two women. None of them in a committed relationship. They had the only 3 bedroom home in our quad. The den was converted to a bedroom so that they would each have their own room.

They were completely free to have sex with any consenting partner. There wasn’t any sense at all of ownership over the others. They had all enjoyed sex with the two of the other gender in our quad. Gene and Pam had even noticed Barb and Vicki being playful with each other güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the pool as well. It was simple playing such as grabbing tits, ass, and pussy. Either they were bi or they were just so comfortable with each other that it was normal behavior to them. It didn’t matter to Gene and Pam. There was a gay male couple in one of the other quads. They were monogamous yet were very popular with everyone. This wasn’t the place for judgmental people. We were to accept everyone’s lifestyle; gay, straight, or bi. Monogamous, swingers, open, and any variation of each.

It seemed too good to be true that such a place could exist without insane jealousies or judgments eventually rearing their ugly heads. All it takes is one malcontent to take the fun out of such an ideal life.

Gene suddenly got more serious. There was something he felt that was necessary to get out in the open.

“Lynn and Barry, one thing that you must guard against…and this is the easiest thing to let happen if you’re not careful…isn’t just jealousy about who your spouse has sex with, or who one of your favorite other partners enjoy.”

“You see, it’s inevitable that you will have more than just sexual feelings for other partners. They will become your friends; probably very good friends. That’s not a bad thing, I could see myself having very strong feelings for Lynn. I got to know her so well when riding into town.”

“The fact is, she’s not mine and never will be. I accept the fact that I love more than one woman but Pam is still my greatest love. Any guy that would try to break that up will get one hell of a fight out of me. Barry, you have one hell of a lady there. She loves you like crazy. She’ll always be true to you. Don’t let any feelings for any other woman in this park be stronger than the love you have for her.”

“The same for you Lynn,” Pam added. “There are so many good and kind men here. I’m sure at least a few of them will cause feelings other than lust inside of you. You two handle it the way you want but I can tell you that no matter what happens at night, we’re always in bed together at bedtime. We never stay the night with any lover. It’s a good rule for us to have.”

I liked that idea. That would be something that Lynn and I would have to discuss.

There was also another strange aspect of the neighborhood culture. Although the standard protocol between members of the opposite gender was observed, it was accepted that men would not touch or fondle a female’s breasts, genitals, or ass without permission. This was normal. However, it was accepted that a woman could grab a guy’s butt. It was a woman’s silent consent to allow more physical contact.

Lynn liked that idea for herself. This put her in control. Pam pointed out that the purpose of that was to give the woman control. Any man that made inappropriate contact with another woman (a polite hug was appropriate) was dealt with by the owners. There was very little tolerance for men being predatory. They had to wait for the women to initiate anything other than conversation. Again, this was part of the culture that had been evolved over time.

There had been no occasions of any violations. People in the community were very open-minded and even a swinger wife that didn’t want her husband with a certain woman just had to ask her to stop. So far that had always worked. I felt that there was a certain degree of unfairness about it, but for whatever reason it worked and it was a very peaceful set of quads.

Gene didn’t want to imply that everyone just adored everyone and life was just a large orgy. There were personality differences within the residents. Some didn’t particularly like others yet there was a mutual respect for each other and a respect to let others live a lifestyle as they deemed proper. Gene likened it to any other neighborhood where people may not necessarily be close friends but there was a mutual respect for each other’s property and rights.

Our quad was unusual because the residents all got along greatly. In fact, Gene admitted that he and Pam had bedded each of the other residents…Scott and Sandy next door to us and Barb, Vicki, Saul, and Jim next door to them. They were confident that we would fit in nicely with them. Even if we didn’t go to bed with all of them, they were confident that our personality types were ideal for this arrangement.

Another odd confession from Gene and Pam was that we were the first couple that they had ever had sex with on the first day. We had bonded so quickly. Lynn and I were grateful for their kindness and their willingness to be patient with us. It seemed so natural to make our first sexual ventures outside of our marriage with them. Even as we sat and carried on our conversation, Lynn kept draping her leg on the arm of her patio chair so that Gene could get a good look at the opening of her pussy. It was fun for her to finally get to explore her exhibitionist tendencies. I knew she’d be so horny later.

