Watching Désirée Ch. 03

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Désirée showed Marshall pictures of her time at college the next day after their shift was over while they sat in the lounge. She had asked if he could help her with preparing for the coming exam and he didn’t mind.

He looked closely at her picture during graduation. ‘You look proud.’ he said. ‘That’s very attractive.’

She snatched the picture away. ‘Oh shush. I was just as plump as I am now.’ she said with a chuckle and looked it. ‘I even wonder how I got any boyfriend in the first place.’

‘Come on, that little bit extra you have only makes you more feminine and attractive to men.’ he said. ‘We’ve had skinny girls here, but they never got as much attention as the girls with a little curve on their body.’

She held out her mug to him and grinned. ‘Then make sure I don’t lose them and get me another chocolate milk.’

He let out a laugh, took her mug and bowed to her. ‘Yes, mistress. One chocolate milk coming right up.’ he said and turned to the kitchen. ‘But I’m not carrying you when you can’t get your curves up the stairs anymore.’

‘You’re my handler, so you’d better put some muscles on yourself then!’ she said and threw a pillow at his back while she laughed.

He looked back at her. ‘Hey, no abusing the staff or I won’t help you study for your exam.’

She made herself small and looked up innocently at him. ‘You’d leave a helpless girl to fend for herself?’

He gave her a grin. ‘And tie her up real good if I have to.’

She chuckled. ‘I was right before, you are a bad guy.’

He returned with her mug and bowed again. ‘Yes, at your service.’

She laughed and he sat down. ‘So let’s begin the torture session.’ he grinned and held up a book with exam questions.

During the following days they spent their time after the shift at the lounge, preparing for Désirée’s exam and talking about their interests. She found out Marshall liked to cook, just not for him alone which is why he often made meals at work for the girls under his care, and sometimes for others when he had the opportunity. At home he spent most time just reading and watching movies or series in between a little strength training.

‘No wonder you look so good in a suit and in dress shirt.’ she said. ‘You’re what every girl wants.’

He smiled a little. ‘I must admit I’m flattered with the attention, but I do it mostly to stay in shape and keep it when I get old.’

She looked at her mathematics book and sighed. ‘I only keep my brain in shape.’ she said and put it on the table next to her.

‘Are you sure you don’t want to take tomorrow off?’ he asked. ‘I can see you’re nervous about the exam.’

She shook her head. ‘If I stay at home it’ll just be worse.’ she said, fiddling with her shirt. ‘Being here will at least distract me somewhat and if I can get enough satisfaction I might just be able to sleep better.’

He nodded. ‘I understand.’

She saw the time and packed her things. ‘Time to go home.’

‘Want me to drop you off again?’

‘Thanks.’ she said and put her hand on his. ‘But I’m going shopping first so you won’t have to.’

He gave her hand a pat with his other. ‘All right then.’ he said. ‘I hope you sleep well tonight, and I’ll see you tomorrow again.’

‘See you tomorrow.’ she said, giving him a warm smile before she left the lounge.

Marshall found Désirée in her room when he arrived at work. ‘You’re early.’

She nodded. ‘Woke up early, couldn’t sleep again so I just went here to get an early start.’

He smiled at güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her and ran his fingers through her hair. ‘Well, with any luck I can make you forget about everything for a while.’

She smiled back at him. ‘Please do.’

He tied her up again, this time with fake vines full of flowers and ribbons with panther and tiger print. ‘I thought you’d look nice as Sheena, queen of the jungle.’ he said with a little grin.

She smirked. ‘Been watching Tarzan and other jungle movies last night?’

He chuckled. ‘No more guesses for you.’

She looked at her colourful restraints. ‘I like it.’

‘Well, let me get your first victim then, your majesty.’

She chuckled. ‘Go forth, my servant, and bring me prey.’

Marshall had watched a few customers come and go and walked into her room to wash her after her latest customer had left. He slid the cleaning rod inside her to flush her pussy but it seemed to have less effect on her than it usually did.

‘You still look a little nervous.’ he said, looking into her eyes.

