The Physio Ch. 2

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My next appointment was the following day, which gave me little time to devise a plan. How could I seduce Paul, without being too forward? I mean I know I’m desperate for a fucking but I don’t want him to know that.

I decided to wear clothes that would accentuate my figure. I’m no beauty model but I try to keep myself in good shape. I chose a nice short tennis skirt with white lace knickers. That way Paul would have easy access to my muscle strain (and hopefully more if he got the hint). I wore a sexy red bra which in reality was a couple sizes too small for my D-cup breasts. As I put it on I couldn’t resist running my fingers over my hardening nipples. God I swear I could smell Paul already. Finally I put on a white T-shirt. See through but not enough to be tarty.

I arrived at the clinic and was shown through into Paul’s room. On entering the room, he looked up from his desk, his sexy blue eyes already making my heart melt. I swear bahis firmaları I saw him examining my breasts as they tried to spill out of the bra. I could feel my nipples begin to harden. He must be able to tell. Why is it that men can be so blind sometimes? He asked me to lie down on the table. I did so, ensuring that my skirt rode up far enough for Paul to see my inner thighs. He began massaging my leg, again apologizing for hurting it. Not only was he sexy but also a gentleman.

Unfortunately he was too much the gentleman and soon my massage was over. But as a result of the massage my leg had gone numb. When I went to hop off the bed my leg gave way, sending me tumbling to the ground. Paul quickly reached down to pick me up. His hand brushing my now swollen chest. His eyes met mine and I decided that now was my opportunity. If I didn’t act now Paul would never know how much I liked him. As we looked into each others eyes I placed kaçak iddaa my lips against his. To my surprise he kissed me back. I felt like I was melting as Paul’s tongue pushed against my lips. Paul lifted me up and placed me on the table, kissing me passionately the whole time.

I looked down and saw a growing bulge in his pants. Reaching down I pulled on his zip. Placing my hand on his boxers I eased them aside and placed my hand on his now hard cock. I couldn’t see it but it felt huge. Paul stepped back and removed his pants ad boxers revealing a huge 9 inches of cock. He stepped forward again and I took his tool in my hand as we continued our passionate kissing. I pushed Paul away and bending down, took Paul’s cock into my mouth. I started slowly by licking from his balls up to his head. His head twitched as my tongue swept over it. All Paul could do was moan.

Slowly I took his cock into my mouth, inch by inch, until about 5 kaçak bahis inches of it was inside my mouth. Then slowly I began pumping his cock, licking his purple head at the same time. Paul placed his hands upon my head, encouraging me to take his tool deeper. I started to increase my pace at Paul’s insistence. I could sense that he was near to cumming. I reached between his legs and ran a finger over Paul’s tight asshole. I felt his cock quiver in my mouth. Then I gently pushed a finger into his ass.

Gently at first as I didn’t want him to cum too soon. But quickly Paul began thrusting his cock into my mouth and pushing his ass down onto my finger. His groans became louder. I was sure his nurse would be able to hear. Then I felt his cock expand and a torrent of white salty cum poured into my mouth. Too much for me to swallow. I let some drip down my chin while looking into Paulo’s blue eyes. He pulled me up as kissed me passionately on the lips, again probing my mouth with his tongue.

“The least I can do is take you out for dinner,” he said.

I can’t wait. I’ve provided the entree, now for the main. You see all men need is a little encouragement.

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