Wild Thing

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Well, I used to write all the time, and have only recently got back into things. Let me tell ya, I’ve missed it, but I’m a bit rusty, so just bear with me. I also have edited this myself; please excuse my errors. Thanks for reading!

“So Tex, how’s your love life these days? Any good pussy?” Joe elbowed him roughly in the ribs. Tyson brushed the other young man off casually and made his way out of the tractor barn, where they had been working, to his truck. The farm where he was employed was busy this time of year. Well, it was busy all year long, but now was particularly full of task to be done. Right now cattle were high on the list, as well as the planning of field work. Spring was just around the corner.

Nearly everyone Tyson worked with would always gave him shit about women. They were convinced that he never got laid just because he didn’t crudely spill his guts when he saw any action. Truth be told, he didn’t exactly receive a lot of feminine attention. He didn’t go looking for it, and he liked it that way. Tyson wasn’t interested in having sex with some floozy at the bar that had gotten with every guy that looked at her funny. But right now, there was someone that occupied his thoughts often. He knew just her first name- Dakota. It was unique, like her. Not the typical female, she was into trucks and didn’t mind getting dirty, but at the same time oozed femininity. When she was around, he’d never seen so many guys try so hard to behave themselves at once. She had the longest brown hair that shined in the sunlight and eyes that matched. Dainty lashes surrounded those deep brown eyes and Tyson couldn’t help but catch her eye when he saw her. The farm owner had a daughter (quite an unfortunate looking girl, really) named Violet. Dakota and the girl were friends and they would ride horses on the property together. Dakota would always smile and say ‘hi’ to Tyson if she saw him around.

Tyson would catch himself thinking of her later after seeing her. Sometimes he’d get so distracted that the other guys would notice and give him hell for slacking off. But he couldn’t help but think of the way her generous backside filled out her jeans or her small waist that he wanted to wrap his arms around. He didn’t even want to start himself thinking of the plush swell of her chest. Instead, he would focus on her lips and that goofy smile she would make when she was joking around. How he wanted to kiss her and touch her hair. He wanted to take her to bed, too. There was no way he could deny that.

Joe came out of the barn door and looked his way, making a rude gesture. Tyson chuckled and waited for the other man to climb into the passenger’s seat.

“Wanna go to Chrissy’s Diner for lunch?” Joe buckled his seat belt and pulled his phone out of his pants pocket, brushing away dirt that had gotten on the screen.

“Sure,” Tyson agreed, putting the truck in reverse.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few weeks later, Tyson saw Dakota in the horse barn. She was by herself, in the tack room.

“Need any help?” Tyson stepped into the room. She picked up a saddle in her arms and turned around to face him.

“Oh hey, Tex. Thanks, but I’ve got it. I’m a lot stronger than I look,” Dakota walked towards the door and stopped right in the frame before turning back around. “Hey, I have a question for you.” Tyson decided he loved the braided ponytail her hair was tied in. A few wisps of short hair curled on their own at the back of her neck.

“Sure,” he brushed some imaginary dirt off of his jeans. Well, it wasn’t as much imaginary as much as a little brush of the hand wouldn’t make a difference.

“What’s your real name? Everyone here calls you ‘Tex.’ I know you’re not from Texas. You don’t have that awful accent.” She leaned against the door frame casually, and he looked right at him, her gaze steady. Suddenly, he was nervous. The heat rolled down his face like trickling water and down his neck, settling in a knot in his stomach. He didn’t know what to do with his hands.

“Well, my name is actually Tyson,” he said a bit quieter than he had intended. He put his hands in his pockets. Well, he jammed them into his pockets. His knuckle scraped against the folded knife in his pocket. It bit into his skin, but he ignored it.

“Hmm, well I see why they call you ‘Tex.'” Dakota adjusted the saddle in her arms and laughed a little before grinning. “I’m just givin’ ya shit.”

With that, she turned back around and went left, walking further into the barn, towards the horses. Her boots left prints in the fine dust and a small cloud followed behind. Tyson sighed and let his body rest against the tack room door. He could still catch a faint hint of her perfume in the air. He’d remember that later, when he had some time to himself before he passed out in bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next day, Tyson was working in the tractor barn again with a few other guys. No one spoke except for a swear here or there at a dropped tool or jammed finger.