She felt surprised that he had noticed. ‘I do.’ she sighed. ‘Not that I don’t enjoy the fucking, but it doesn’t distract me as much as I hoped.’ She moved her hips against the rod. ‘Even this isn’t enough.’ she chuckled.

He nodded. ‘Maybe I can think of something before the evening is over.’

She smiled softly at him. ‘Thanks.’

A chime came from his pocket and he looked at the message. ‘Seems they need me down at the reception.’ he said and finished cleaning her up. ‘I’ll send in the next one, okay?’

She nodded. ‘See you later then.’

Marshall went down after bringing a guy to Désirée who looked like he had a size in his pants that could distract her for at least his session with her.

‘Hey, Louisa.’ he said to the dark blonde woman in her late thirties at the front desk. ‘What’s up?’

She gestured at three men in their early forties standing to the side. ‘These gentlemen have a request, but I don’t know if we can oblige them.’ she said. ‘I thought I’d ask you because you know our ladies here best.’

‘Okay?’ he said. ‘What do they want?’

‘They wanted to celebrate the number of years of being close friends, and to live out their fantasy to take on one woman with three of them.’

‘A gangbang?’

‘Well, sort of.’ said one of the men who wore a cowboy hat and matching shirt and jeans. ‘We had been discussing fantasies over a couple of beers a while ago, and then thought of watching one of us get busy with a woman while the others would watch, then switch until we’re spent.’

‘It’s something about being watched that gives that extra.’ said one of the others who wore a jacket with a few glitters.

Marshall nodded and pondered about it. Gangbangs weren’t really the sort of thing done around here, and he could only think of one of the girls who had done such a thing twice in private, but she wasn’t here.

‘Maybe..’ he said, thinking that might just be the thing. ‘Would straight up sex be enough? No blowjobs or anal or more than one at the time? And do you mind if she’s a little tied up?’

The men looked at one another and the first guy nodded. ‘That’s what we had in mind, and having her tied up makes it sound even better.’

‘Get yourselves a cup of coffee in the next waiting room.’ Marshall said. ‘I’ll go check but it might take a few minutes.’

The men nodded and went to the waiting room while Marshall went upstairs and waited in the monitoring room güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for Désirée’s customer to finish.

He went in after the man left and smiled softly at her. ‘I saw he was able to satisfy you for a bit.’

She smiled at him. ‘Yeah, he was nice and big and made me shiver into another orgasm when he came.’

He started to clean her up. ‘Let me ask you, how would you feel about three men tag teaming you?’

Her eyes grew wider. ‘Three?’

‘Yeah, they want to watch while one of them fucks a woman, then switch until they can’t get it up again.’

‘Oh wow..’ she said. ‘Are you okay with three in here at once?’

He wiped her puffed up mound gently. ‘It’s not what we usually allow, but of course I’ll be watching too through the camera, like I always do.’

She hadn’t thought about it much, but he did always watch her when he was in the monitoring room and she felt a hot wave floating through her chest. And if she agreed to do it, he’d be watching her while she got fucked by three men in succession. Her heart rate increased a little at this thought and she nodded. ‘I think it could be what I need.’

‘I was thinking that.’ he said. ‘I’ll go get them.’

A few minutes later he led the three men inside and introduced Désirée. She smiled and already knew what pleasure she could expect from this little party. Marshall gave her a wink and smile before closing the door and she felt excited.

The men undressed and she chuckled when they tossed for first and second. The man who had worn a jacket with glitters was first and he looked like he had the largest dick of the three of them.

‘Thank you for doing this for us.’ he said. ‘If you need a break or need us to slow down, please tell.’

She smiled gratefully at him. ‘I think we’ll be able to have fun without needing to slow down.’ she said, her voice husky in anticipation. ‘Use me until you are satisfied.’

The man smiled at her and pointed his dickhead at her mound, slid it up and down between her lips to lubricate it with her juices, then slid it inside her with care.

Shivers filled her body and she looked at the camera, giving Marshall a big smile.

He smiled as he saw her enjoying herself and forget about her exam. He leaned back into his chair, glancing at the other girls busy with their customers, then back to Désirée, thinking she was quite special.

