The Step Mom

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It was her first marriage but his second. Julie was much younger than her hubby Steve. He was 51 and she was 30.

Steve’s eldest son Nick, at 22, was in junior year at college and had just come home for the summer. Julie had only met him a couple of times and was quite struck by how handsome he was. She had caught him checking her out on a few occasions at gatherings, or just on days she lounge by the pool. Given her tendency to play when laying in the summer sun while wearing very little, she had to be careful now that Nick was home.

Sure enough, while playing one afternoon by the pool when she thought she was alone, she caught a movement in the upstairs hall window that overlooked the pool. Luckily she had just started and was only brushing herself through the thin material of her bikini bottom. “Wow, was that a fluke or what?” she thought. She stopped playing and went inside for a drink.

When she returned to the pool, she lay in the same lounge chair and put in her sunglasses. This would allow her to keep an undetectable eye on the window and play, or not, as permissible.

She slipped her fingers in the cups of her bikini top and teased the nipples on her tiny but full 32C breasts. She felt the shivers immediately and the slight ache between her legs. She closed her eyes momentarily to focus on the sensation and when she opened them, Nick was discretely peeking out the window. ataşehir escort bayan She stopped and put her hands beside her in the lounge.

After a minute or two the ache got the best of her and she had to continue. She checked the window and there was no sign of Nick. She slide her hands down her sides and teasingly, to herself, undid the strings holding her bikini bottom together. She could feel herself getting wet at the sensation of her clothes coming off. She checked the window and saw Nick. “Fuck,” she thought.

“I can’t cum with him watching,” she thought.

She knew he was hiding, so it was obvious he wanted to watch her. She also knew she was horny, as always when laying by the pool. “Fuck it,” she thought.

She slipped her hand between her legs and found her wetness. Her bikini bottom falling away a little as she stroked her pussy. Him watching her only heightened her excitement. Good God she was wet.

She glanced at the window and it was evident he was watching. She couldn’t say for sure but she was pretty sure he was playing with his cock while watching.

Moral dilemma but… she didn’t care at this point. She was now more interested in cumming than anything else. She dove in.

One hand slipped under her top and the other under her undone bottoms. Her nipples were hard. Her pussy was wet. Her heart was pounding.

She gently rocked escort kadıöy her hips as her finger rolled over her now swollen clit. “I can’t – shouldn’t – do this,” she thought, but she couldn’t stop.

She glanced at the window again. Still there. Clearly masturbating. “Fuck,”

she gasped out loud.

She pulled one cup down, exposing her flushed red tit and very hard nipple. The fact this young stud found her arousing enough to masturbate to was a stroke to her ego. The fact he was actually doing it was blowing her arousal out of the water.

She cautiously looked around, feigning concern, and peeled her top up, exposing her tits to Nick. Her nipples grew harder still which just increased the flow of juices between her legs.

Two minutes passed and her bikini bottom was now a mere afterthought, laying in a crumpled pile between her thighs, pushed out of the way with her very busy hand.

A soft moan escaped her lips, almost forgetting where she was and who might be watching. She opened her eyes briefly to look up at the window.

He was now standing close to the window, his hard cock half exposed, his fist wrapped around it, stroking hard.

A huge tingle shot through her, pushing her closer to the edge.

“Oh my fucking God,” she thought. “I’m going to cum for my step son’s enjoyment. And mine.”

Her knees up now, legs spread, masturbating maltepe escort as if she was alone behind her locked bedroom door. Her breathing was much faster, her awareness of her surroundings almost gone.

As each new wave of tingle grew in her, she opened her eyes and watched Nick.

“I’m going to cum” she thought, suddenly.

“Fuck! Oh my God!” She thought as the first wave crashed over her loins.

“I can’t stop it!” she thought.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,” she gasped out loud as the orgasm reached its peak.

Her legs spread wide and the squeezed together with each pulse. Her top was all but gone and her firm tits were exposed to Nick and anyone else that cared to watch.

She was cumming, and hard.

She writhed at the first pulse, the warmth rushing over her like a dam releasing. The more she thought she should stop and cover up, with her stepson watching, the harder the waves kept coming.

She stole another glance at the window, mid orgasm, and Nick was enthralled with his cock. She couldn’t actually see but she assumed he was cumming as well. She imagined the white spurts hitting the window sill and landing the hardwood floor beneath him and that made her cum some more and that caused one, two, three more waves shuddering through her.

Finally, they subsided although she was still short of breath and her heart was pounding her chest. Once her composure was regained, she put her bikini top back and place and tied the wet bikini bottom back on her hips. She walked over to the pool, her legs still a little shaky, and slipped into the water.

“This could be an interesting summer,” she thought.

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