Shortly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri after 9pm we heard our neighbor’s patio door open. Scott and Sandy Fowler saw Gene and Pam seated at our patio table and immediately headed our way.

“Barry and Lynn, meet your new neighbors, Scott and Sandy Fowler,” Gene said as a simple introduction.

I shook Scott’s hand and reached out to shake Sandy’s hand but she wanted nothing to do with it. She insisted on a hug…a tight hug.

“I don’t do handshakes around here, Barry. Hugs only. And the guys get tighter hugs than the ladies,” she said with a grin. “Also, I hope to know you well enough for a kiss to go with that hug.”

I couldn’t help but notice Sandy. Her tits were even bigger than I imagined when I saw her wearing her work shirt with her company’s emblem ironed on. Massive tits that hung down greatly on her short 5 foot frame and large areolas with thick nipples. It was also apparent that she didn’t shave below although that was expected since we were aware of what was normal in our new environment. Although it was dark outside except for our patio light, I could make out the light brown bush nestled between her chubby thighs.

Scott and Sandy are amazing people. They shared their story of hard work and a little bit of good luck to amass the fortune they already had at just 43 years of age. They had sacrificed many luxuries to save for the lifestyle they were enjoying now. They raised their daughters in a single-wide mobile home with just two bedrooms and one bath. The only extra expenses were for their daughters various school projects. They never took a prolonged vacation, only weekend excursions. They ran late the past couple of days because they had been talking to their accountant about a couple of generous offers they had received for their corner lot and business. Both offers were generous enough to allow them to retire at 43 years old. They weren’t sure that they wanted to give up their business so early in their life.

On the advice of a friend that had several investment properties, they had purchased a half acre of land downtown. A year later, the county announced that they were building the new courthouse across the street from the land they had purchased and were going to build underground access from the east and the north of the building. They were just 20 at the time and Sandy had just had the second of her two daughters.

They saw a unique business opportunity. They borrowed enough money to buy a trailer and began selling hot dogs, chips, and sodas at their corner even before the courthouse opened. Scott also worked an evening job delivering pizzas to help make ends meet. There were a few other businesses and offices in the area but the first two years were lean. Once the county office was built and over 400 employees began working there every day, business picked up greatly. After Sandy’s second pregnancy, and a month after her second daughter’s birth, Sandy was forced into an emergency total hysterectomy.

Sandy joked about how that although she used herbal remedies for hormonal treatment, her libido became stronger than ever after the surgery and that she was afraid that she’d wear out Scott’s cock. She openly admitted that she and Scott never seemed to get enough sex. She used the term “insatiable.”

Scott shared the story of how they met and finally got together.

We had known each other since we were freshmen in high school. I was kind of the nerdy type and didn’t exactly talk to the girls that easily. Finally, right before we graduated, I decided to ask her out. I didn’t want to leave high school and have each of us go on our separate ways.

Our birthdays are only a month apart, Sandy being older, and I took her out to dinner for her birthday. We were so awkward at that time. We had done nothing but kiss each other good night and hold hands. No sex at all. Not even touching.

On my birthday, Sandy took me out to dinner and then drove me to a motel room. She immediately took off her clothes and told me to do the same. It was the first sexual experience for both of us.

I still am amazed at how we went from being so timid and insecure about our bodies and sexuality to where we are today. 25 years ago you would have never bet that we’d be running around naked like this or having so many partners.

Sandy watched Scott intently as he recalled their beginnings. “Oh, come on Scott, get to the juicy stuff!”

“I like it when you tell it Sandy,” Scott replied. “You’re more interesting than I am.”

Ok, our hot dog stand was starting to really pick up business and we bought a van and I began making breakfast burritos and adding a short breakfast menu to it. A girl I knew from high school told me about a nudist resort less than 30 miles from where we lived.

We balked at the idea at first then my friend and her husband came to our house and convinced us to try it. Finally trying that resort was the best thing güvenilir bahis şirketleri that we’ve ever done. We became devout nudists. Those two friends are still our lovers today and they have visited us here twice since we moved in.

