The Promotion Party Pt. 02

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In order to determine who to promote among many qualified candidates, the VP had organized a swinging party. The first round proceeded extremely well. Now with the participants were revving their engines for round two.

“If anyone is in dire need after round one, we have a dish full of what my local bootlegger tells me are fairly “genuine” Viagra pills,” Mr. Shahzad jokingly told the other eleven guys in the main lounge, soon after the ladies had headed off to their assigned rooms, “but be warned that if you take these, some of you may have four hour boners!”

Most of the guys laughed the announcement off and no one made any effort to take a pill. Mr. Shahzad wondered if they would be more receptive to the so-called ‘sex pill’ after round two. There certainly was no way to tell if those were the real article but the fellow, who often also secured booze in otherwise dry Pakistan for him, swore on his mother’s grave as to the authenticity. The fact that Mr. Shahzad had taken tea with the guy’s mother just a week earlier, however, made him a little apprehensive.

At 11:29 the room emptied as everyone made his way over to a tryst with potentially a rather beautiful lady, be it Shabnam, Kulsoom, Maliha or Tanya. No one gave the least thought to the fact that about a fourth of the group would be shocked to run into the likes of Yusra, Dawar’s wife.


Yusuf was confident that his next partner would be a great deal more desirable than Dawar’s hideous wife, Yusra. He had figured out that his last ‘date’ was easily the ugliest female in the group and he was headed upwards for sure. He was not disappointed when the door opened. Awaiting him was Omama, Habeeb’s slim and somewhat attractive better half. He had seen her in the garden during the evening and thought she was pretty. Now here she was for him to do as he felt and she allowed.

Omama’s first experience had been with the oldest person in the group, Aftab. Surprisingly he had been a perfect gentleman, making love to her in a restrained and easy paced manner. Having come once, he had decided the job was done and that he needed to keep his energy for future rounds. Omama had not minded the quick fuck either as the TV had just started playing a drama serial she had been following.

With her second partner inside the room, she dropped the robe to expose her skinny body and raised her arms so that Yusuf could come and embrace her. He was ready to go at once, given that there had not been any sort of contact with Yusra in the first round. But then, it was difficult to get an erection with Yusra. Omama was more pleasing to the eye and less overbearing, and his balls hurt.

In a moment they were locked in an embrace and his cock had burrowed its way into her pussy. Omama moaned with pleasure, the object in her was larger than she had experienced before in her life. Her husband was definitely not as thick and the one cousin she had fucked prior to her marriage was quite short in many ways. She had only done it with the cousin to prove that she was not lacking in looks compared to her other three sisters, who were all quite attractive and had been banging the neighborhood boys for years.

Yusuf, however, was snugly wedged into her insides and her vagina had cocooned him with intensity. His thickness meant that it was difficult for him to pull out and push in. That concern soon sorted itself as she began to come profusely and her cunt was lubricated. The tightness excited him greatly and gave him the impetus to go faster and deeper. The moans from his partner were a ringing endorsement to his girth and enthusiasm. Shortly afterwards he let go as Omama screamed at the intensity of her orgasm.

Gathering his strength after a few minutes and disposing of the sheath on his cock, he looked expectantly at her. The nod from her elated him and he grabbed for a new condom as she spread her legs again and awaited a most welcome insertion. His memory of being in the same room and alone with Yusra was ancient history.


Rashid meanwhile was ready to commit hara-kiri. He had enjoyed a pleasant hour with Zeba, Omar’s wife, in round one, fucking her twice. She had insisted that he not wear a condom, explaining that since her husband was probably infertile, they had agreed that she could try more creative ways and this definitely was the best one. Not that he was keen to be a dad, already having a couple of children of his own. However, Omar was a very dear friend and if Rashid could be of help, he was ready. Not to mention that Zeba, while not a beauty compared to some of the others, was a very nice and friendly looking person. His own wife, Iffat, had been acting like a harpy in the past few months. By comparison, Zeba was an absolute darling, willing to do whatever he wanted. He felt he had been a true friend to both Omar and Zeba as the hour ended, draining his cum into her willing insides twice.

