The Taste of Sister’s Panties Pt. 02

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Thanks for all your replies that you have left me to my previous story and I’m sorry that it has taken so to get round to writing this sequel. I really appreciate the girl responding and leaving me a message because not only is it rare for a girl to read these things but that she also found it so exciting enough to let me know. I just hope that this continuation lives up to everyone’s expectations.

Chapter 1

I wish i could say that over the next few days the passion between my sister and myself was like two galaxies colliding. But in reality it was nothing like that at all. She had changed so much. OK she was still my sister in every respect but instead of the usual short skirts she now took to wearing jeans. Even the hamper in the bathroom was devoid of her panties. I got so desperate for my fix of soft aromatic cotton that i even searched for my mothers, but i also came up empty handed there as well.

A sudden sensation of dread came over me as i drew the conclusion that she must have told my mother all about my… erm… little fetish. That must be why she had covered up and also removed temptation away from me. No that can’t be, surely if my mother knew she would have said something about it.

I might have been confused about what was going on but one thing i was sure of was that i hadn’t emptied my balls for a few days now and they ached for release. I opened my bedroom door…no i would attend to them later when i went to bed. Instead i headed for the kitchen.

I had no sooner sat down at the table with a sandwich and a beer when my mother and sister walked in the back door laden down with groceries. Customary greetings were passed around as they unpacked and put everything away in the cupboards. I was that used to seeing my sister wearing her jeans that it took a few minutes to realize that she was once again, to my delight, wearing one of her short denim skirts.

I cautiously watched her out of the corner of my eye as she stood on a small stool and stretched up to put a box of cereal on the top shelf of the cupboard. The sight of the hem of her skirt slowly creeping up to her firm ass had my mouth watering and my prick as hard as an iron bar. There was no way i could bend over to get a glimpse of her panties without my mother noticing, so i contented myself with looking at her long legs and little white ankle socks. What is it that sets off a nice slender pair of legs like ankle socks?

All kinds of things began to run through my mind and i became aware that I could feel my spunk quickly boiling in my balls. Oh shit I’m going to cum just by looking at her legs, i thought to myself and hastily grabbed one of the magazines lying on the table. I flipped through the pages desperately trying to find something to distract myself.

“Hello little doggy.” my sister whispered as she sat on the table beside me.

I jerked my head up from the magazine and quickly looked round the kitchen, thankfully pendik escort my mother was nowhere to be seen.

“Piss off.” i growled at her and turned my attention back to the article i was reading. If she had asked me what i was reading i couldn’t have told her because my mind was definitely not on the printed page. If she had instead asked me what i was thinking about… well that would have been easy to answer.

“Aw has my little doggy missed me. I do hope you have been a good puppy because your mistress wants to play.” she giggled and pushed the magazine across the table.

“I don’t know what your game is but…” i whispered harshly at her and made to move away. But i was stopped in my tracks as she quickly sidled across the table until she had a leg either side of where i sat.

“Do you know i have been wearing these panties all day in this hot sun and i have been very sweaty. But because you are my little puppy dog I’m sure that you can already smell my dirty panties can’t you.” she grinned down at my upturned face.

Chapter 2

I tried my hardest to ignore her but she already knew that she had my full attention. Placing a slender finger on her knee she slowly traced the red painted fingernail down her thigh to the gusset of her white silk panties. Of course like a magnet my eyes followed. She gently pressed the tip of her finger into her covered slit and left a little indentation behind as she moved the finger to the edge of her panty leg.

With her other hand she placed a finger just below her knee and instructed me to kiss her there. I was so mesmerized by her that i didn’t even realize that i had moved until my lips pressed against her soft skin. She moved her finger down a little way, “And here.” she whispered. “And here… and here…”

I followed submissively as she lead me slowly and teasingly down her thigh, kiss after gentle kiss until i was just inches from her covered sex. My heart was thumping hard in my chest as she leaned back on the table top. “I’m sure you know what to do now.” she breathed and closing her eyes she let her head fall back.

A silence fell on the kitchen as though it was a dusty empty old room that hadn’t been visited for a long time. I glanced up towards the doorway that lead into the lounge, above me i heard a floorboard creak. ‘Mom must be upstairs’ i thought to myself with some relief. With my senses on full alert i pursed my lips and kissed the silken white material covering my sisters mound.

The exotic mixed aroma of her sweat and urine forced itself into my brain and commanded me to breath deep lung fulls of her. As the heady drug assailed my senses, I kissed her cunt harder and wrapped my arms around her thighs. With my face buried into her crotch i stroked my tongue up the crotch of her little panties, i was surprised at how rough the material felt. It wasn’t as rough as the cotton but still not as smooth as i thought silk should have maltepe escort been.

