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My most recent fantasy goes a little something like this…

I want you sitting down, I really don’t care where, but in my fantasy, I see you sitting down on a big comfortable bed, leaning against the headboard. I see your dick, hard and waiting for me. I walk towards you, in only my bra and panties, and wrap my fingers around your dick, leaning down to trace my tongue slowly around the tip.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I ask.

“You are doing just fine.”

“OK, but still, tell me what you want me to do.”

“Do whatever you want.”

I slide your dick as far into my mouth as I can stand, and then pull away, “You really know how to frustrate me sometimes, you know it?”

“Hmmm? Really? And I wasn’t even tryng.” You smirk at me and I can’t help but smile. I swear you make me wet in ways you don’t even realize.

I want you to tell me what to do, but I know it’s a battle I won’t win right now, and won’t until you let me, so I return to your dick and do my best to please you by my own imagination. I like it when you press your hand on the back of my head and force your dick a little farther down my throat. canlı bahis It gags me, and scares me a little at the same time, but I groan in appreciation because it pleases me more than it scares me.

I stand up and slowly slide my panties off my hips until they drop at my feet. Then I reach behind me and undoing my bra, I slide it to the floor as well. I reach up to cup my tits in my hands, and can’t resist the urge to pinch my nipples. You reach for me, but I push you back.

“Mmmm, no. You told me to do whatever I want, so sit back and let me do it.”

“Ok,” you reply and lean back looking bored, infuriating me almost as much as you intended.

I crawl across the bed until I’m sitting on your lap, straddling you, and I begin again teasing my nipples, pinching them, rolling them. I lick my finger and draw circles around my nipple until I can’t stand it anymore and I pinch it again. I slide my right hand down and begin teasing my clit while my left hand keeps playing with my nipple. You move toward me, looking me in the eyes as you begin licking my nipple. My breath catches and I can’t stop the sigh from escaping my bahis siteleri lips as I wrap my hand around your neck, burying my hand in your hair and pulling you closer. I can’t seem to look away from your eyes, I bite my lip as I press harder on my clit pushing myself faster towards the edge. Finally, I can take it no more, and I close my eyes, throw my head back and surrender as I cum.

“I really like it when you do that,” I sigh as I rise up on my knees and again wrap my fingers around your dick, placing you right where I want you. I slide down until you are completely inside of me and I have to hold on to your shoulders as another orgasm shakes my body.

I lick my lips as I open my eyes again and watch you watching me. Keeping my hands on your shoulders for leverage, I move up and down, riding you, fucking myself on your big, hard dick. I feel you deep inside of me, stretching my little pussy again and again as I squeeze you tight inside of me. You rest your hands at my waist, letting me control the pace, but your hands digging into my hips tell me it isn’t an easy thing. I bite my lip again, having the control, being the bahis şirketleri one controlling my speed, my movements, controlling how hard I fuck you brings a pleasure all its own, and soon I can’t stop from screaming as I cum again and again.

As I lean against you, my body quaking from the onslaught of orgasms, you move me away from you, rolling me to my stomach before I can protest.

“Wait, I wasn’t finished yet, you said I got to do what I wanted to do.”

“Yes, you were finished, it’s my turn now little girl,” you ground out between bared teeth as you raised my ass into the air, and holding my hips hard in your hands, you slammed your dick into my wet and waiting pussy. I smile even as I claw at the sheets when I cum because being in control may be a pleasure all its own, but this is so much better.

I’ve wanted so badly to walk up to you and whisper all this to you, to wrap my hand around your dick as I tell you my latest little fantasy, but everytime I think I have the courage, all I can do is bite my lip and blush, and then chicken out. I have even pictured it, how I’d walk up to you sitting in your chair and lean over behind you ’till I could whisper in your ear what I wanted to do to you. Or how I would stand on my tiptoes and press my body against yours while I whispered in your ear. Turns out I’m not that bold. Not yet anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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