We have no illusions that we are great looking or have great bodies. We are what we are. Barry, I’ll tell you like I told Gene and any other guy, I have no problem with you looking at my naked body. Depending on Lynn’s permission, of course, you’re welcome to feel up my melons, my ass, or anything else. Hell, I’d like Lynn’s permission to handle that thick cock of yours. Scott and I have a very open relationship. The same offer goes for Scott. He’s free to do whatever he wants with Lynn as long as Barry consents. We already give each other consent.

Look, I know I’m short, about 20 pounds overweight, and not the prettiest girl out there. My tits hang down quite low; I’ve always been big and then I nursed two babies over the years. Scott isn’t Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. He’s skinny. He’s not hung like a porn star but I dare you to find a better man than him. He’s also a fantastic lover as a few of the ladies in this park can tell you.

We looked at Pam. She nodded in the affirmative. “Yes, he’s quite good and the other two women in our quad will say the same.”

Barry and Lynn, this isn’t some pickup line. It’s just letting you know how we feel about things of a sexual nature. We’re just putting it out there. This way, whatever happens you’ll know that we’re fine with it. Our feelings aren’t hurt if you decide that it’s not for you. We do hope to be your friends. You’ve moved into an amazing quad. Scott and I couldn’t be happier with the neighbors we have.

Scott was ready for the pool and we all agreed that a dip in the pool would be a good way to finish the night. Lynn later admitted that although she didn’t find Scott sexually appealing at all, spending time in the pool talking to him and Gene had changed her thinking. There was a personal connection that turned into a future desire to share a bed with him. She was surprised at how her feelings of sexual indifference had changed so quickly.

I could say the same about Sandy. Her personality was infectious. While I visited with her and Pam in the pool, she shamelessly kept pushing her breasts up against my side. At only 5 feet tall, her large tits reached up just above my hips.

I already knew I had Lynn’s permission to do whatever I wanted with her, but I spent my time getting to know her better. Sandy and Pam dominated our conversation but I didn’t mind. I had two naked ladies enjoying my company so who was I to complain?

Although I couldn’t hear the conversation at the other end of the pool, I later learned that Scott had shared with Gene and Lynn the same information that Sandy shared with us.

Shortly after embracing the nudist lifestyle, they became good friends with a couple that actually lived at the resort. They visited nearly every weekend and their friends would have them stay at their home rather than renting a cabin or trailer.

This couple was in an open relationship. Resort rules strictly forbade the show of any kind of sexual activity. No grabbing of asses, tits, or genitalia was permitted. No propositioning of sex was tolerated. Any offenders were asked to leave. If they didn’t, law enforcement was there to make sure they did…plus they were banned for life at that resort as well as any of the hundreds of affiliated resorts across the country.

So, it took time to get to know someone well enough to bring up the alternate lifestyle. It was more common in that park than most knew, but the public image was that it was a family-friendly place. A family could bring their kids and feel safe. In that respect, the resort succeeded.

After the first night of having sex with someone other than Scott, Sandy knew that she wanted a similar relationship with Scott. They were excited for each other. It brought them even closer together. Their love so was strong and their relationship so secure that trying different partners never threatened it.

Sandy was passionate about this. She credits nudism and an open marriage as the catalyst that gave her all the self-confidence she ever needed. I wasn’t sure how that could be, but she was certain that it was true.

“Barry, as you can imagine, I was an early bloomer but I was never one of the pretty girls or popular girls. Guys always wanted a peek down my blouse to see tits but they never showed an interest in me as a person. I was a loner and very quiet. I’m sure that has to be some kind of shock to you now,” she said while laughing at the memory.

“Scott was the same. Good student from a poor family. Real skinny kid with an acne problem. We became friends in high school but it was always just talking and having lunch together. He was too shy to take it further and I was too self-conscious and insecure to take a chance of asking him out…let alone to let him see me naked.”

“I’ve learned that by being what I truly want to be that I’ve been accepted by people that want the same. Gay, straight, any skin color, or sexual lifestyle, people love being loved for who they are. I’ve experienced more love…and not just in the bedroom…since we became nudists and then in an open marriage.”

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