“Hey Bill. Did you see Dakota out here yesterday?” Tyson’s demetevler escort ears pricked, but he kept working underneath the hunk-of-junk Blazer he was fixing. They used the vehicle in the spring and fall to help round up loose cattle, and the body of it was really beat to hell. “She was looking sexy aaaas usual.” It was Joe speaking; he drew out the word ‘as’ for emphasis.

“No I di’n’t,” Bill called out from a further-off spot. Tyson heard the metallic clink of a tool being used. “What was she wearin’?”

“She had on tight ass jeans…” Tyson noticed that he was automatically excluded from this little chat. He wasn’t surprised.

“Of course.”

“…And this t-shirt that was so low I swear if she took a deep breath them nice tits she has would pop out.”

“Aw, shit, I wish I had been ’round to see that. The boss man had me busy all day hauling shit.” Bill laughed. Tyson heard him shuffle closer on the concrete floor and drop a tool in the nearby box with a loud clatter. He began to rifle through another drawer. “The things I’d do to that girl!”

“Fuck yeah,” Joe replied. The nearby welder was turned on and all talk ceased after that, much to Tyson’s relief. Tyson was happy that he didn’t have to listen to the two men lust over Dakota anymore. It didn’t really offend him, but he just didn’t want to hear it. After all, he saw her more than a sexual conquest. A thought occurred to him then. He had no claim to her! She didn’t know him but for a few words exchanged here and there. Tyson was the “nice” guy and he knew it. Why would a beautiful girl like her, whom could get anyone she wanted, go for a quiet, reserved guy like himself? He had to admit it, too, that even a guy like Joe had more of a chance than he. With blue eyes, light hair, and always quick with a joke, Tyson was sure that was more appealing than his dark hair, eyes, and scruffy face. Tyson sighed heartily, frowning, and refocused on his work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sure enough, around two weeks after that conversation in the tractor barn, Joe and Tyson were at lunch and Dakota came up.

“I saw ‘Kota the other day, Tex.” Joe said the name ‘Tex’ with a falsely thick accent, through a mouthful of burger.

“Yeah?” Tyson said, trying to sound uninterested, and stayed focused on his own lunch in front of him.

“Yea. She’s quite the firecracker. You know what she said when I asked her if she had a boyfriend?” Joe didn’t wait for an answer and just continued. “She said, ‘Nope! I like being single that way I can do whoever I want!’ Can you believe that?” Tyson wasn’t sure what to say. He looked up at Joe and took another bite of his sandwich.

“Ain’t you gonna say anything?” The blonde man eyeballed him.

“Like what?” Tyson said slowly, finding that he genuinely didn’t care what Joe had to say.

“Well shit, Tex, I didn’t think ya’d mind hearin’. Don’t ya think she’s fuckin’ sexy like everyone else?”

“She’s a pretty girl, sure,” Tyson tried to remain his indifferent expression and tone of voice. If Joe or any of the other guys at work thought otherwise, he was sure he’d never hear the end of it. No, he was positive.

“She ain’t no innocent little girl. She told me she’s twenty-one. I’m pretty sure she knows what she wants in a dude.” Joe looked up from his food to Tyson. “I think I might just go for it. Wouldn’t mind having something like her hanging around.”

“Good luck with her then,” Tyson couldn’t help but chuckle at this.

“Next time I see her, I’ll ask for her number.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was over a month before Tyson saw Dakota again. He saw her in the tractor barn right as she entered through the door.

“What is she doing here?” he mumbled to himself quietly. Once again he was under the damned Blazer, and could only see her feet when she entered, but those little brown boots could only belong to one person. Those dusty but well-kept boots moved across the grimy, greasy concrete and stopped between the car Tyson was under and the tool box against the wall, near his head.

“Tex? Are you under there?” Her voice was sweet and clear. His heart nearly stopped in his chest and his hands quit working on their own free will.

“Uh, yeah,” he finally managed to force himself to say. He peeked his head out from under the car and was face-to-face with Dakota. “What’s up?” Tyson shifted his gaze elsewhere, trying to relax his pulse and not appear as nervous as a chihuahua locked in a pen with a great Dane.

“Have you seen Joe around lately?” Dakota took a step back as Tyson forced his body to move and roll out from underneath the car.

“Uh, no.” He couldn’t hide the disappointment in his voice. “Last time I saw him, he was working with the cattle.”

