The Phone Call Ch. 02

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After the second phone call it was difficult to concentrate on anything else. I’d begin to prepare my lecture, and my mind would wander to thoughts of coeds with curls in their hair kneeling under my desk and eagerly sucking my cock. I must have picked up my phone a hundred times with the intention of sending a text to the unknown number, but inevitably I’d talk myself down. These are dangerous games, after all, and I have a lot to lose by being stupid. If she wants to call me, fine, she can call me. But once I start sending texts or making calls, I’m ruined.

Still, I must have masturbated more than I had since high school. I even found myself daydreaming in my campus office as I tried hard to reads my books and research a new paper. I found myself idly rubbing my cock through my pants when I heard a knock on my door.

“Shit,” I thought, “What the fuck am I doing?” I quickly removed my hand and tried to collect myself as I called out for whomever to come in.

In walked the department’s administrative assistant, Heather Findley, saying she needed me to sign some papers for a recent reimbursement request for conference travel. When she had first started working there, before my marriage, we had dated briefly, but I had eventually ended it after discovering that she had cheated on me.

At the time I had been more relieved than hurt. Ending office romances can be messy, and despite being a great fuck, Heather was quite boorish, and I had wanted out. Her affair gave me the perfect reason to call things off without her thinking I had just used her for sex.

Now, since I was acting chair of the department, she was my secretary, I suppose. Our past had never interfered with our working relationship, but we did occasionally still flirt though it was all innocent enough. I guess she had never found the right guy, because now, at 32, she was still single, and I must admit, still very much my type, with her glasses, fit but full build, and dark hair bobbed at her chin.

She sashayed toward me, her skirt stopping at her knees. If I knew Heather, she’d be wearing thigh high stockings instead of hose. I immediately needed to know. Obviously my thoughts had gotten the better of me. I must have had a dazed look in my eyes as she stood next to me, placed some papers in front of me on my desk and leaned forward, pointing with her perfectly done red nails and saying almost mechanically, “Sign here, Jim.”

I felt her hip brush against my left shoulder as I took a pen out of my shirt pocket. I went to sign the paper but hesitated and looked up at her. The corner of her mouth, lips glistening red, turned up into an expression of amused curiosity. “What?” she asked.

Without thinking too much about it and with my erection straining against my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pants, I couldn’t stop my left hand from reaching behind her and touching her stocking clad leg behind her knee, right below the hem of her skirt.

She flinched at my touch, and her expression changed as she said almost coyly, “What do you think you’re doing?”

I ignored her question and caressed her leg as my hand slowly ascended up under her skirt, my fingertips tracing the inside of her thigh. I found the top of her stockings and smiled up at her. The expression on her face was confusion. After all this time, why was I doing this today? Did I really want to be doing this? She seemed to ask with her eyes, her mouth slightly parted, the smirk gone, replaced with something more…

She stood almost perfectly still as my fingers lightly traced the top of her stocking. I felt her legs slightly part, urging my hand to continue its journey. I obliged. The feel of nylon gave way to the soft flesh of inner thigh and finally the feel of damp cotton panties.

“Oh Jim,” she gasped as my hand reached its destination. Her eyes closed and she bit the corner of her bottom lip. Her breathing became heavy as I began to rub my palm into her panty covered cunt. I felt her hips begin to rock slightly, and then more pronounced until she was grinding herself down against my hand.

She leaned forward slightly and placed her hands on the edge of the desk. She let out a low moan and I felt her once fluid movements become jerky and erratic. She stifled a squeal, and her thighs shuddered and squeezed together to hold my hand in place. She managed to keep herself quiet as her orgasm ran through the curves of her body like a wave, but she couldn’t help the movement of her hips or the quivering of her legs as I felt my hand grow slicker even though her panties still separated my palm from the source of the moisture.

I stood up, removing my hand from under her skirt and walked toward my office door which had stupidly been left slightly open. Through half lidded eyes over the top of her glasses she watched me close and lock the door as she struggled to hold herself up. She began to push herself into a standing position and started, “Jim, I don’t think…”

But I stopped her short ordering, “Stay where you are. We’re not done.” She obeyed, dropping her eyes to the desk and letting out a soft whimper. Heather always had a bit of a submissive streak, and I planned to make full use of it today.

Coming up behind her, I lifted her skirt revealing for the first time what my fingers had already discovered. I ran my hands up the outside of her legs enjoying the feel of nylon and flesh. She moaned when she felt my fingers hook into the waistband of her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri panties and begin to slide them down the length of her legs.

She stepped out of them without being told, and I stood beside her. She looked lovely bent over my desk, bare ass presented to me, black stockings and garter contrasting with the pale flesh of her upper thighs. I ran my hand up her bare thigh to her now exposed cunt. My fingers invading her soft wetness for the first time in year. She moaned at my touch.