And now, standing in front of him was Yusra Dawar, bahis firmaları the absolute dog among the dozen females on offer. Yusra had already passed on having any sort of sexual contact with Yusuf, considering him short and ugly, even though he was better looking than her own husband. She had unknowingly missed out on experiencing Yusuf’s thick cock, which would have sent Dawar’s little peepee into severe depression. Yusra, however, had no intention of having a platonic session with Rashid, who she had ranked number one amongst the guys when filling her form.

“Do you want to do it on the bed or somewhere else?” she asked.

“Why don’t you turn around and bend,” Rashid responded, figuring he may be able to just about get over with it if he did not have to look into her ugly face.

Yusra turned about and assumed the posture. Rashid stuck two condoms onto his cock since the notion of fucking her was so revolting. Somehow, however, he was able to get a semi erection and push about a third of his cock into her cunt. Yusra made sounds of ecstasy, given that even this small penetration was more than her husband had ever provided during their married life with his puny member. Putting his minds to thoughts of joyous things, like the possibility of making love to Mrs. Shahzad or Shabnam or Tanya, he got a bit harder and was able to maintain a relatively decent rhythm. After they both came, he was able to beg off a second coupling by claiming a splitting migraine.

His ordeal was over. For Yusra though, Rashid had given her the fuck of her life, and she had definitely developed feelings of love and lust for him. It made sense to cradle his head in her lap and massage his scalp to lessen the pain. Surprisingly Rashid found that pleasurable and caught half an hour of sleep, waking up to see Yusra trying to suck his cock. The alarm thankfully reprieved him.


Mahmood had joy written all over his face. Sitting partially clothed in front of him was the undisputed babe of the group, Shabnam. Almost every guy had voted her number one or two, and that total score placed her ahead of second placed Kulsoom or third-placed Haniya, though this was not something that was known to anyone but Mr. Shahzad. For Mahmood, this was the ultimate dream come true, the best day ever since joining the organization. For Shabnam, Mahmood was also a step up from the first session she had spent with Habeeb. Habeeb had taken her only once with some passion, but the raw energy she sought was not there in his effort. And that was after she had knocked his head badly with her knees as he ate her pussy out. Habeeb had not been the greatest partner, but she felt a bit guilty at selling him short. Mahmood, however, promised something a little spicier. By comparison, he had lucked out in round one, his partner being Rashid’s pretty nice looking better half, Iffat, who had been open to a fuck in the missionary position, followed by a prolonged session of anal sex.

Mahmood started off by slowly removing Shabnam’s lingerie while kissing each bit that he exposed. This helped in raising the sexual temperature quite significantly. His tongue lingered on her pussy and ass as he disposed of the panty. Shabnam responded in kind, taking his clothes off in a similar fashion and rubbing his cock in the process.

He grabbed her thighs, lifting and bringing her back up against the wall. Shabnam tensed as his sizable cock entered her cunt. He pushed all the way in, evoking the correct response from her. She fought to hold him in as he pulled out, but relented as his member took a forward direction again. The forward and backward movement continued for an extended period and finally Mahmood let go. Shabnam had come numerous times and needed a respite by now.

They moved onto the bed where he began to explore her body in earnest, grasping one part, rubbing another and kissing a third. At a certain point, Shabnam took his cock in her palm and began to massage it with intent. Mahmood lay back and let her continue. After a while he put his hand behind her neck and indicated that her mouth should continue the task. At this very moment the alarm went off. Shabnam decided to rub for a bit longer till his cock spouted and they then needed to rush to the shower.


Having seen that Parveen was his next partner just after the draw had been made, Mr. Shahzad had taken a course of action that would leave both of them happy. He had asked her to lie spread-eagled on the bed, placed a blindfold on her eyes and tied down her legs and arms to the bed posts. A moment later, he quietly let three of the hotel’s hospitality staff members in. Each had been promised a payment of Rupees 1,000 for the task.

The first climbed on top and soon was plugging her cunt with abandon. Parveen was surprised that the VP had that sort of energy after the first round. After all, Mr. Shahzad was not much younger than her husband. She was soon panting and coming furiously. kaçak iddaa The bellhop was done and had cleaned her with a moist cloth, still bound, in about fifteen minutes.