One after the other, the men pumped their hard dicks inside her, their mixed semen leaking out of her squeezing pussy as she coaxed even more out of them. Her whole body itched from the waves of pleasure engulfing her and she found herself enjoying it even more, knowing Marshall was watching her while she was helplessly fucked.

Marshall watched the monitors, satisfied all the girls were doing well, then noticed Désirée looking sideways at the camera and smiling like she hadn’t done before. He sat down without taking his eyes off her and that look of pleasure and desire, a radiance he hadn’t noticed before and it stirred him in an unsuspected way. He found himself getting hard watching her getting fucked, knowing how much she loved it.

He sat back and wondered why that would cause him to react, then rubbed his face and drank his leftover coffee and waited for one of his other girls to finish, trying to avoid staring at Désirée’s happy face for too long.

Even Bob and Stuart tried to refrain from staring at her so much when they needed to keep an eye on their own girls, but their remarks güvenilir bahis şirketleri about how lusty she looked were sort of flattering.

The three men were able to keep it up for quite some time and only one had to quit before the other two were able to squeeze out one extra climax. Marshall walked to the door and the men were thanking Désirée again as they left her room, thanking him as well for giving them the opportunity to indulge in their fantasy for once.

He smiled when he saw her broad and satisfied smile on her face. ‘I guess I won’t have to ask how you’re feeling now.’

She could feel her body itch from the countless shivering orgasms she experienced as each of the men came inside her. ‘I don’t feel nervous about an exam for the first time.’ she said, almost purring.

He sat down and watched her pussy drip with semen and her own fluids. ‘I’m glad it helped you.’ he said and made her moan softly as he wiped her puffed up red mound and inserted the cleaning rod inside her. ‘Then go take a shower after I untie you and go home to get enough sleep before you have to go to take your exam. Handler’s orders.’

She saw his playful grin and felt like she could sleep well now. ‘That sounds good right about now, thanks.’

He reached above her to untie her wrists and for the first time she saw the bulge in his pants. He heart skipped a beat at the sight.

‘There you go.’ he said when he sat down again and removed the vines wrapped around her chest and breasts.

She felt a little disappointed when his bulge was hidden from her view and thought about asking him what had turned him on for a moment, then thought it might be better not to since he seemed to ignore it himself. She rubbed her arms and wrists while her thighs were untied, then stretched her legs.

‘Are you going to be okay now?’ he asked while he helped her put on her robe. ‘I’ve got to attend to Melissa now.’

She nodded.

‘Good luck on your exam then, and I’ll see you tomorrow unless you feel like celebrating tomorrow night. Just let me know.’ he said.

‘Thanks. But I’ll be here to celebrate in my own way.’ she said and he gave her a wink before leaving the room.


Désirée came home, undressed and went to bed right away to sleep, but the memory of Marshall’s bulging pants drifted to the surface and started the uncontrollable itching inside her pussy again. She grabbed her favourite dildo with extra ridges along the shaft and slid it slowly all the way inside her as her whole body quivered with pleasure.

She imagined him watching her while she moved the dildo in and out of her and was now sure she had found something that heightened her pleasure. The shivers pulsing through her were better than before and it didn’t take long for her to reach a satisfying climax that almost made her squirm.

She sighed softly, grabbing one of her pillows tight against her chest as she turned on her side to sleep, keeping the dildo inside her. ‘Thank you, Marshall.’ she whispered as she felt comfort and sleep taking over.


Marshall came home after the shift, took off his jacket, shoes and socks and unbuttoned his shirt before sitting down on his couch. He turned on his stereo to play his collection of slow jazz music and for no reason thought of Désirée and hoped she would be sleeping soundly now. Her satisfied face made his groin stir and he felt surprised at how it gave him an erection again. He had seen every intimate detail of her body often enough now, but it hadn’t aroused him before. Not that she didn’t look tasty since he preferred a girl that had a little healthy extra on her, but he had always been able to ignore arousal from simple nudity.

Thinking he must be tired he undressed and went to bed to get some sleep and forget about everything for the night.

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