Weekend at Claire’s

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Lydia zipped up her overnight bag and gave herself one last once-over in the mirror. Coltish limbs, sharp green eyes and a mass of appealing chestnut hair falling across her shoulders.

Her pert young breasts thrust against the cotton of her flowery summers dress. Lydia’s gym-toned bum and lissome long legs were emphasised by expensive wedges. And underneath the dress was a wispy, insubstantial pair of white lace knickers.

One might think this overkill for a weekend away with a married couple. But the purpose of Lydia’s visit to Claire and David was far from innocent. As she checked the time of her train to Amersham, she was plotting forty eight hours of erotic abandon.

Claire was an old friend from university, a gamine blonde Mancunian with a quick temper. A year older than Lydia at twenty five, she had married David Grange the year before after a comparatively short courtship. David was in his early thirties and worked at a hedge fund. Though successful in his own right, David had been fortunate enough to inherit significant wealth from his parents – hence the spacious Buckinghamshire cottage.

More importantly for Lydia’s purposes, he had broad shoulders tousled hair, and no small history of womanising.

Shortly before the wedding, a night of drunken indiscretion had led to David and Lydia falling into bed together. A spark was kindled, lust, guilt and shame followed. Behind Claire’s back the two met for torrid sessions of passionate sex, even as David and Claire married and moved in together. Their affair was based on a mutual attraction and clear boundaries- a stolen afternoon in a hotel here, a sweaty all nighter in Lydia’s Clapham flat, but never where they could be discovered.

Or at least, that was how it started.

But the course of true lust never did run smooth.

Lydia discovered that nothing primed her ardour more than risk. She learned this in the most unusual way during a lunchtime assignation with David. David fielded a phone call from his wife whilst receiving a wet, sloppy blowjob from Lydia in the toilets of an Old Street restaurant. As he came with a barely audible whimper, the earthy musk of his come and his wild-eyed look slicked Lydia’s knickers like nothing on earth.

It didn’t seem to do David any harm either.

So an invitation for a weekend in Amersham was arranged. And the thought of taking her affair into the home of one of her closest friends made Lydia impossibly horny.

18.30 pm- Amersham station

Lydia’s stomach turned a little cartwheel of excitement as she saw David waving from his car- alone.

‘Hello sweetheart’, he drawled, as she threw her bag into the back seat and folded her slender limbs into the passenger seat.

‘Hello to you too’, Lydia replied, as she kissed him lingeringly on the cheek. His spiced aftershave filled her nostrils.

‘The plan?’, he enquired, as they pulled out güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of the car park and onto the road. ‘By my reckoning we have about fifteen minutes to play with’.

As David began a somewhat unnecessary explanation of the route to his cottage, Lydia’s hand was idly stroking his thigh. The beige cotton of his chinos stirred slightly.

David shifted slightly in his seat, his eyes never leaving the road. Lydia’s hand moved further up her thigh. Her short-clipped fingernails drummed along the zip of his fly.

‘You do realise if I crash this car it’ll be a terribly embarrasing way to go? No-one ever wrote an elegy to a chap who died with his cock out on the A413’. Lydia giggled, and unbuttoned his trousers.

‘If it’ll make you feel better I can embarrass myself a little too?’

Lydia undid two buttons on her dress, showing most of the white lace of her bra, and a generous helping of tanned cleavage. ‘See?’

She returned to the task at hand, unzipping his trousers and grasping David’s thick cock through his cotton boxers. A squeeze, a press, a brief venture down to cup his balls.

David’s knuckles whitened on the steering wheel. Lydia’s knuckles whitened around his aching member. He began to breathe heavier as the lissom twenty-something began to vigorously masturbate him through his pants.

‘Jesus Lyds, that’s good’. She leant over, and without missing a stroke began to kiss and nibble around his ear.

As she wanked him off, he felt the familiar warmth rising. In a moment of lust-filled confusion he contemplating pulling over the car and fucking the young temptress where she sat.

Time enough for that later.

As he pulled onto the long lane leading to the hamlet where he and Claire lived, David felt Lydia quicken the pace. And just like that, he lost control. As his cock jerked and filled his pants with hot wet cum, David slammed on the brakes of the car. Lydia barely altered her speed as she braced herself against the dashboard.

With the squeal of the tyres still ringing in his ears, David switched off the ignition and slumped back in his seat. The smell of his explosive orgasm was thick in the close air of the car.

A battered Vauxhall Corsa overtook the stationary car.

‘Christ’s sake darling! That was a little close for comfort!’

Lydia kissed him hard on the mouth. ‘Drive on, she’ll wonder where we’ve got to’.

18.50 David and Claire’ house

‘Lydia!’ Claire almost skipped out the front door and threw her arms around the neck of her friend. ‘So happy you came’.

David, understandably, slipped past the girls on his way to clean himself up.

‘Lovely to be here, C. It was great of David to give me a lift from the station as well.’

‘Well, he’s actually quite obedient when he wants to be. So I have some nice bits and pieces for dinner, nothing too fancy. More güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri than enough good wine of course’.