Mr. Shahzad indicated that the second person should go to work. This one seated himself on her midsection, raised her head by placing some pillows underneath and stuck his penis into her mouth. Parveen gagged for a bit but understood what was being asked of her. She really could not say no to her husband’s direct boss. Ten minutes later, she had delivered a more than adequate blow job. The lucky recipient cleaned her off and took a seat.

The third person released her bonds and flipped her over, retying her to the corner posts. She was amazed that the VP had the energy to go for a third round even though she was not too happy with the cock entering her anus. Still, it had been decades since her husband had gone three rounds with her. Just as the alarm sounded, the man ejaculated into her rectum and removed his cock.

A moment later all three vanished and Mr. Shahzad undid Parveen’s bonds, removing the blindfold she had worn for almost an hour. She was unsteady as he led her to the shower. Surprisingly she did not connect that he had no signs of lovemaking on his body and was partially dressed. He had in fact taken a series of calls in the bathroom while Parveen was being serviced. The two returned to the main lounge, arms linked and finally separated with a deep kiss, as he handed her a silver butterfly brooch from Thailand as a thank you gift. Mr. Shahzad knew his reputation as a cocksman was going to spread like wildfire. Importantly, however, he had not taxed himself and would be ready for the next two ladies, both rated much higher.


After the beating inflicted on him by Haniya, Jehangir was keen on a more sedate episode. Thankfully, his next partner proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Omar’s wife, Zeba, had enjoyed her session with Rashid and was not displeased at seeing that Jehangir was the next person to mate with her. She was number six on the VP’s desirability list and was known to possess a bouncy and jovial personality. Though a bit chubby, she had all the right elements and was pleasing to the eye. And given that Jehangir had placed number five on the guys’ list, there was a natural compatibility to the two.

Unlike her first tryst with Rashid, however, she waited to be mounted until Jehangir put a condom on. There was no reason to risk confused sperm fighting for access to her eggs she figured. She locked her feet behind Jehangir’s back as she ensured he went to work on her. They took their time finishing but were not done with their sexual antics.

Zeba turned her back to him and asked, “do you think my ass is sexy? Omar keeps calling me fatso!”

“Why don’t you let me fuck it and I can give you my honest opinion,” Jehangir responded in jest, expecting her to be horrified.

Instead seating Jehangir on an armchair in the room, Zeba backed into him. He just had a moment to daub some cream onto his regenerated cock before her rectum swallowed it. Zeba squealed with pain and lust as she moved herself up and down his shaft. But since he had just serviced her, the response took its time in materializing. As she worried if he would be done before the alarm sounded, Jehangir spewed a few drops into her backside.


“So how was round one for you?” Maliha, the VP’s wife, asked Omar as they coupled in bed, “was Kulsoom a good fuck for her first time or was she the usual sniveling bitch?”

She had received him in a bath robe, which he had simply teased off her shoulders and onto the ground. Maliha had been equally quick in opening his belt, unzipping his pants and getting him threadbare.

“To be frank ma’am,” Omar responded, “I know the boss treats her as his daughter and was scared to do anything and then suffer for it.”

“So the little slut is still a virgin!” Maliha exclaimed, exasperated by the fact that the girl had not be sullied so far.

“I would think so, given the protection your husband has given her,” Omar was truthful as he slowly stroked into and out of Maliha’s cunt.

In a few moments he described in great detail the chastity belt. Maliha knew that Kulsoom would not lose her virginity that night and her cherry would remain intact to potentially entice her husband at a future time. There, however, was nothing she could do at the moment. Well actually, she already had experienced one good lover, and it was time to see if another would be as nice in bed as Naeem had been after she had dealt with his initial inhibitions. Omar had not been so timid and had joined Maliha in deep kissing and then had entered her with gusto. After all, he had not had any dessert in round one.

“Zeba thinks you are beautiful and Mr. Shahzad is a lucky man,” he said as they joined intimately.

“The more important point, darling, is how much you can take advantage can you kaçak bahis take of my beauty!” she cooed while giving his butt a pinch.