“Just wondering,” she smiled warmly. “I just don’t want to talk to him.” Dakota laughed a little bit. It was music to Tyson’s ears. “I get the feeling that he thinks he’s hot shit.Please.Like I’m interested inthat.” Tyson stood and rubbed his dirty hands on his jeans. He found himself dikmen escort smiling. When he looked up, he found Dakota’s eyes boring into his own. He didn’t know what to do, so he just remained there, frozen.


“Yeah?” He forced out with a rush of air.

“Tyson.” Dakota took a step closer. He realized for the first time how short she was compared to his own average five-foot-nine. He found this very appealing suddenly. And then it instantly occurred to him how close she was. The pattern of her irises was easy to make out from the short distance. They were dark with small flecks of honey-brown and rimmed in a shade of nearly black- the same color as her lashes. “…Tyson?”

“What?” Tyson came back to reality, realizing he had just zoned out, staring at her face. “I’m sorry.” She was smiling a thousand watt grin at this point. He knew his face was as red as a damn stop sign now.

“What were you thinking about?” she asked, putting a hand in her back pocket.

“I…um…” Tyson trailed off, not knowing what to say.

“You’re so cute,” Dakota said simply, and reached out to fix his collar, which must have gotten mussed when he was under the Blazer working. Her fingers grazed his skin and seemed to leave burning trails there. Tyson couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Dakota began to turn pink in the cheeks, but continued anyway. “I’ve been trying to say something to you for a while now. There’s just something about you that I can’t ignore. All you do when I see you is say ‘hi’ and smile and it… I always want you to say more.” She let out some air as if she’d been holding it and just looked at him. Tyson was speechless. Dakota took another step closer and reached up again. He heard his hat hit the concrete floor. “I love your curly hair, Tyson.” The use of his real name made the skin of his face tingle. Her face became ever so close to his and her eyes moved from his, down to his lips, and back again. The air felt electric as Tyson’s eyes shut instinctually. Only a half-second later, he felt a pair of soft lips against his own. Tyson felt like he was melting. The kiss was soft and closed, and lasted only a second before she pulled away.

His eyes opened and he began to protest, but he didn’t even get a chance to make a sound before his lips were covered by hers again. This time, the kiss was wetter, more urgent, and his body responded. Tyson felt her hands on his chest then, and this seemed to light him on fire. He didn’t care who saw or that kissing this girl was a crazy thing to do here and now. His fantasies of her came to life in an instant. His arms went around her waist, hands pressed to the small of her back and holding her body against his own. Tyson moved her petite frame against the nearby tool box and kisser her harder. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she sighed, allowing him access. His right hand moved to the back of her head, touching her hair. It was softer than he’d ever imagined it would be. They continued to kiss, but things were heating up- and fast. She nibbled gently on his bottom lip and his released a quiet moan before he could stop it. Dakota broke away abruptly and looked up at him incredulously. A smirk developed over her features and she looked to her right. The nearby tool box had a lower table-like area. She moved her body in front of it, pushing several wrenches and a filter still in its box onto the floor carelessly. Tyson watched one of the wrenches disappear under the Blazer, and when he looked back, Dakota was sitting on the tool box, legs spread, panting lightly. His brain nearly blew up.

He moved towards her like a mosquito to a porch light, right between her legs. She was now just a bit lower than him and she pulled him close, sliding her hands under the back of Tyson’s flannel button-up work shirt. His skin was hot and smooth as Dakota attached her lips again to his. She licked his lower lip and felt his hands on her body again. One held onto her hip, and the other moved up her waist. She removed her hands from his body and leaned backwards to allow herself a little room. Grabbing the hem of her t-shirt, she pulled it up and over her head, depositing it behind her on the tool box.

Tyson’s eyes went right where Dakota was expecting. He held her body with one hand on her lower back. With the other, he touched the edges of her yellow satin-y feeling bra. He bent his head low, pressing his lips to the top of one breast and then the other, softly. Dakota sighed and ran a hand through Tyson’s chestnut curls. Reaching behind her, he had her bra undone in no time at all, and she let it slide down her shoulders. He caught just a glimpse before his hands where holding her generous breasts in his hands and he was kissing her ferociously. He almost growled into her mouth when he felt her legs wrap around his waist and pull them impossibly close together.

Dakota sighed into the kiss, which made Tyson incredibly turned on; he could feel himself press harder against the confines of his dirty jeans. He felt ankara escort as if he’d die without her now, like she was the very air he breathed. Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, a pair of hands moved over his belt buckle.

