The Perfect Present

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After another long week at work the last thing he wanted was to have to go out tonight, but he had promised, damn it. What he really wanted was to just go home kick off his boots, drink a beer, maybe get a good ole blow job and go to bed. It was his birthday after all, but he knew how much his girlfriend was looking forward to getting out of the house tonight. She kept saying she had a surprise for him. Hey maybe he would get that blow job after all, she enjoyed giving them, so just maybe it would work out.

As soon as he walked in he started getting in a better mood. There she was in the kitchen sitting on the table butt fuckin naked. He could tell by looking at her swollen cunt that she had been getting it ready before he got there. All she said was, “Sure hope your hungry, cause your dinner is HOT.” He immediately went to her and grabbed her breasts and gave them a good hard squeeze. She threw her head back and moaned in pleasure. He knew what she liked and how she liked it. Her pussy was already dripping wet and throbbing. Her clit was swollen so it was easy for him to get his fingers on it and just slightly give it a pinch and a twist. Something else he knew she loved. She was spread wide open by this point. He knew that he could have just went ahead and slid into her, but this was too much fun. Feeling how she shuddered under his touch he wanted to take advantage of it. Every thing in his body wanted to go fast and hard, but he made himself slow down and relish in her mood.

With his fingers still massaging her clit he started to gently nibble on her neck, telling her how much he wanted to fuck her. He was steadily pinching her nipple with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his left hand while his right was rubbing and pinching her clit. He could tell that she wanted a good hard fucking but, he was going to make her wait. His dick was so hard that he could feel it pulsating against him. She was moaning as if in agony, but he knew it was really pleasure. She was always very vocal.

She sat up and started to help him get his clothes off, but he made her do it slow, even though she was ready rip them off. He let her only get as far as his shirt. With a slight grin, he took her by the wrist and laid her back down on the table and spread her legs. Without any warning his plunged in to that sweet wet flower. She was already gushing wet, how did she get that wet? It had always amazed him. He licked her clit and then went in for the real honey. He pushed his tongue in very slowly so he could taste all of her. Her hands were clenched on the table as she arched her back wanting to feel his whole face buried in her pussy. She could not stand much more, but damn she couldn’t imagine him stopping. As he licked and sucked her pussy she played with her clit.

Now was her turn to tease him. She sat up just enough to be able to watch him eat her slick bald pussy. God he looked good doing that. She knew it turned him on for her to watch, and to play with herself. As he kept his tongue busy going in and out she could feel her pussy start to tighten. She wanted to feel him, NOW. But she also knew his game of teasing! So she figured she would have to play along for a little while. Knowing that watching her cum was what he really güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri enjoyed, she let the orgasm rush through her. It was like having a wave crash over her. It started in her feet and went all the way through her body. Her pussy pulsated and grew tight around his tongue. Right as she thought the pleasure could not get any better he shoved two fingers into her convulsing pussy and sent her over the edge. Immediately, the slurping sounds of her wet pussy could be heard. Every time he pulled his fingers out her pussy would tighten, not wanting to lose that filling feeling.

He could not stand it any longer, he wanted to get naked and fuck her hard. He wanted to feel that hot wet pussy on his engorged dick. He wanted to feel that slick cum on his balls. But much to his dismay, she stopped him from entering her. Now with her own grin, she got off the table, sliding her slick cunt down his stomach. She then turned him around and leaned him against the table. As he stood there with his boots and jeans still on, wondering what the hell was going on, she slowly unbuttoned his jeans as she kissed his erect nipples. She gently run her fingers over his body, causing chill bumps to rise. She knew that this made him want to jump out of his skin and she did it for just that reason. She worked her way down his stomach kissing and nibbling the whole way. Knowing that his sides were especially sensitive at this point she licked and kissed on both sides. This just made her even more dripping wet because now she had the control. She worked her way down to her knees so that her mouth was right at his cock. Through his jeans she could güvenilir bahis şirketleri feel his hard dick. She put her mouth on the outside of his jeans and let him feel her warm hot breath. She then slid his jeans down around his ankles and took all of his large pulsating dick into her mouth all at once. She could hear the catch in his breath and knew she had him right where she wanted him. She then just licked the head with the tip of her tongue, very gently and slowly as she looked up at him to make sure he was watching.

When she knew she had his full attention she kissed and sucked just half of his cock. She firmly massaged his balls. Every once in awhile she would take all of his dick in her mouth as deep as she could and massage it with her tongue. Now it was not just her pussy that was wet, she was so horny and turned on that she was slobbering all over his dick. She started rubbing his wet cock with her free hand. Swallowing as much of his prick as she could she picked up the rhythm. Loving the way he was watching her and hearing his groans. She felt him start to quiver and knew that it would not take much, so she slowed her rhythm, not wanting it to be over yet. Right as he thought she was going to let him recover and get his bearings back, she took all of him in her mouth and sucked hard and rubbed him faster. He threw his head back when he felt her moaning because he knew she was going to cum with him. As he felt her grip tighten on his dick, he knew it was time and he came for her. It felt like gallons but she did not miss a drop. She continued to suck him off as if she could not get enough of him. She was moaning even though her mouth was full he could tell she was satisfied.

Now he really just wanted to go to bed, but knew that after that she would definitely want to go out. But to his surprise, she said, “Well, now that we had out appetizers, why don’t we try to actually have the main birthday course.” And she led him to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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