“Now Heather,” I said, as my fingers worked over her still engorged clit, occasionally sliding a digit inside her, “You’ll be a good girl and stay quiet, right?”

“Mmmm,” she mewled, “It’s sooo hard.”

“That’s what I thought,” I said with an air of mock disappointment. I removed my hand from her cunt and she whimpered. Knowing she liked a bit of rough play, I took firm hold of hair and gently raised her head up. “Open your mouth,” I ordered.

Her eyes went wide because she knew what was coming, but she obeyed anyway. When she did I pushed her balled up, wet panties into her mouth to muffle any noise she might make. I whispered in her ear, “Now feel free to make any sound you want.” She whimpered into her panties.

I took my position behind her, I was as hard as I could remember being. Undoing my zipper, but keeping my pants up, I released my cock from its confinement and rubbed the head against Heather’s cunt. Aligning myself to her opening I pushed the length of my cock inside her with one thrust.

She was so wet, her cunt was so slick, that even though her soft flesh gripped me tightly I encountered nothing like resistance. Taking firm hold of her hips I began fucking her in earnest. Driving the length of my cock into her, pulling out in a steady rhythm.

She mewled and squealed. All of her sounds were muffled by the wet panties in her mouth as I fucked the curvy secretary from behind. With each thrust she began to push back against me, my cock stretching her cunt and reaching deeper with each hard thrust.

I reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up, forcing her to arch her back. She let out a muffled yelp followed by a long, low moan as I felt her cunt contract around me.

“Did you miss my cock?” I taunted. “Did you miss getting fucked by my fat cock?”

She grunted through the panties she gripped in her teeth.

I leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “What fucking slut wears a garter belt to work these days? Were you hoping your boss would fuck your tight, little cunt?”

She moaned as I ploughed into her. I let go of her hair and she lowered herself to the desk, leaning on her forearms and bowing her head.

I closed my eyes and imagined she was a güvenilir bahis şirketleri student splayed out before me. I heard the voice from the phone in my head begging for my cock. And the more I thought about the phone call, the more aggressively I fucked the slut lying across my desk.

“When I’m done fucking your cunt,” I warned, “I’m going to shove my cock in your mouth and cum all over your pretty face.”

The thought must have been enough for I felt her cunt spasm around my cock as she fell into her second orgasm in my office. Her whines and shrieks hit a crescendo as she almost cried herself to orgasm, shaking into tension, and then melting into a relaxed puddle as the orgasm subsided.

I grabbed her limp body by the shoulders and lifted her up as my still hard cock slid out of her. I guided her to her knees in front of me as I sank back into my desk chair.

Pulling the panties from her mouth, her lips remained parted, her breathing heavy, her eyes in a far off daze. I slid my cock into her mouth, holding her head in my hands, intent on finishing my own orgasm just as my anonymous caller had described.

I fucked her mouth with a few hard strokes before she had recovered enough to take on the responsibility herself. Slowly, she came to life, closing her bright red lips hard around my cock, smearing her lipstick on me as she locked eyes with me.

My own orgasm swelled and a light brush of her teeth was enough for me to fill her mouth with my cum. Knowing she had no choice in such a public environment, she dutifully swallowed every drop, holding me in her mouth until she was certain I had finished.

Releasing my cock she sat back on her heels and deftly used her own soiled panties to wipe at the corner of her lips. Sitting on the floor of my office, lipstick smeared, skirt raised up, hair mussed in a way that said she had just been fucked, I felt I could have fucked her again.

“So,” she said, “What was that about? Trouble at home?”

“Oh,” I replied, “No, not exactly.”

She smiled slightly, “Look, if you trust me enough to fuck me, then you should trust me enough to talk to me.”

It was a fair point. “Well, I’ve been a bit distracted lately,” I began. I went on to tell her about the two phone calls, and my wandering thoughts. I explained that I wasn’t really sure what had come over me when she walked in, but I was just so over stimulated.

“So,” she smiled a wicked smile, “A student wants to fuck you and is bold enough to say so. That’s pretty hot. You think you’ll fuck her here, in your office?”

“What?” I exclaimed, “no, of course not.”

“Well,” she said, “you can’t fuck her at your house. And you can’t fuck her in the dorms. Think of how that would look, a Professor creeping out of a coed’s dorm room.”

“Stop it,” I said, slightly annoyed. “I’ve no intention of fucking her at all.”

She smirked, “Uh huh. I’m guessing you had no intention of fucking me today either.”

“Don’t you have work to do?” I asked.

“Yes, I do,” she replied, “but I’m still waiting for your signature.”

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