“Mmmm,” Tyson couldn’t suppress the moan that moved up his throat on its own. He kissed her more urgently, and he simultaneously rolled one of Dakota’s excited nipples between his thumb and index finger. She took a sharp breath, breaking away from the kiss and looking into his eyes lustfully. She licked her lips and undid the button of his pants before sliding down the zipper quickly. He moved his lips against the soft, smooth skin of her neck, anticipating what would happen next.

“No underwear,” Dakota murmured close to Tyson’s ear- close enough to send a sharp tingle down his spine. He gasped when he felt her hand wrap around him. “I want you, Tyson.” He grunted in protest when he hands were on his shoulders, pushing him away. She hopped off the tool box and turned around. Looking over her shoulder at him she purred, “Come here, big boy.”

Tyson couldn’t help but smile. He walked up to her confidently and rested his hands on her hips as he ground his against her backside. He reached around Dakota’s petite body and maneuvered his thick fingers to undo her tiny shorts. Tugging them down roughly, he exposed her round ass and a pale green pair of underwear. A thin lace strip ran between her luscious cheeks. The shorts, followed quickly by the thong, fell to the dirt-covered floor, around her ankles. Tyson swallowed audibly as the sight of her bare sex filled his vision. Dakota smiled and stuck her backside out a little further.

“Touch me,” Dakota almost whispered. Tyson’s hands traveled between her soft thighs seemingly on their own accord. Tyson nearly fell over the edge right then and there when he felt a generous wetness on his fingers. He pushed his index digit inside her warmth and was awarded promptly with a soft moan from the beautiful girl in front of him. He flexed and moved his finger inside her and pressed his hardness, bare, against her plush rear. Dakota’s breathing was coming faster; her soft moans were becoming more frequent and more passionate.

“Dakota…” Tyson sighed into her ear as he added a second finger into her. “I want you so bad. I…I’ve wanted you for so long.” He felt breathless and so aroused, he could hardly stand it. A moan fell from her lips and goose bumps erupted in an instant over her body. He kept moving his fingers and cupped one side of her chest with his other hand.

“Fuck me,” she said then, reaching back and grabbing his thick thigh. Tyson didn’t waste any time. Removing his calloused fingers from her, he took hold of himself and pressed it to her opening. Tyson was already in ecstasy. “Oh fuck me,” Dakota whimpered again, almost as if begging him to take her. He sighed shakily and licked his lips as he moved his free hand to her hip. Pushing forward slowly, he slipped into her. He let out a low noise from his throat when he was as deep inside her as he could possibly be. She was incredibly warm and wet around him; he kitted his eyebrows in concentration, holding himself back.

“God damn,” Tyson forced as Dakota began to rock her hips slowly, once she had become adjusted to his thickness inside her. She let out a strangled moan. He began to slide in and out of her slowly at first, but quickly picked up the pace. His lips found their way to the back of her neck, his hands to soft, smooth sides. Dakota made a pleasured noise with every thrust. Tyson was just in heaven. He knew he couldn’t last long like this. He moved his hand gain, this time to one of her soft breast, giving it a less-than-gentle squeeze. But Dakota didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the girl seemed to enjoy it. The breathy gasp she let out encouraged him to do it again, this time tweaking her nipple between his fingers again.

“Just a little more, baby, I’m almost there, “she pushed out with her heavy breath. Tyson tingled at the pet name and moved a little faster, a little harder. He heard her breath catch and he involuntarily moaned near her ear.

“Kiss me,” Tyson whispered to her. Her head turned, long hair tickling his chest, and connected her lips to his. The kiss was wet and sloppy, but it didn’t matter. Abruptly, the dark-haired girl pulled her mouth away. Her eyes slipped closed and her jaw dropped. Tyson felt his stomach tighten and he thought his heart would beat out of his chest.

“Tyson…” Her hands gripped the edge of the tool box and his fingers upon her chest. Tyson felt a sudden contraction around his throbbing hardness, followed by a new rush of wetness. She squealed in pleasure, pressing hard against his body. Tyson dare not move- he was so close. Breathless, Dakota became a little shaky, but the bigger man held her tight. He couldn’t help the rocking of his hips then. They moved on their own and he could only focus on how his hardness felt inside her and her hands on his forearms, clutching tightly to him. “Come on, baby. Tyson,” Dakota said, sounding desperate. The pleasure was blinding. Tyson pulled back suddenly, causing the girl to gasp at the quick loss. As soon as he was out, his spilled himself all over her thick backside. He thought he would never finish, but as soon it stopped.

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