Omar began to pump in earnest, but every time he came close to ejaculating she stopped his ingress. This happened perhaps a dozen times before she took pity and let him explode into the condom. Pushing him out, she whipped the bulging condom off, tossing it accurately into a nearby dustbin. Her hand stroked the shrinking and wet member and he was back up in no time.

“What would you like dear sir,” Maliha acted coy, “coffee, tea or more of me?”

Omar was in a state of confusion wondering what to do. She had just fucked him intensely but she still was the VP’s wife and taking a wrong step could be very bad indeed. Maliha grabbed his cock and began to lick it, while giving it a light rub at the same time. Pushing him down onto the bed, she came atop and shoved his cock inside herself.

“Mrs. Shahzad, I am not wearing a condom,” Omar protested. Though he knew that he had a low sperm count, if any, given that his wife Zeba had never become pregnant, there was always a chance of the unexpected happening.

“Well in that case make sure not to come in me till I tell you too,” she replied, confusing the hell out of him, “and call me Maliha, that’s my name!”

Maliha began to buck and rise up and down. Omar was focused intently on not coming. He could only imagine how things could transpire if an accident occurred. He could feel liquid oozing out of her and pooling around his midsection. For the strangest reason he began to find the situation to be rather stimulating and sat up to suck on her tits and kiss her, while she continued riding him. By some internal clock or otherwise, she suddenly got off, moved to one side and took his raging hard on into her mouth. For the second time, Omar mightily emptied the entire load. He was both surprised and pleased that there was no sign of his cum on the sheets or elsewhere and everything had gone down her throat.

“I am sure you want to be on that Bangkok trip and along with me,” she joked, while he was having the very same thought himself. The alarm got them both out of their daydream, though they were quite intimate in the shower for the next few minutes.


Joe was delighted when he found his partner for the second round. Iffat, Rashid’s wife, was less excited as she had been given a good going over by Mahmood in the previous round. However, the spirit of the event had to maintained, and she was willing to do whatever was necessary. Perhaps it would serve to save her marriage to Rashid.

Since Joe was not sure on how to begin, Iffat came up and helped him undress and then dropped her own negligee. His cock rose immediately and she was both fascinated and disgusted by the fact that he was not circumcised. She had never seen an ‘anteater’ penis before, given that virtually every man in Pakistan is ‘helmeted’ where it matters. He was also about one-third smaller than Mahmood or Rashid. Joe had to do the needful to peel back the skin and expose his tip. She made doubly sure he put a condom over the appendage before the wick was dipped.

Joe positioned himself over her body, spread her legs, put his tip in contact with Iffat’s cunt, and pushed in. He had no friction at all in going all the way. So far she had been a bored participant, but now things changed. Joe began to rub and massage her neck, shoulders and arms as he pushed in and pulled out of her. He had not told anyone about his diploma in oriental massage and Iffat was benefiting from his learning in a great way. She let him push deeper and rub as he felt. Her mouth did not turn aside when his lips touched hers and their tongues entwined. After maybe twenty minutes of pure joy, Iffat came for the sixth time, while Joe shot his first load.

“Would you like me to massage your legs?” he asked and got an affirmative reply. Turning around in the bed, his hands started rubbing her thighs and moved down her legs. His mouth touched her pussy and he began to lick and take playful bites. Iffat felt like she was on Cloud Nine. His tongue went to places no man had ever been to and she tensed and eased with regularity. She could care less about where her fluids landed and they truly went everywhere.

As she finished with a massive orgasm, he climbed up her body, turned her over and inserted his penis into a very welcoming cunt. Iffat grabbed on to his thighs and pulled him closer as if he was the last source of oxygen on an alien planet. And perhaps at the moment, with what he was accomplishing on her insides, he was no less than an extra-terrestrial. She wanted to ignore the ringing of the alarm but he sadly reminded her that time was up.


“Is that all you can manage,” Haniya angrily snapped at Aftab, “I have paid a third of a month’s salary for this evening and you had best give me value for my money!”

Aftab was not the person she had hope to see come through her door. He was the oldest person in the group and was actually older than her dad was. However, after a relatively good first round, she had to accept that not all the cards dealt to her would be perfect.

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