‘Of course!’

David returned from the bathroom.

‘Right, the tour!’

David and Claire led Lydia around the cottage, pointing out every DIY triumph and particularly pleasing feature.

The narrow corridors made it particularly easy for Lydia to continue to tease David, rubbing her bum against him every time she squeezed through a doorway, or offering the briefest brush of her lips against his neck whenever Claire had her back turned. For his part David had to concentrate on every ‘Yes dear, I agree’, whilst trying to keep his aching erection under control.

‘And this is you.’ The couple showed Lydia into the spare room and left her to freshen up, whilst they went downstairs to put the finishing touches to dinner.

Lydia was left to her own devices. She stood in front the mirror, and slowly raised the skirt of her dress up around her waist. Her lace knickers made a white V against her tanned flesh. Eyes fixed on her reflection, Lydia slid her hand into her panties and begin to circle over her clit, fingers brushing the tuft of hair above her pussy. As she masturbated she thought of David, and the feeling of his twitching, bucking cock in her hand.

She pictured herself being fucked by David on all fours in front of Claire, who would be restrained and helpless tied to a chair. She pictured herself stark naked in their bedroom, watching them fuck in the marital bed. She pictured David viciously fucking her arse on the back seat of his car, with her legs around his neck. She pictured David and her lying on the perfectly manicured lawn, fucking in the grass like animals. And she pictured herself with her face buried between Claire’s pale thighs.

She pictured all of this, and frigged her pussy into a shuddering, satisfying climax, one hand thrust against the mirror for support.

As her breathing returned to normal, and she wiped her fingers on the towel that Claire had thoughtfully left her, Lydia had another idea. She slipped of her little knickers, and tucked them into her bra.

Lydia came downstairs, and was immediately handed a large glass of merlot by Claire. ‘Aha!Perfect!’.

‘Come on through to the dining room, food’s on the table. I’ll just fetch the bread’.

Claire returned to the kitchen and Lydia headed for the dining room, where David was ladling generous helpings of lasagne onto plates. She winked at him, reached into her bra, and retrieved her panties. Before he could stop her, she dropped the handful of damp lacy material onto his lap, and sat down opposite him.

David just had the presence of mind to shove Lydia’s knickers down his trousers before his wife swept into the room with a platter of hot bread.

If David thought Lydia’s teasing was over, then he was güvenilir bahis şirketleri very much mistaken. As the trio ate and chatted, Lydia slipped off a shoe and kept up a constant stroking of his leg with her foot.

Whilst David tried to pour wine with a steady hand, Lydia was circling his groin with her bare feet.

And more than once he dropped forkfuls of lasagne onto his plate as her toes brushed his swollen cock.

He was also uncomfortably aware of the lace edging of her knickers, that awkwardly tickled against his shaft.

‘Hmm?’ David realised he had lost track of the conversation, distracted by what was happening under the table.

‘I said, “Tell Lydia about Tuscany”‘.

‘Oh right, yes. Well we’re renting this villa- lovely place…’

Lydia made appreciative noises, wide eyed and flushed with pleasure at the effect she was having.

They continued to eat. Claire was oblivious to the heightened sexual tension between her husband and her guest.

As they finished, Claire suggested dessert. It was decided that this could wait a while. As David stacked the plates, Lydia offered to help with the washing up. After the traditional ‘We wouldn’t dream of it’ from the hosts, she eventually persuaded them otherwise.

Claire moved into the living room with the wine, and started flicking through radio stations.

David ran a sink full of hot water, and began to fill it with plates and cutlery.

Lydia idly played with a tea towel, wrapping it around her finger compulsively.

As they heard the living room door close, Lydia and David had the same thought.

They lunged towards each other, lips meeting and tongues clashing. Aware that they had minutes, if that, David forcefully maneouvred Lydia up against the tall, heavy refrigerator. Her dress was swiftly rucked up around her waist, exposing her glistening cunt.

David unzipped his trousers and retrieved Lydia’s knickers from their hiding place. As she smirked, he wadded them into a ball and stuffed them into her mouth to serve as an impromptu gag.

Lydia let out a muffled moan as his hands cupped the smooth globes of her arse, and brought her to him. He entered her in a single stroke, and she reflexively wrapped her legs around his waist.

The danger, the lust, and the intensity of the moment meant that within seconds David felt fit to explode. He buried his face in Lydia’s long hair as he fucked her hard against the fridge. Lydia moaned and bucked, whimpering as his thick cock filled her young pussy. The mouthful of wet lace smelt of cock and cunt.

Lydia came first, biting down hard on the panties in her mouth. Flushed and sweaty, she groaned in triumpant climax.

Seconds later David came too, his cock shooting its seed deep inside her. His orgasm was accompanied by an animalist grunt, his strong fingers bruising the delicate flesh of her bum.

Lydia fell against David, feeling his come trickling inside her. Spitting her knickers out, she straightened out the crumpled material and slid them back up her long legs, pulling her skirt back down

‘Might need these now’.

A quick kiss, and they returned to washing up the dishes.


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