My tongue found the stitching where the cloth met in the middle and i traced it along to the elastic of her panty leg. I stroked wetly up one side of her soft flesh with the flat of my tongue and then back down the other side. I nearly creamed in my jeans when my tongue felt a stray pubic hair that had escaped its prison of silk.

By now my sister was panting and praising me on what a good little puppy i was been to his mistress. I know some people might have been a bit annoyed at been so demeaned in this way but i knew without it i wouldn’t have enjoyed the experience half as much.

Opening my mouth as wide as i could i clamped it over her covered cunt and sucked as hard as i possibly could. A mixture of sweat, piss and her juices flooded into my mouth. My sisters head began to slowly roll from side to side as i sucked harder and harder. Suddenly her hands grasped onto my hair and dragged me even harder, if it was possible, to her pussy. I was aware of her loud groans of pleasure as she orgasmed but right at this moment i didn’t care if mother heard us because i was having to much fun to stop.

Slowly her thighs stopped trembling and her grip on my hair lessened. I waited patiently thinking that she would release me any minute, but she didn’t. I tried to move but she was having none of it and held me firm. Slowly she rocked her hips up and down causing her cunt to rub up and down my face, covering me with her sweet sticky juices. My dick was pulsing and jerking in the tightness of my jeans and screamed for release, but i knew all it would take would be a touch and i would blast my load so i tried to ignore my own needs. What would our mother say if she walked into the room and caught her children doing such naughty things.

Chapter 3

I was beginning to panic a bit at that thought and managed to lift myself enough from my sister to voice my concerns. All she did in response was to groan lustily and shove my face back into her crotch. I could hardly believe it… my sister was actually getting off on the thought of been caught, not just by a stranger but our very own mother. The more i struggled to get away the more her thighs shook and trembled as she built up to another orgasm. This was becoming far too dangerous and i had to think of a way to get her to release me, and fast. Normally i would have loved to have been in this position with my domineering sister but i knew i had to act. Trying to move my head was proving too painful because it felt like she was ripping the hair from my scalp. There was only one thing left to do.

I, once again, sucked her delicious covered cunt lips into my mouth and bit down on them. Instead of having the desired effect of her letting me go she let out a yelp and clamped her firm thighs around my head. Almost suffocating me she exploded with a tremendous orgasm. It was so powerful kartal escort i could actually feel her searing hot juices squirt through the thin material of her panties and into my wide open mouth.

Her orgasm felt like mine, as though it was me cumming as i slurped and gulped noisily at the gusset of her sodden panties. In the struggle the crotch had formed a narrow band and had slipped between her full swollen cunt lips and now i had her naked flesh to excitedly suck on. I tried in vain to push aside what material was left with my tongue so that i could slide my tongue directly into her honey pot. But with the tightness of her thighs around my head and the angle i was on the task proved far too difficult.

Eventually she slowly calmed down and as her thighs jerkily relinquished their grip on my head she pushed me away. Making no attempt to cover herself up she began laughing. I don’t know why but i also began laughing with her. After a few minutes had passed by she shakily pushed herself up to rest on her elbows and with glassy eyes she looked at me. “You were a naughty little doggy for biting weren’t you, but just this once i will let you off. Now stand up because i have a little treat for you.” she grinned.

I eagerly did as i was told, well after all aren’t dogs supposed to be obedient. My sister shuffled forward until she was sat on the edge of the table and told me to take my prick out. Once again i hurriedly complied, excited by the thought of masturbating in front of her again. Then she totally surprised me by reaching out and taking my sticky throbbing shaft in her dainty little hand. She squeezed up to the rim and forced a strand of my spunk out. She giggled as she kept pulling on my prick, forcing me to step closer.

She looked me straight in the eyes and held my gaze as she pulled me closer and closer. “Oh fuck.” i gasped as i felt the bulbous head of my engorged shaft brush against her hot juice soaked panties. A big smile spread across her face, “Naughty doggy for biting my little pussy.” she barely whispered and pouted.

“What the fuck is going on here.” It was my, our, mothers voice. I nearly jumped out of my skin with shock. I had been so caught up in lust that i had let my radar down and didn’t hear her come into the kitchen, and boy did she look mad.

My sister on the other hand was very calm and turning to mom she ordered her to sit down. Mother looked back at her with shock on her face “How dare you…” she began to retaliate but was cut short by my sister, who still had a very firm grip on my surprisingly still hard cock.

“I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT DOWN.” she screamed back.

My mothers jaw hit the floor, but just as i do, she obeyed and pulled out a chair. She sat quietly, almost demurely, taking in the picture of her son standing between the open thighs of her daughter. With my sisters juices plastered all over my face and with her holding onto my stiff prick it was pretty obvious what had gone on.

Today was full of surprises and what happened next was the biggest one of all……….. To be continued 🙂

As always your comments are very much appreciated and help keep this dog writing more and more 🙂

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